Singaporeans Try: Sex Education Quiz
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Singaporeans Try: Sex Education Quiz

So the va-gee-na is the door, then the tube is the walkway. They asked “Where is it fertilized?”. Then this is the place. – (PD) Hi guys!
– Hi. Wah! – I think you go first.
– Wait, like ‘health’? Not sex ah. Sexual health. I’d say pretty high. Like 9. I didn’t give myself a 10 because I think that there’s always room for improvement. Sexual health? So, like Biology? I think that I’m a strong 2. I think for me, I’m a 5/10. Whoa. – I think 5.
– I think… 6. Coz it rhymes with ‘sex’. My sexual health knowledge is pretty limited to what I learned in school. Like sexual education – all the talk about diseases and stuff – And that’s probably it. I’d say a 3/10
to be really honest. – Huh? So low?
– Yeah. Oh dear. This is the only thing I remember. I think I remember my school using a banana and a condom. From my experience, it’s very scientific. I remember the science textbook having anatomy (diagrams), in cartoon form, and we would get so excited. Mine was like… I think there was a video in class. STDs… What are some of the safe practices… Mine only started in secondary school. There was also this very moral and preachy element where they screened videos of teen mums All of them were like, “I regret having sex.” “You just have to have sex one time and get pregnant to ruin your life.” It was a shock tactic to get everyone to believe that sex was evil. I knew I started puberty when I started to have a lot of hair. And I started to get curious. Then I knew that puberty was just slapping me in the face. My first sign of puberty was when my… my titties arrived. So it felt sore. I didn’t know that they were supposed to be sore when they were growing. So I was just like… “Why is it suddenly hurting?” I remember one night, after I said good night to my mum, I went under the blanket and prayed.
“I don’t want to have breast cancer! I still want to live.” Turns out, I was just getting my titties. Have your parents ever spoke to you about sex? No. My mum only spoke to me about sex once and it was so out of the blue, I was shocked. In the kitchen, she was like, “Jiaqi (Renae), I tell you… “If you wanna have sex, you must wait till you’re 18.” “For the vagina to be fully developed.
If not, it will become crooked.” – Which means what?
– Means it will go crooked! (PD) So on this episode of Singaporeans Try,
we will be taking a Sex and Health Quiz… to see how knowledgable you are about your own body! As in the length… that got blood come out? – The entire cycle?
– Are you a girl?! – 28 days.
– Same! – Oh, shit…
– Wait, wait, wait. – Let’s talk about this.
– No, sorry. I thought you were talking about a period. 12 days. Huh?! Are you sure? – Menstrual cycle is bleeding right?
– We bleed for 5 days leh. One week later we will bleed again?! Oh, it’s like the full cycle. Means got the recovery part too. I’ve always thought that guys that have a lot of knowledge about menstrual cycles make very caring and considerate boyfriends. If a guy buys pads and tampons for you, that’s a real one, ok? Is it A? B. Ovary. C. Uterus. D, Va-gee-na. Oh, this is so simple. What’s a fallopian tube? Part of a plant. Xylem. Phloem. It’s definitely not ‘D’.
Because that’s just like… You’re a dumbass if you think it’s in the vagina. It’s not, right?
Of course ‘D’ is not. – Uterus.
– Huh?! Argh! It’s the tube! Are you actually serious?! (PD) 3, 2, 1. Ovary is the… big… egg. So where is the sperm fertilized in the egg?
The egg lah. This is the uterus… Inside got the egg… Then the sperm dudududu (?) Bom. Become baby. So vagina is the door, and the tube is the walkway. (The question) asked where it was fertilized. This is the place – the dining area. But this is the main course. Yeah this is the main course, but it never asked what the main course was. They asked where you eat your dinner. So it is the uterus! Understand or not? – Wait, is he correct?
– (PD) Both of you are wrong. This is the tube. This one is a Pokemon sia. Why are your ovaries split like that? – Wah.
– So excited. 5?! That’s a lot. I cannot say ‘swallow’, right? Alright! Condom, but for the boys. Vasectomy. You cut something in the boys so that they can’t produce sperm. I dunno what the girl’s version is called, so I put ‘cut the girl’. This one… I know that you can put the hook inside, and the hooks will come out like – Like Batman. – Don’t say that!
– Then the sperm cannot go in. – Same drawing.
