Science Queers Academy – Mujeres científicas – S01E04
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Science Queers Academy – Mujeres científicas – S01E04

[previously] Today the students
are performing a musical talking about scientific topics. It’s going to be ok. – Ok. But they don’t give a shit
about what we do. It’s us doing it. Hold onto the script
if you don’t know your lines. Your body is made of water. You are two thirds of water. Butterflies, snakes, sharks, carnations, fir trees and pines. Zebras, whatnot. Now we are going to talk
about energy and heat. We are going to get undressed.
Reveal your bra. I would define what you’ve done
as viral trash. [they laugh] Wonderful. I’m a fan of Rita. I want
a picture of her like this and I’ll make a T-shirt. The changes of state. Uaaa! Science Queers… Academy! Eh! Hello, teacher. Dear students of Science Queers Academy, today we have a challenge
about female scientists. Like me. [they laugh] Each one of you
will be assigned a scientist and you’ll make a short description of her contribution to science as well as a complement for your look referencing that woman. Got it? – Yes. – Ok. Good luck, girls. Thanks. – Bye. Who did you get? Wait. Let me tell you because
I have it on my phone. [they laugh] Barbara McClintock. Ah, yes. Here is your Barbara. Specialised in cytogenetics. What is cytogenetics? It is the study of the structure, function and behaviour of chromosomes. She studied that in maize. She went crazy and said
‘I’m going to study’. Like the theory about peas of that man. Her name is very ‘Downton Abbey’. She’s Elizabeth Blackwell, an English woman who went to America to become the first female doctress. Doctor? Doctress. America? America! [they laugh] They didn’t want to accept her in schools because she was a woman. She was told, for example, to better work on bullshit, like homeopathy. Mine is German. German. A botanist. A botanist. And she discovered lots of other…
like creatures. Such as, wait, such as the Nortonia wasp. Do you think I should wear a…? Any wasp dress is always a yes. I got only green stuff,
I was going to wear all green with… like, you know? Like green. Who did you get? Pff. That’s a difficult name. Chin-Chien, Chien-Shiung Wu. That’s racist. [they laugh] I can, I’m Chinese. They called her the Chinese Marie Curie. Because she was, I don’t know. I have no fucking idea. Have you read that? I’ve read it several times.
[they laugh] In what field of science was she? Nuclear radioactivity. Really? Like Marie Curie. She helped some colleagues,
male scientists, to win the Nobel. And did she? No, not her. Because she was a woman and Chinese. Of course, double oppression. The first woman who made a great important contribution
to science. A great important contribution.
[they laugh] It sounded a bit redundant.
[they laugh] She’s from Greece, from Alexandria.
– Ah, ok. Her name’s Hipatia. – Hipatia. There was a wonderful film
about her life. Really? Yes. I didn’t know that. Hipatia was cool, of course, then the Christians came
and took her down. I got Mary Jackson, who was the first female engineer
of colour at NASA. And she said “No. I’m going to set up
two associations to promote the access
of more women to NASA who can progress better than I.” And she was from Virginia. From Virginia? – Yes. Capital city: Maryland. Girl, cultured. Science…
Geography Queens! Because my wife is from Seattle. Desi, I love you. Are you married? – Mhm. Step on the gas, Hasse. So Barbara, miss McClintock, made extremely important contributions
to this field developing her hypothesis about the regulation
of the genetic expression and the transmission of patental characters to the… I said it wrong. [she laughs] There is a film where Janelle Monáe plays her, very modern, as usual. But Mary Jackson was a trad-
a traditional woman. Cut. Several species were named in her honour such as the Nortonia wasp
and the herbia- herbirerium acacia dietre trichi. Damn it! Can I do that again? Herbarium. A German naturalist who spent 10 years collecting specims… Arg! [she laughs] Specimens! Hi. How are you? Hello, my love. Hi. – How’s it going? Estrella, what are you doing? It’s an icecream of 40 flavours. [they laugh] To stuff myself with it. [they laugh] Did you say genetics? Cytogenetics! Oh, ok. Let’s speak properly, teacher. C’mon. Although this might look like a 40-flavours ice cream from Carte- Uh! I can’t name brands. [they laugh] Well, this woman studied cytogenetics, which studies the structure and the shape and the genetics itself
of chromosomes, right? Mhm. [they laugh] Go on, go on. It sounded redundant because I, I picked it up from Arianne, I like stressing it. So she based all her research
on maize plants. Why? She’s dead. We can’t ask her. [they laugh] And I’ve put the purple ones in here
shaped as a chromosome. – Ah. I must say, I say it to the camera, Rita Lynn told me that it clearly
looks like chromosome 21. Bigotex is here. Look, Bigotex is here.
