SIFMA Capitol Hill Challenge Teacher Profile: Ryan Monoski
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SIFMA Capitol Hill Challenge Teacher Profile: Ryan Monoski

How I became a teacher is, I wanted to be
able to make a mark on the world. I wanted to help people. So I went back to school for another two years
and got my teaching degree and, low and behold, here I am in Montgomery and I wouldn’t trade
it for the world. The importance of financial literacy cannot
be understated. Financial literacy is something that every
student in this country needs to understand, and learn, and master. I don’t care if you’re making minimum wage
or if you’re making five hundred thousand dollars a year. It’s not all about how much money you make. It is more about how you invest and save the
money you do earn. It’s very hard to keep kid’s attention when
you’re teaching. I personally approach teaching with the idea
of being very interactive, being personable. When I come to work, I don’t come to work. I go see my second family. And that’s not just a saying, it’s the truth. I live by it. Capital Hill Challenge gave me, as a teacher,
an opportunity to see a side of students I don’t normally see. When you open a book, it can get stale. But this is a fluid situation in learning. These students, they are getting involved,
and they’re competing, and they want to be better. So they want to prove that our little school
can be just as good as any school in the country. They come up and ask me for information, which
is a nice change, instead of me always having to dictate to them what they need to learn. At the end of my career, I would like to think
that I’ve touched many lives. Students who didn’t know what they wanted
to do with their life, all of a sudden come up to me and say, “Mr. Monoski, I’m going
to be a finance major because of this program, because of what you’ve done.” And there is nothing more powerful than a
student telling you that you made an impact on their life that you know is going to affect
their own children someday, even their great grandchildren. So it’s pretty powerful stuff.

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