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5 thoughts on “Snap a Photo in Google Classroom

  1. A mobile Classroom plus new teacher features
    Beginning today you can download the #GoogleClassroom app for Android and iOS. It makes it easier to do work on the go, with mobile-specific features like adding photos, sharing from other apps, and offline caching. http://goo.gl/9EvsR7

    We're also launching new and improved teacher features in Classroom as of today. You can now archive classes from past semesters, giving students in the class read-only access to the content. The teacher assignment page allows you to see all of your assignments across all of your classes in one place. Get started today!

  2. Dude, google, please could you not use an iPhone in your ads. Like seriously the nexus 6 just came out cough best phone ever*cough* and you guys use a crappy piece of overhyped, overpriced, bending, ugly, piece of ** phone in your ads? So what, did they pay you guys to use an iPhone in this video?

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