– Here I am. What have I missed? What did you bring? What have you planned? Me? My scientist. Eh… wait. What did your scientist do? Collector of… plants… animals… insects… I had no idea how to do my scientist. Oh, god. I have this. But I’m also
adding flowers to this. You know? I’m going to mix them,
I’ll put it in here. And, you know, a fish
and I don’t know yet if… Ok then. – Semi-scientist. You need to know because
they are way ahead. Yes. And this has to be ready for the runway. Arianne, what are you doing? Cardcaptor Sakura. Sure, always. I’m making a sun hat shaped as a gay astrolabe. Aha. It’s like a normal astrolabe but with lashes and eyes and lips because it’s an astrolabe
[in Spanish ‘astrolip’]. Thank you. Good luck. Keep working. See you. Thank you for giving us
this very easy task [they laugh] What do you make of Arianne? Grande or the other one? The other one. What other one? The one in the show. Ah. Your classmate. You know? The one who can sing.
[they laugh] “Sing”. Well, she studied musical theatre,
no big deal… Hi, girls. Hello. – What’s up? How are you doing? Fine. What are you sewing? I’m sewing an extension to my dress. My inspiration, since she worked
on the atomic bomb in the Manhattan Project, comes from the colours of explosions. Rita, what’s this? Well, it’s a rocket that’s going to become
Mary Jackson’s purse. How are you going to turn
this rocket into a purse? Well, I have a base here, that’s called purse. [they laugh] And you’re going to attach it. This goes inside. Ah… It’s a purse cover. – Spoiler! Ah! Well, your surprise expression tells me you didn’t measure things accurately. We’ll see. Sure, sure. You’ll somehow manage. I’ll try. Saphira, what are you cutting? Antimatter because I have literally nothing. Ah. Who’s your character? Elizabeth Blackwell, who was a doctor. A doctor in the 19th century. They didn’t have much or they used
torture instruments. Since she had a little incident
with her eye because of some genital spurt, I thought of going on those lines, but it seemed a bit out of taste. Therefore I’m doing a medical instrument. Medic. Fine. Perfect. Choices. [they laugh] It will be, I don’t know yet
if it will be a hair complement or a dress complement. Ok. I’ll leave you to it. Bye. Good luck. – See you. [kisses] [she sighs] I hate the purse. Do you want a smaller purse?
I have some. [they laugh] A pochette. [they laugh] And also in front of the camera.
[they laugh] Science Queers… Academy! My fellow science queers, in today’s episode, the students
of the academy are going to talk about female scientists and they’ve made a complement
to honour them. Again, here’s with me Putella Deville. How are you? [applause] I’m great. I’m showing my natural talents from birth. Great. Welcome. And Vicente. How are you? [applause] Wonderfully. I love being here
with you again. Thank you. Let’s move on to the runway. Well, hello, everyone. I’m Elizabeth Blackwell and I’m the first female American doctor. Well, I’m actually British,
but shhh, I sneaked in. I’ve dedicated my career to educate women to become nurses and improve their hygiene. Dirty, dirty ladies. So dirty that I lost one eye because of a purulent pussy
that spurted in my eye. Really disgusting. Hashtag purulent pussy. Hashtag purulent pussy. That’s also a T-shirt. Mary Jackson was the first
female black engineer at NASA. There’s a film where
Janelle Monáe plays her, very modern, as usual. But Mary Jackson was a traditional woman. Hence this look as an old lady
from Albacete. [they laugh] She fought to influence on the promotion and hiring
of women at NASA. Chien-Shiung Wu was an American physicist
born in China. She was an expert on radioactivity. She was part of the Manhattan Project developing the atomic bomb
enriching uranium. That granted the Nobel
to two male colleagues of her, but not her. Her experiment contradicted the hypothesis
of the conservation of parity. What she got was the physics award
of the 1st edition of the Wolf Prizes. My shoulder pads where falling off
because they were not sewn. Barbara McClintock was an American scientist specialised in cytogenetics who was awarded
the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1983. Genetics. Chromosome.
– What’s cytogenetics? It studies the structure, function
and behaviour of chromosomes. So Barbara, miss McClintock,
made extremely important contributions with her hypothesis about the regulation
of the genetic expression and the transmission of parental characters to the progeny in maize plants.
[they laugh] Konkordie Amalie Dietrich
was a German naturalist who spent 10 years collecting
botanical specimens and animals for the Hamburg museum. As a collerctor she found many new species. Several species were named in her honour, such as the Nortonia wasp and the herbarium Acacia dietrichiana. Bigotex is a weird creature. He’s a mysterious creature. There was a woman in Alexandria
whose name was Hipatia. It’s me, the first woman
who did something for maths. And by something I mean wolderful works about algebra and geometry. I mean, I’m fucking clever. Hah! I even took the crappy astrolabes we had and improved them. Niaaas.
