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SMG4: High School Mario

Looding (us)… ES EM GEE FOR Pro – ductions SMG GUN! (take 2)Super Mario Galaxy ? 4 Productions Mario: Wooh?! Nuuuu! MmmmRRRRRRR! *sum Mayro shit* (eddloalabaletto) Mario: Pindeesss (dingus) I H8 Scoll Boi Fucking RING RING RING! Hey it’s school bitch! (so what ? are you gonna give fiev across the ass ?) SMG4: tiem 2 gu skull Bye… beach! Boopkins: Wuw, this is like the school anime! (who cares ? dik) whut Mace Windu: Webcam tuh de inglus, modafooka. With manuel samuel (take 3) michael jackson (take 4) samuel jackson Luigi: Okkkkkeeeee Mr. Jackson: The cats have nestled close to their kittens, (to fuck them) The lambs have laid down with the sheep. The windows are dark and… *Merio pig noise* Mace Windu: shut de fuk fet man!
(shuts GF’s fuck’s okay…) Mario: What’s going on here? (an hobo tries to teach ingilis to ya) MW: Anyone who disrupts the class is subject to disciplinary action. Mario: Bitch, do it look like I care? (nigga) *Window breaks* Mario: AHAHAHAHA! (is he laughing or dying ? i dunno cuz i dun care hes gonna get back to life in next scene) MW: MMM-MMMM! Pow! Ha-ha! Wario: Good shot! (headshot) Boopkins: Hey! Stop that! (lost ass Angels) Mr. Windu: Hey! Shut up! Boopkins: But….They…ok… *jerk off intestifies :P* Peach: Oh NO!. Mario! Ohhhh nuuu.
(see ? meriyo is all live) Peach: Oh no. Mario! Oh no. Mario: Weej jee! Yyyyyyyyyyyyippeeeeeeee! 😀 SHIIIIIIIIiii— D: *my phone ring* *alien sounds intestifies* BOOOOMMM!!!! Woooooooow Money money money money money money…
(mutha fucka) Peach: Oh yeah! Luigi: Ohhjğhjğhjğh nooooo… Weegeepie: Incomiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!1!!!1!!!! *narrator1:You suck, Luigi*
*narrator2:who did fucking fart on my table ?* [RETARDET INTASTUFIES] Mario: noise. *Toad version of mario pig noise* Bowser: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…
(narrator1:The fuck is that laugh?) (narrator2:thats me when im high :D) Wario: Wahahaha! *Wario eats sheet* (…) (Running Man challenge music playing) OhHhH mYyYy GoDdDd! (Don’t do drugs, kids they will make your face ugley like) (thus fatso) Wario: I’m Superman! I believe I can fly! (NOPEGET) Boopkins: Wh-Why isn’t it working? Maybe I need more baking soda… ~lalala lalalala Ah, that should be enough baking soda! (HOLLY SHEET !! WHAT THE FUCK BOBJINS ?) Now it’ll finally work! Oh man this is gonna be- *my version of Megalovania :D* *Boopkins screaming* Boopkins: My nuts… (PIN-GuS) (Fuckin’ RING RING RING!) Mr. Franklin (BattleBlock Teather Narrator): Yarn was invented in 1984 by Stanley Yarn. Back then it wasn’t called yarn. It was called ca-…(#Sucharetardeclasssssssssssssssssss) Aww what the f-f-f-fart? Talking Bell: Fucking RING RING RING! Talking bell: It’s time for recess, you little scrubs. (thank god for it exists) *Mario version of Mario* Mario: eeddloblalarabrarteddo Let’s go! *SPAGHETTIlanche INCOMING* (Spaghetti intestifies) Toad: Why won’t somebody end my life? (i can end your life *gets chainsaw*>:DDDDDD) (moon) wanna die… Bowser: (Normal Voice) Hey! ♥︎ *top 10 epic sex (sax)* Bowser: (Unknown Voice)How you doin’? ♥︎ *Right in the Bob-Ombs* (get the fuck outta mah face) 10/10 Football Kicking 2018 (What you get for kidnapping Princess Peach for 37 years) *Bowser freezes like a statue* Bowser: Regular show intestifies… (That sounds like he just made a wearwolf sound after fapping on his Bob-Omb) *Boopkins Humming, Luigi is eating a Healthy Sandwich, Daisy and Peach are fuckin’ around with Bowow* Boopkins: How was class, girls? Oh that’s good, Nozomi! No I wasn’t staring at her, Sakura.
