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40 thoughts on “Sex Education Soundtrack |see description| OST Tracklist

  1. Does anyone know the first song in episode 6? It starts with “this world took my fame, that world took my name“

  2. I wanna feel evrythin in the book tonight (End of episode 3)
    Just right here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mizTW-od6CM

  3. does anyone know the song in the second episode that goes : “you can say all thr right words to trick me
    pushin’ buttons I always ignore
    at the moment my fingers are bleedin’
    tryin’ to make the right…”

  4. Could someone tell me if Heaven by The Psychedelic Furs was really part of the tracklist? I just watched all the episodes and it's one of my favorite songs, there's no way I couldn't notice it lol

  5. Anyone know the song in the final episode when eric is leaving the schoo and adam is leaving for the military school thing and otis steals thr trophy for maeve

  6. I’m looking for the song at the beginning of episode 3 when Maeve is chilling in bed and trying to make a phone call but fails the lyrics kinda sound like:

    Do you really love me love me love me
    Do you really want me want me want me

  7. Im looking for the very first song .” I’ve got got secrets I don’t know if I can tell you” I’ve got things to show that no ones ever seen” anyone found it?

  8. Do someone knows what's the last song of the first episode and first song on the second episode? (it's the same one)

  9. Does anyone know the name or artist of the string piece that starts near the end of episode 3 (about 47:05 minutes in)?

  10. In episode 6, does anyone know the name of the song that starts at 41:00? It plays when Jackson is practicing swimming. Please let me know, thanks a lot!

  11. Anyone knows the song in s1ep8 with the lyrics by "whatever will I do, if this love turns out untrue, all those memories to erase, a drink will never do…"?

  12. So the spotify playlist is telling me that The 1975s It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) is on the show but I can't find it anywhere and other sound track playlists do not have it 🙁

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