– What is it called? I put ‘IUD’. Is it not? Birth control pills… Spermicides… Apparently, it’s like a foam spray. You apply it on the penis. The chemical will kill the sperms. But spermicide is really strong, so it kills more than just sperm. Condom… Birth control pill… Pull out method. I think that mine is the same, except for the last one – the person’s face. Is that why your girlfriend is not pregnant? A, Syphilis. B, Gonorrhea. C, Hepatitis B. D… Chlamydia! – Maybe it’s a trick question.
– All incurable. Gonorrhea is the girl from Guardians of the Galaxy. Gonorrhea. I wonder if we have the same (answer). Hepatitis B is actually a kind of liver virus. The virus will be hidden in your liver.
There is no way to find it and clean it. Is it A, Penis? B, Vas Deferens.
C, Testes. D, Prostate. I don’t even know what a vas deferens is. It’s like… a museum in France. Wah. “I’m going to Vas Deferens.” Testes. Alright. – The balls.
– The prostate. I worked in law enforcement last time, so… I kinda recall that the legal age for commercial sex and the legal age for normal sex is different. 16! Das right. Shit… 18? (PD) 16. – So young?!
– I remember the information to be a bit weird. When I first found out, I was like… Oh my God. – Hah?!
– Wah, that’s really young. For me, my childhood was in Australia so I was exposed to this kinds of things very young. I always thought it was a bit taboo. Small banana becomes hairy, big banana. Armpit hair and pimples. Mine is pimples, hair and voice. This is Hafeez when he just went through puberty. This is armpit hair, facial hair, and… the height. Mine is armpit hair, facial hair, and voice. Oh my God, he is freaking buff. Mine is wet dreams, your voice will break and you have hair. – I like how he gave him pecs. Very nice.
– Yeah. So he has acne breakouts and his armpit hair is an explosion of bushiness. And then Adam’s apple… and then voice break. Walao eh, like exam sia. This is really difficult. The vas deferens must be very different from the rest. That’s why it’s called vas deferens (vast difference). This one looks more like a tube. Because got tubing. The fallopian tube is where the baby is formed, right? Fallopian tube is this one. Then the uterus is this one. No lah. Fallopian tube is where the sperm is transferred. – My fallopian tube is this long pink thing.
– Because it looks like a tube. Uterus is on top ah? I thought it’s this… Hah??? The uterus is where the baby is. – Ok, well. Then what is this?!
– Muscle. Just now they already said that the eggs will be in the uterus. How will your eggs go up here? Into the muscle??? The urethra is here. I kind of heard it before. This can be either the liver or kidney. And for the vas deferens I put this… What did you label it as? The orange coloured one? – Mine is the weird gland.
– (PD) Both of you are wrong. Is this one.
Oh, it’s the balls? – No, it’s not.
– That’s the testes! It’s the pipe for the sperm!!! So it’s like the male fallopian tube. – The first word should have given us the clue.
– It’s the bus. …………….. I think we did very well. “What age can you have sex?” He knows that well. That’s very important, because I don’t wanna break the law. Terrible. Horrible. Must look back and reflect. I regret saying that I’m a nine. I totally disgraced myself. Based on what just happened here… No. No. (Schools) think that (students) are not mature enough to make their own decisions, so they just tell them not to have sex and expect them not to have human urges. What we have been taught in school is not to have sex. But obviously, as teenagers, we have BGR and things happen. There is always a bias when it comes to such education.
It’s always a ‘no’ because it will result in certain consequences. But it should be a very neutral point of view. If you wanna do it, be prepared.
Know what to get, how to get it. I think that’s important. I think… definitely not ask your parents.
They’ll just give you a straight up “NO!” “Don’t do it!” But generally I think that mums and dads are quite weird people to ask these questions. – I think that if they ask their peers, it’s like the blind leading the blind.
– That’s true. I’m scared that certain people will fabricate certain things just to get what they want. Because for these kinds of things you will search for it in your own private space… Yeah, you won’t raise your hand in the middle of class and say, “Is my penis normal? It’s extra large.” Maybe what schools can do is like…
instead of giving a top-down approach on sex ed, How about we get students to send in questions anonymously and the teacher can answer all the weird questions that they have. Thank you for watching this episode of Singaporeans Try. If you liked this video, remember to like, share and subscribe. And watch our other videos over there. Bye! Sex ed time! Kor kor bring you.

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