Luigi: What the fhuuuuuuu. I love you all equally!
Luigi: What the uuuuuuuck? Luigi: Mama mia… (Ouch, Poor Luigi’s ass) *Wario and Bowser laughing* Daisy: Hey, come on! Bowser: OWWWWWW! Daisy: Hey! Aww, ROODAL! Aw man! (And that is the ORIGINAL story on how Lugi fell in love with Daisy :D) Luigi: Ohh-hohh… *Bowser scares Luigi and Luigi screams like a baby* Boopkins: Hey, hey, hey! You leave my friend alone! (wasnt your friends was anime bitches ?) *Bowser starts to thrash Fishy Boopkins *He hits the wall* *Weird noise* Boopkins: Okay…I’m sorry… Dumb fish that has a waifu pillow: Huh. You too, huh? (OH GOD IT’S FRANKIE) (Yay, Cocking.) (That Cake though…its awful) *Peach Powur* (Best Cocking 10/10) Peach:I did it! (you baking cake for 37 years of course you could dit it) Ur Mommas Fuck: Keeeellll meeehhh… Wario: Yeah! Imma gonna win! Toad: Hahahaha! Luigi: ? A regular, mushroom head known as Toad: Yo man, what’s up? Yeah, let’s party! Luigi: Oh-ohh… *Fishy Boopkins * OH FUCK RESCUE THUS CAKE ITS GONNA BURN THE POINTLESS FUCKING SCOOL I CANT WATCH THE MASTERPIECE BURN (Uh oh, now it’s REALLY bad.) *Bowser laughs* (Welp Bowser, at least it’s better than Wario’s…) *Continues laughing* Luigi: Oh-ohh… Luigi: Oh no! *Luigi does his “Idea Laugh” (SOMETHING BIG IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN.) GO WEEGEE YOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Toad: Wa!
Luigi: OOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *Rip Toad* Luigi: I did it! Luigi! Luigi! Toad: Bitch! (Or not…) *Luigi Screams* Mario: OOH OOH OOH OOH Mario: A fucking masterpiece! (Cheater Confirmed) *Typing* *Windows 7 Error Sound* *Piranha Plant.exe crashes on to the floor* *PING* (Oh god…) Piranha Plant: (Darla’s voice from Finding Nemo) I’m a piranha. I’m from the Amazon. (Ooh, a package from Amazon.) Mario: Yeah! Hahaha! (That’s the best title for a cake ever…) Mario: Yeehaw! Hey, you like? “Cheaters never prosper…” – Walter White BALDEE’s BUSS SEXKS INTESTIFIES NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, GOD!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOoooo… *Toadsworth chuckles* Toadsworth: Ho Ho Toad: Don’t-don’t-don’t tell me! Don’t tell me don’t tell me! I can do this! I can do this don’t tell me! One nipple! A-a-a-a! TWO nipples! A-a-a! THREE NIP- oh hell no I’m outta here. SEVEN final anwser! Luigi: Okay! Hahaha! Imma got it! (OH SHET!) narrator1:What math problem is this by the way? narrator2: i told u thats the baldi’s math problem Weegeetron: WAT? Boopkins: Oh! I know! I know! The answer is 14! (no it’s 7) Toadsworth: No you dumb shit! I knew it! (ROBLOXfave guest slauter) FIGHT! MORTAL KOMBAT! I’m gonna rape your– AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (slo-mo) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Peach: I’m ready! Yah! (dafuq even im counting those ? 0/10) Peach: Oh yay for me! BOOM HEADSHOT! Mario: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Mario: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Mario: LUIGIIIIIIII! Luigi: Go Weegee! LuiWigy: HERE WE GOOOOOO That’s-a pretty good! Bowser: Gotcha, bitch! Boopkins: Oh no, Luigi I’ll save you! *Chariots of Fire* Boopkins to the rescue! Luigi: Ehhh? *TOP 10 Best Anime Rescuing* Boopkins: I did it! Yeyyyyyyyyyyyy (NO YOU DIDN’T!BEACH) Fucking RING RING RING! It’s time for lunch you filthy peasants. My favorite Subject MATH! Hoohoo, hello! Have you got any SPAGHETTI? Da!