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14 thoughts on “Sheriff: Resource officer on leave after slamming student

  1. What was the damn problem do that to a minor..??? The parents should sue the guy"@ the the sheriff department. He had no right to even touch them"" you should be have assault charges on him instead of getting paid leave.. why pay on pay him doing something stupid like that especially on a video and to a minor you're stupid somebody should slam him against the wall…

  2. If I was that child’s mother I would have hunted that guy down and beat the living shit outta him even if it took an equalizer like a golf club or baseball bat. He’s nothing but a bully and coward.

  3. That man has no heart. He should have never been put in charge of children. I doubt this is the first time he has shown his violent nature. My heart goes out to that child and all the children who has faced his

  4. Why he ain’t in jail. It’s called protecting and serving for a reason . You know enforcing Laws not assaulting children. If a child was to spit on their parents and the parent would proceed to slap the child for disrespect that parent would get arrested. So how do punks with badges get to abuse a child and get paid vacation.

  5. It is over the top and that adult might have just ruined his life and physically and mentally hurt that kid.
    Having said that, most of today's kids get absolutely no civic education at home, don't respect their elders nor anybody outside their homes and can't keep their mouth shut.
    Sometimes somebody's life gets ruined when teaching an unforgettable lesson.

  6. "F" paid leave. FOH.
    He'd get his "A" beat. Dont even try that with my kids. I promise you would never ever have ANY KIND OF EMPLOYMENT for the remainder of your life.

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