Second-Year Teachers Share Some Advice for Rookies
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Second-Year Teachers Share Some Advice for Rookies

– One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. (snorts) Yeah I’m the most. – I can’t follow that. (laughing) – I snorted, you’re good now. (techno rock music) So kind of like mean tweets only these are inspirational tweets. We are reading advice
to first year teachers and then we’re having a small
discussion of kind of like our experiences in comparison
to the actual tweet itself. I apologize if I get this wrong, @alvareztces, “Your classroom management “can make or break your school year. “Teach your rules and set your
expectations from day one.” – Not can, it will.
(laughing) – Yeah, he needed to change that word. It will make or break your school year. – It will. – It’s hard to shake
off a first impression. – It takes 30 days to break a habit. If you come in and say,
“Eh, you can do this, “you can do that,” now they’re perceiving
you as the eh teacher and then when you try to break the habit they’re lik, “Whoa whoa whoa
whoa whoa, who is this?” – Cool it, yeah that was me. – Yeah.
(laughing) It’s like, okay now you’re doin’ too much. – And I was doin’ a lot.
– I need you to, right. – Once you have a vision of
how your classroom should run and you have a vision of
things you do not wanna see and actions you’ll take if you see them, you wanna make sure
– Oh my gosh. – that your rule is
uniform across the board, so you need to know it like the back, and I can’t say back of your head, your hand, back of your hand.
– Yeah. – I don’t get that saying. (laughs) – Because you, okay. We’ll talk later. (laughs) Your turn.
– Let’s see. “Avoid comparisons. “If you are not where
someone else is it’s okay. (snorting) “You have your own path
don’t be discouraged.” It’s very easy to come in to a new school or even a new profession and believe that you need
to perfect it off the bat. Teaching is something that you learn, and do better by year. – Okay so @susan_goodman says, “Don’t try to do it all! “Focus on doing things well. “And then take some time for yourself. “Balance is everything. When I tell you that
balance is everything. – This advice sounds easy.
– It’s not. – It’s not, and especially
for first year teachers. – As a first year teacher
you have to understand you are doing things for the
first time, in a classroom. – You’re doing a lotta different
things for the first time, – Right!
– at the same– – When you do something
for the first time it takes – Some time. (giggles)
– so much time, it just does. You have to learn to
say, “I’m going home.” If you don’t take care of yourself you are not your best teacher. Be your own best friend and pick yourself up
and you got it, right? And I also always advise, “Find somebody else that can pick you up.” – Have your support network, period. Conversations with you, conversations with my math instructor, has helped me to focus
on the bigger picture. – Mm-hm.
– Why am I doing this? Where do I wanna be?
– Yeah. Find that peace, and turn off your brain. Spend time with your family,
spend time with your friends, spend time with your dog.
– At the beach. – At the beach. (shrugging) You know,
(chuckles) just do somethin’ for yourself so that you are not creating, you’re not only creating
your teacher identity, you’re creating yourself as a person, who you want to be as an adult. – Adulting was throwin’ me off. – Oh was it?
– Yes. (laughs) – You never heard of adulting? – I’ve heard it but
that doesn’t sound too– – You’re like, I’m like, I’m preaching, you like that word adulting though, (laughing)
that’s really it, I’d say.

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