Secretary’s Message on International Education Week
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Secretary’s Message on International Education Week

Hi, I’m Betsy DeVos, U.S. Secretary of Education. It’s my pleasure to mark, with you, the
17th anniversary of International Education Week. There has never been a more critical time
to ensure that ALL our students are prepared for the challenges of an increasingly interconnected
global economy. At the Department, we strive to help all students
master the skills necessary to succeed in postsecondary education and in-demand careers. More and more, these careers involve working
across cultures, in multi-national organizations For example, a student in Wisconsin may need
to communicate with German counterparts about the latest auto industry technology. Or perhaps a young person in South Carolina
will have to understand Korean business practices to successfully interact with her colleagues
in a new manufacturing plant. The work our students will pursue, even some
we can’t imagine yet, will be increasingly technical and global in nature. We can and must prepare them for what lies
ahead. These skills are necessary for our national
security. Our ability to communicate with and understand
people and governments around the world is an essential component of diplomacy. Students help keep America safe when they
learn languages, are exposed to other cultures and, most importantly, know the principles
that make America great. And we can learn a lot from our friends. Around the world, nations are finding that
increased educational options can contribute to better results for students. While we simply can’t “cut and paste”
another country’s system onto our own, we can and should learn from – and with – one
another, and take action to meet the unique needs of our students. So for this week and every week, let’s work
together to ensure all students have equal access to the opportunities that will prepare
them for successful lives in the global economy. Thank you, and enjoy International Education

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