Sister Buys my School Supplies | Back to School Shopping Haul
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Sister Buys my School Supplies | Back to School Shopping Haul

Today were going SHOPPING!!! We’re gonna play a game called my sister by my school supply. I need to remember to get stuff She likes like can’t really so you know put a thousand aloha everybody Hi, everybody. We are the Ohana adventure and we are right in front of Walmart and We are going to do some shopping for school supplies But we are going to do a little mix-up twist I want to play this game called sister V my school supplies I’m going to be buying dresses like she’s going to be very nice. That’s right. Yes. Good stuff we’re going to give them a short list of like so many folders so many notebooks things like that that they have to get and Then they can swear what a few things, but we are going to keep them on a budget um Let’s get started ready set go okay, we are inside Walmart, and they have their basket and We are going to be gathering things that each kid needs or school now. This is going to be tricky I’m going to instead afraid I’m going into High school So we are going to be guessing what they’re going to be needing because we don’t have lists yet from their teachers or anything and oh and Adding a few two things all right here we go Tell me but no no no those are so weird you girls have 15 minutes each and $15 to get your supplies that you need for each other, okay? And I’m going to be checking in to see what they get if I? sum legs, so I’d be four and a folder She’s got a favorite cause of green you know put out himself if he missed on every way just Know it right if you miss to find everything mike hell needs for her school supplies. So we are right now I must figure out, what right L mean um So it’s kind of helpful because I was in seventh grade one long time ago. Just getting a job so oh accounting some safety for bert I Think so let’s catch my paws. It’ll support. I can’t think what to get my dear baby. My baby’s going to look pitiful kidding right Okay, so these are the notebooks let me Abg’s Some tempting to get nose. I think she might like one of these and I look for You got no books no any pencil called pencil Glue Stick glue Sticks, how’s that one look you either? Need to remember to get stuff. She likes like you can’t really Oh class which I already vijaya Hopefully, she didn’t get hurt you And I remember is misgivings. She likes not what you like a sourcing a theme day within budget I go I’ve lost a job right cow Come here. I love to swipe okay I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need a ruler Finders underhook have binders. Oh Nope, just kidding. Hey mom. You’re not helping me. Oh wait helper fine. I Give my mom Okay, any oh she might like these I Need to get my first one Too hey um I don’t know She doesn’t really like Kate Can’t be guys the lord and sold That’s 45 she like Nation is an eraser Froze up, and good bye Canderson Journey I Think pencil will be their permanent Chirpy Marcus’s Mom I need your help. I need your help Okay, this is what I have so far. I’m gonna get her a nice, okay I’m going to clean you because you’re messy. Oh So much cleaner look how clear holy crap does not need to have down so you got one that summer? Look at this which one do you think she’ll like benefit? Oh? I think like this one. This is a gonca No, you can’t ask her you get her therefore. I got class what I got class exclusive are they jiggle 14:25 hey, it’s the final Countdown little dude Yes This is John Let’s go find lunchboxes go go go everything with used Puberty Okay Kind of Walkabout together. I think I’ve done. What is he getting this now? Water bottle I mean you see this big lunch box the only cookies you try Yeah Kill hello again I used to get her this one undermine internet By her bra All right, we bought the girls I’m just kidding okay, all right. We took the girls shopping They did their sister buys their school supplies And now they’re going to open them and see what they think of what’s inside the bag, okay? I’m here honestly. There’s good so So I got me a bunch lock okay? flip Okay, wait, wait. I’m gonna tilt it up Jason Medica off camera You know for me, all right? Yeah Thanks for my channel. Just now they won’t either Sharpener sharper I got a dark blue little pencil bag in the missus Chevron with the shadow map Sent over toward pencils and neon over Thank you all right, I got holder and then I draw a binder just oh Holy night Hey, I’m cute composition notebook and lots of spiral Notebook All right, and that is it yummy lunch box and a cute blue Thing is a binder allows one two three four oh And we’ll see okay, then notebooks many different colors A composition Notebook those cute feet are soaked a lunch box Holder I was open Deck Omits card Holder, and I have this little thing I have everything Highlighters, I have b to be tight really thank you. Oh Yeah, yeah Seriously, love me coming I love a blue guys love with a White House oh Justin cannady meeting. I am so gonna meet thank you. He did score go Thank you Know why it’s not to be sure all right? Nein mama goes for their 12. Why is the color matters 14 at the top? No not color? I met why it’s like do guys hit Aaron stove. So those are the buddies, okay? and then Here I go We really haven’t cut it up. Oh my crony. God what? Thank you guys so much for watching this was funny. Did you like or stuff? Yes? Do you like what we got I think? You did really really good actually did pretty good. I love to do. I love our sources. Yes And what are you? I love and me a better lunch bug so comment down below on but I think you guys would have gotten almost over goal, and Comment down below if you thought it was super funny, and I think it was thank you guys so much for watching

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