SIFMA Capitol Hill Challenge Teacher Profile: Claudia Walker
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SIFMA Capitol Hill Challenge Teacher Profile: Claudia Walker

Right after I graduated from college, I worked
for a major investment bank, and then I started a business, and then I got into teaching. I was looking for a career change and teaching
was the thing that I found. As teachers, we come to the work because we
want to prepare kids for the future and financial literacy, making sure that students understand
about financial literacy and the different forms of investment is absolutely preparing
them for their future. It’s probably one of the most important things
that we could do. You know, we’re talking about money, and most
kids are motivated by money. Whether it’s, you know, chores or getting
a scholarship, they’re motivated by the payoff. And so, my conversation with the students
is how do you manage that? Regardless of how much money you make, how
do you manage your finances? For me, it’s really important particularly
with the population of students that I teach. They’re predominantly Latino and African American,
and we know that there is a gap in terms of their access to financial literacy classes. And so, for me, it’s really important that
when my students leave my classroom, they have the tools, they have the knowledge, to
go into the world and really be able to use what they have in order to create wealth for
their families and their community, and the Capitol Hill Challenge is a great place to
start. Success as a teacher is a student coming to
me and saying that, you know, “There was something that you said or that you did in the classroom
that really shifted the way that I saw things or that I saw myself.” You know, content is important, but I want
students to understand that they matter, that there’s a place for them in this world, and
really figuring out what that place is.

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