Sleepy College Town
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Sleepy College Town

Welcome to our sleepy little college town.
You may have heard of us. Read a review.
In fact a lot’s been said about us In papers… on stone … on marble … Bronze
… Gold But behind every word stands a person.
And behind each person a passion. A drive
To see something greater than one’s self come to be.
We question. We debate. We rally. Here we stand up for causes as naturally as
we sit down for classes. Our learning extends beyond the classroom
We believe that a college education is measured by more than the sheet
of paper you hang on your wall, and an office with a corner view.
Our faculty are fully engaged pioneers, surpassing the boundaries of
their fields, We believe that knowledge, understanding and
discovery will make the world a better place.
And that our contributions are only limited by our imaginations.
Our alumni lead and create change in nearly every field and they
return home to share their experiences with our students.
We celebrate their courage to take a step towards greatness.
And we use our proximity to greatness to its full advantage.
Whether scientists, artists, or entrepreneurs, We are WONKs — fueled by a passion to find
solutions to the world’s problems
Words, medals, and degrees don’t make us who we are.
Meaningful change does. We are innovative.
We are engaged. We are American
And there’s nothing we would rather be.

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27 thoughts on “Sleepy College Town

  1. I'm from Thailand and I want to study at American university <3 I'm learning English language I love America !♥

  2. hello guys, im from pakistan. i wanna study Mba in USA can i get this opportunity. because my name is (Osama) people are saying ur name is band.. u cant get AMERICAN visa ….. and im so tensed about it…please help me out guys… it from pakistan . peace

  3. Really? You'd feature a Faux News host? Kinda scary. I don't mind a diversity of opinions. I do mind lying bastards.

  4. How can anything be "sleepy" in Washington, DC?   When I worked in DC 1974-1978, it was an adventure daily to get off the bus and get to my place of employment without being run over, mugged, shot, assaulted, etc. …. in broad daylight!!!   I guess DC has changed over the past 40 years?

  5. Sleepy College Town!?!?   When I was in Washington D.C. in the mid 1970s, it was anything but sleepy.  Even in broad daylight, it was a very violent city.

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