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Smiggle 2019 Back To School Supplies Shopping Haul | Toys In Action Family – Stationary – Kids – New

NEW Smiggle Back to School Supplies Shopping – Stationary Haul – 2018 -2019 Perfect It’s time for back-to-school shopping Hi Guys we are doing some shopping today. Mostly for my sister – Ashlee. She’s going back to kindy, the last year of kindy this is And she’s really excited! We’re looking for Drink Bottles… Stationary and bags, I might pick myself up something, though I can hardly get anything, because it’s nearly my birthday…. Ok let’s go shopping Oh this is so cute. It looks like Smiggle Yeah it is. We need a giant pram to fit all our stuff in And Ashlee is eating her lunch Target! Come on guys… Oh ! back to school Oh yeah happy back to school. OMG Sale. Yay. Alright, that’s us. Let’s go. We are actually after a new lunchbox container. There’s a matching water bottle. This is going to be our matching water bottle. We’ve got Peppa Pig, George and Suzie and candy cat. Cute look They also come in a cooler bag. Did we get one? Ashlee do you want the matching lunch bag from the set? So now let’s fit this in our pram, and then off to our next shop Oh start scanning Ok successful mission we are now off to our next shop We are approaching smiggle here (Australia) Into Smiggle Oh here are some cool bags. Oh super cute stuff. I can look cool in school with this stuff, i can take this in my maths class (beep beep) So cute – oh its a calculator too. All right Cute wallet (purse) Cute pencil cases. Smiggle slime toy mum We are picking you out a backpack not a lunch box It looks like a bag Okay, let’s go – that’s a lunchbox. I think This one looks awesome and it looks nice and big inside. Paige will show you inside and you can check it out Please can we get it Oh, yeah, this is actually really big Totally big and it just like my school bag And it also has this side pocket, so she can actually could slip things like paintings and stationery Oh yes I want it. Yes, Let’s buy it. Awesome. Look at all the cool diaries and pencil cases I’m going to have a look at the new range of purple – because that’s literally my favourite Look at this It even says pencil sharpeners Scissors in the case Eraser tape. Awesome, hey look at this cute glitter range. (unicorn neigh) It actually has a nice scent Lip balm It smells like cotton candy, yes it actually does Which pen do you want, the rainbow one? With the pompoms I’m going to take this to school. Which one the pom pom or the one with the cute little face on it (pencils) I would like this one for school Bit squashie, from your Smiggle Haul Are they scented? Yeah Oh my goodness, mom, Sophie has this one, and I loved it … it has all of these organized areas in it And look.. Sophie has this one and it’s so cool – awesome – Sophie is actually my best friend BFF – Best friend for Ever Ashlee do you like this tag, you put it on your bag. A for Ashlee, do you like it? Looking at the bag tags Oh my letter Are you going with the ice cream one or the solid color one. Ashlee might like the ice cream one And these ones are scented. Which bag tag do you like Ashlee, the hot pink one – or sparkles or icecream? For when I am a teenager, a book bag Awesome new range out These are the erasers that Sophie has, can I get one? Sure Ashlee do you want one. Ok Cool headphones, I need a new pair of those. Those are cute So you’re gonna have to wait…cuz your birthdays in a few days Oh – Awesome – alright we’ve got all our bags That’s how you shop at Smiggle Mummy Well that’s our Smiggle Haul We’re back – look at all our wonderful things. shopaholics shopaholics Hi, it’s Paige here, I’m so happy you found our channel and it would be super awesome if you could click the subscribe button right here and Here’s two other videos you might be interested click here and here – see you next time Bye 2018 – 2019

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