Shared 1BR Yoga Teacher – Mini-Mocks
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Shared 1BR Yoga Teacher – Mini-Mocks

Yoga is all about
using your body to explore
the limits of space. In New York City, there isn’t
very much space to begin with, but you’ve got to make peace
with what you’ve got. My name is Tina and I
run a yoga studio out of my one-bedroom apartment,
which I share with my roommate. Yoga is freeing. This practice is about
working with limitations to find freedom. Yoga helps us get out
of our comfort zone and eliminate boundaries, because life doesn’t
have boundaries. Some people think it’s odd to do this kind of work
out of your home, but I find
the constraints inspiring. Infinite possibility
can be paralyzing, but the mind really gets
creative in a defined space. People try to separate
their lives into categories… this is my work life,
this my personal life… but those are
false delineations. Separation exists
only in the mind. I truly believe that
teaching yoga in my own home has given me greater control
over my body and mind. Oop, sorry.

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46 thoughts on “Shared 1BR Yoga Teacher – Mini-Mocks

  1. This is stupid and not funny. It's the complete opposite of funny. I was not amused at any point in this video. In fact, I now am contimplating my own demise from this horrible waste of 1:00. My life has lost all meaning and the only release from this misery is my inevitable death. I would rather gouge my eyes out with a spoon than watch this hot steaming pile of garbage that comedy central pathetically attempted to pass off as amuzing, funny, or entertaining. If this is the standard of comedy that this program is now dishing out, than all is truly lost. 1st SNL now the entire network of which all comedy is generated.

  2. Eh… not the worst thing you’ve produced. Good effort, Comedy Central. It really feels like you’re starting to try again.

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