Shady Spring High School students are sending an experiment to the International Space Station
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Shady Spring High School students are sending an experiment to the International Space Station

supporting all the local producers and farmers, and making sure that we’re really trying to connect the farming community with the consumers. We’re really trying to be sort tensionoa -7 day a week farmer’s market.” LEY: The Local’s café is open Thursday through Monday from 7 to 3, and its market is open all week long from 7 to 7. Riley A team of students at Shady Spring High School won the opportunity to send an experiment to the International Space Station. Meteorologist Zach Guion stopped by Shady Spring today to learn all about the project before it launches into outer space. After nearly a year of intense research and writing proposals, the project designed by Zach Waddel, Chris Smith, Cameron White, and Matthew Sweeney was chosen to make a voyage into space. Sweeney explains the basics behind what their research is about. MATTHEW SWEENEY – SHADY SPRING HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT – We elected to send a type of bacteria up to the internation ace station study how it grows micrravity. We chose caulobacter crescentus because, in doing research, we found that it’s not a very well researched bacteria. So, we figured we could be the pioneers. Learning about how space and microgravity affects everything differently can be a very intimidating research topic, especially for high schoolers. But as these Shady Spring High schoolers dove into hours upon hours of information on the web, they learned about what they could propose as their own research. ZACH WADDELL – SHADY SPRING HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT – Being able to look at these other proposals and these other scientists that have researched similar things, not necessarily the bacteria that we’re working with, but different projects that involve microgravity and bacteria growth, there’s a lot of different information we can use to our advantage to help design our experiment or to know what might work better. Math department head Elizabeth Hegele said that out of the hundreds of students at Shady Spring that competed, the Student Spaceflights Experiments Program made a great choice to go with their project. ELIZABETH HEGELE – MATH DEPARTMENT HEAD, SHADY SPRING HIGH SCHOOL – These young men are exceptional. All four want to be engineers of some sort. They are very self-motivated, self-disciplined. And it’s that motivation which will continue to open up opportunities for these students well beyond sending a project into space. ZACH WADDELL – SHADY SPRING HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT – I think it’s a really interesting project to be a part of and I’m really excited to be involved in something like this. It looks really good for college, it’s really good experience, especially writing proposal papers and writing research papers. Stuff like that is invaluable experience. MATTHEW SWEENEY – SHADY SPRING HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT – When I told them that colleges would look at it and say ‘this is cool, not a lot of people have this on their application’ he’s like ‘yeah!’ and my momas like hat’s nice.’ The team’s experiment is scheduled to travel the International ace Station aboard a SpaceX cket July. porting in leigh County, Zach Guion 59 News. ley The actual terials for the project were supplied by West Virginia University and many local organizations including Beckley Area Foundation and Carter Family Foundation donated to help fund the project. Riley Marquees Cinema is in the third week of its annual summer program. Every Tuesday and Wednesday starting at 9:30 in the morning, families can watch

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