(rus yes i think) P.S. im rus FUCK: keelllll meeeeh Mario: mamaf*cker Toad: What’s this icky paint-like goop? It’s moving– *Toad gets raped by his mommas fuck’* Toad: AH! Jesus Christ! AH FUCK Mario: Mama mia… Luigi: Ohuhahahaha Luigi: Oh. Sorry… (#BESTROASTEDCOMMENT2018) …Tubby? 🙁 (rest is: GRRRRR NOBODY CALLS ME TUBBY!) ROASTED!!! OOOOHHHHHHH!!! Luigi: Oh no! Boopkins: Here comes the plane, Midoka! (*just what luigi said when he encountered this…* (its in 3:16) *plane noises* Daisy: dafuq?! Eat the food! Ooh, you like that? Okay! *Merio eating slowly by watching Boopkins feeding a pillow* BOWSER YOU SON OF A B***H! Peach: LUIGI! Ahhh! *squeaky* *squeaky* RIP IN PEPPERONI 🙁 lik if u cri evri tim DA FUKIN’ PILLUV IS DED Boopkins: NOO! Doh! What? Midoka! Are you okay?! (no) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 1 Like=1 Girlfriend for Boopkins Luigi: YOU SONS OF-A BITCHES! MILk POWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.K. K.O. No>:(((( Nice Shot GET RE– begone normie! Luigi: Oh, shit. Oh no tubbys angry Everyone except Mario: OH SHIT! Mario: Daaaamn! Daisy: Oh Man! *Buzzer* You suck! Wario: That’s-a nice-a dog-a… *Buzzer* *WHAT IN DA FUK ?* GREAT! A+! Boopkins: Babbada Boopy! Bibbity Babbada Babbada Boopkins! (NO! THAT’S WRONG!) I want to die… yeaahh (Yeah, NO!) Oh my fucking god… Yeahhh freaking masta piece!! Beautiful! (ITS “BOAT”IFUL) (get it ? i want to leave it in ocean with bo- no) It’s Beautiful *puts foot in toad’s buttcheeks* Boopkins: Hey! Lookit, tada! Yay, woohoo!
Peach: Oh no! Aw no Peach: Oh no! Aw no. Mayro eets de sper-.. (no) gluu Fucking RING RING RING! fucking ring ring Time to go home, you stupid normies. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Luigi: Oh Yeah! *Boopkins humming* EEEEEEEEJUJUJUJU Boopkins: Oh, it’s okay, Luigi, you don’t have to go No one will mind Mario: Yippee! Let’s go!>:) Boopkins: Luigi don’t worry you’re part of the Mario Brothers! You’ve fought Bowser many times and always beaten him! (#true!) *10/10 table flip (seriously why the fuck am i doing thus ?* NOMNOMNOM wow… looks like glue resizes your moustache by %600 (Seriously?!) Dee OH SWEET JESES! Boopkins: Luigi you can do it! I believe in youuuuuuuuuuu! *undertale papyrus comfirmed* Luigi: Oh yeah! It’s Luigi time! Bowser: Holy shitto! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa– -aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa- K.O. numba too (#VICTORY!) Luigi: I’m a God it! Luigi: Oh Yeah, Alright WHUT !? WHUT DA FUK !? SMG4: WOOOOOOO! Woooo… SMG4: YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE! Run, Blue Mario !!! Glitchy: Woo! Get fucked, bitches! Layta!! LEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!!!!!!!!! Subtitles By: Lego Man Nate. (Updated by Oks Bonk and Tails Generations then resubtiled in 2018 by turkish_gamers) Go subscribe to SMG4, Hobo Bros, and Mario’s Channel for more content!

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    Fucking bell: quits his job
    me: farts like a bitch

  2. I realized that there was no meggy,shroomy or other people who were in Mario university. Probably because they’re not stupid.

  3. The fish:as pus girls
    Luigi:what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  4. 8AM: English Class
    8:30AM: Science
    9AM: History
    9:30AM: Break Time
    10AM: Cooking
    10:30AM: Mathematics
    11:30AM: Gym
    12:30PM: Breakfast Time
    1:00PM: Italian Lauguage
    3:00PM: Art
    5:00PM: Go Home

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