Signing Naturally Unit 1 Vocabulary: Classroom Survival Signs
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Signing Naturally Unit 1 Vocabulary: Classroom Survival Signs

Now for our beginnings we have our classroom
survival signs. We have two signs for the word SIGN. So SIGN or it can be SIGN. I’ll sign them again. SIGN going toward yourself or SIGN. So this would be the action of signing so
go ahead and sign it for me instead of speaking to me or you could ask THAT SIGN WHAT? or
SIGN for SPELL something.UNDERSTAND like the light bulb turning on and UNDERSTAND. DON’T-UNDERSTAND or you can sign DON’T or
NOT UNDERSTAND. Again, DON’T or NOT UNDERSTAND. Or you can shake your head DON’T-UNDERSTAND. SLOW. If you’d like something signed slower. The sign TEACH, TEACHER, TEACHER. This can also be professor or instructor. And then you have WARM-UP. WARM #UP. WARM #UP. To REVIEW, like to take your eyes to look
back over everything, to review, to REVIEW. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, It should be an A handshape. PRACTICE. HOMEWORK again. HOMEWORK. HOMEWORK. To LEARN like if you had a book or a piece
of paper you’re grabbing the knowledge off of that. So LEARN. And you have STUDENT, STUDENT. And you’re set!

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3 thoughts on “Signing Naturally Unit 1 Vocabulary: Classroom Survival Signs

  1. Hello Courtney : I had been looking for Sign Language Videos., and "I found you". The way your teaching is really useful.( front and body side) Excellent idea. Completely clear understanding!

  2. Thank you so much for making these!!! I'm taking a college course using this book, and the teacher believes in full immersion. So basically she just starts waving her hands at us and makes us guess what she's trying to say. Absolutely no speaking aloud in class, and the dvd's are equally useless (too fast, no explanation). It is very frustrating! I REALLY LIKE HOW YOU TELL US WHAT THE SIGNS MEAN THANK YOU A LOT!!!

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