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sedApta Academy Industry 4.0

SedApta launched, Placed in a 13th century Abbey, An Industry 4.0 Academy. A training center of over
800 square meters Where it is possible for Companies, Customers and Partners To meet with sedApta With universities
and training institutions. Within the activity linked
to the sedApta Academy One Virtual Factory and One Virtual Enterprise
have been prepared. Inside the Virtual Factory It is possible to see and touch
in an interactive environment Those that are the software
and hardware offers Of the sedApta suite. In the Virtual Enterprise room There is the possibility to show
in an interactive and proactive way All the issues of
the upper part of the suite Therefore linked to
Supply Chain operations And to the sedApta Suite modules Of Inventory, Demand and
Resource & Supply Planning. The training center Is born to be a training center That we intend to use very openly, Targeting both those
who need basic training, Those who are still
at school or at university, For those who just approached
the labor market, Those who must do
extremely advanced training As Certification courses
and specific updates E.g. the introduction of the most
advanced technologies in the company.

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