SEVENTEEN Reacts To College Kids React To SEVENTEEN (K-Pop)
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SEVENTEEN Reacts To College Kids React To SEVENTEEN (K-Pop)

– (Kostas) So many people
in these groups! – Yeah! (laughs)
– So many people! – 13 members, 13 members.
– Whoa! – (FBE) Welcome,
we know you’re in a hurry, so we’re gonna show you a video
we made of college kids reacting to one of your songs. – Wow!
– Awesome! – (FBE) The next one is the video for the single Clap
by the band SEVENTEEN. (group laughing) – (Tom) I’m digging his hair. – (Labib) Dude, these dudes
dress so fresh, I swear to God.
– Oh! – (Kostas) So many people
in these groups. – Yeah!
– So many people! – 13 members, 13 members. – ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ – (Kennedy) Such good dancers! – Oh good dancer, good dancer.
– Yeah, good dancer. – Thank you.
– Oh yeah. (laughs) – (Kostas) Their music videos are lit.
Like, there’s a lot going on. – Oh! – (Madison) Everything’s so colorful,
and like pretty. – (Kennedy) This song’s really catchy. – (Tom) Whoa.
– Wow. – (Tom) How many of them are there?
Is there 17 people? – No, 13 people.
– There’s 13, yeah. – (Isabella) I like that
they’re all into it. – (Labib) I like this one
the best so far. They were fun. – Ah, oh.
– Thank you. – Thank you!
– (FBE) Is made up of 13 members. – (Alix) Geez!
– (FBE) That are multinational, with Chinese, Korean
and Korean-American, which also is a trait
of some K-Pop groups. – (Kennedy) Oh, I actually
really like that. – (FBE) They are one group,
but have focused sub-units within the band,
one focusing on vocals, one on performance,
and one on hip-hop. – Yeah.
– Oh. – (FBE) Allowing them to
perform as a unit… …but still coming together as one. – (Kostas) That’s actually really sick. – Wow, he really did his homework.
– (Tom) Cool, it’s like a mega group! – (FBE) People say their live shows
are incredible. What do you think about that concept? – (Isabella) I think that’s kinda cool! – Whoa!
– Wow. – Thank you so much, wow. – (Kostas) Honing in on their talents
is genius. – Like SEVENTEEN.
– Wow. – (Kosta) Now I get why
they have 13 members. – (Labib) Like multi-diversity… …even different
focuses on music, you can come up
with so much more stuff. – Wow!
– Yeah! (group applauds)
– Crazy, crazy. – Yo! – (FBE) So you guys are busy here KCON
and we only have a couple of minutes more
so we’ll go quick. What did you think
about how the college kids in this episode reacted to you? – And like the explanations
of our group, they were so accurate.
– Right. – You really did well
with your homework. So thank you, yeah. – (FBE) So as a band of 13 members,
what is your guys’ secret to continuing making amazing music
with so many different personalities? – Yeah, and we’ve lived together
for so long, so we’re just basically familiy.
– Yeah. – (FBE) Okay, we know you need to go, and wanted to be
respectful of your time so thank you so much
for reacting with us. – Oh wow, okay, that was very quick.
– Oh, thank you. – (FBE) So before you go, can you film a goodbye
for the FBE viewers? – Thanks to FBE
for making this video at KCON. – (group) Yeah!
– Thank you. – And our new album is dropping
on September 16th. – Yeah! – So make sure
to check that out as well. – Yeah!
– Thank you! – Thank you, thank you. – Hey everyone!
Lauren, producer here at FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode, and thank you so much
to SEVENTEEN for shooting with us
at KCON. Make sure you go support their channel
by clicking the link over there and down in the description.
Bye everyone! ♪ (upbeat music) ♪

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  2. wait they really loved how respectful and well researched the description was 🥺 that makes me so happy, thank you guys for making them happy!

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