Simple Ways Teachers Can Protect Student Data Privacy
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Simple Ways Teachers Can Protect Student Data Privacy

Our students log into websites all the time including for our classes, but how do we know if these tools protect student privacy? While it takes time and training to truly know how risky a site is there are a couple simple checks any teacher can do. First up: look for the ‘s’ in the url whenever you use a website especially when logging in an ‘s’ means the site’s encrypted and probably a lot more secure No s? – Reassess. Next check out the tools privacy policy – they can be pretty overwhelming But you don’t have to read it all. As weird as this sounds just make sure it’s there. You’d be surprised how many policies are really hard to find or don’t even exist. No, policy? No go. From here, well it gets kind of complicated. If a tool seems risky, you should check with your tech and privacy experts at your school or district. Don’t know any experts? We can help. Common-sense education conducts extensive privacy evaluations of popular tools. We read the policies and surface the need-to-know info. Share these evaluations with your colleagues and kick off a conversation about privacy. Want more tips for protecting student data and privacy? Check out our teaching strategies page to learn more. you

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