See how beautiful. I was so radical with my works that a gang of Christians
got me and killed me. What a mood killer, dude. [they laugh] [applause] Well, girls. Great presentations of the female scientists. First, Saphira. What’s the element of your scientist? Yes. I’m not very crafty… I’ve made and stethoscope. Ah, ok. I see it, I see it. I forgot to show it to the camera.
[they laugh] Earrings with the medical cross and I also wear purple for feminism. Very well. Rita Lynn. It might look like her boobs are falling. You can see like two… [they laugh] Any comments on Rita? I must say it looked like a fish to me. It was difficult to get into character. But I did enjoy how you presented
the character. Thanks, Rita. – Thanks. Inma. What’s up? A bit of a chaos. Because she was in the Manhattan Project,
with the atomic bomb. This is the atomic bomb. [they laugh] Literally. Is it the creation, the molecules
or the aftermath? [they laugh] Very well. Original. Estrella Xtravaganza. She took one step and you’re laughing.
[they laugh] Look at her face. For whoever has heard
all the words you said at the speed of light. Well done. It was really funny. I got it from Wikipedia. [they laugh] Those things shouldn’t be said.
Those things lower your mark. I made popcorn with the maize.
[they laugh] That was the point of eating them,
but it didn’t translate. [they laugh] Simply, thank you because every time you come on stage it’s wonderful. Thanks. Thank you, Estrella. Bigotex. How are you? [they laugh] I don’t know if you’re a scientist or a stalker in an alley. [they laugh] A dark alley. I get distracted. I can’t stop looking at the fish hanging from his nipples.
[they laugh] Trend alert! It might not be as high fashion
as other proposals. My eyes won’t move away
from the scientist’s element. So, the objective’s been achieved. However, the choice is questionable. [they laugh] I tried my best. Thank you, Bigotex. And last, Arianne with her astrolabe. A question because I’m stupid.
What’s an astrolabe? What’s an astrolabe? An astrolabe is used to measure the distance
between Earth and the stars. Ah. And it’s called astrolabe?
[they laugh] That was the joke. It’s not called astromeasurer
or distanceometer. No. Astrolabe. It’s not an astral lip. [they laugh] How do you like it? I think the astrolabe is wonderful. Completely. I couldn’t help looking at it.
In fact… Ha, ha! Which lips were you looking at?
[they laugh] What I liked about you was the moment when you said… I don’t know how you said it. Ah, it’s Greece. I liked
the way you started “We’re in Greece, Hipatia” and I saw it immediately. Ah, it’s a robe, I mean. Thank you, girl. Now is time for the professor board. [applause] Camera, get Estrella’s foot. Like this all day. It shows support to feminism. Me too. I’m against heels. Because what do heels do? They hipersexualise women.
– True But we love them. True. Because the cover fell off.
– I don’t wear them much. And I’m twisting my ankle all the time. Like. I had an eye patch and forgot to wear it. Stupid me. It had an S in diamonds. Girl. When I put my wig on I said oops. And I oop! – Exactly. Purulent pussy. That could become a song. Purulent pussy, purulent cunt.
Purulent pussy, purulent cunt. Do you have favourite
or less favourite ones? Yes. I have two clear favourite girls. They are Estrella and Ari. Yes. They sold for completely different reasons. Ari sold high fashion.
She was superfashionista with this element that was brutal! Very elaborated. And then Estrella with her charisma, but then the maize, which actually,
strictly speaking was not part of the outfit.
She held it in her hand. She was holding a ear of maize. Well, true. [they laugh] Maybe the worst, Saphira. I don’t know. But what I liked about Saphira is that her description was theatrical. Yes. Bigotex and Inma were more descriptive,
less entertaining. Me… if I had to choose a bottom 1, I’d say Inma. Although I wrote down that
she was one of the first who seemed more educational,
with more interesting information. I don’t know. The chaos was a bit too chaotic. Maybe it was not really clear
what the complement was. Yes, right. The atomic bomb. It looked… Yes, when she explains it, it’s ok.
But it was very subtle. Saphira too and we asked her
and then ah, I see it. But with her it was ah…
[they laugh] I see it… Saphira, at least added some flair to it. Yes, yes. In the description. Yes. Ok. – Very well. Welcome again, students. The nerds of today’s runway… Another plot twist. Double win.
[they laugh] The nerds of today’s runway,
because of their grace and the complexity
of their complement, are Arianne Coral Auuu! [applause] and Estrella Xtravaganza. Auuu! Popcorn! [applause] A special mention to Saphira and Rita. Auuu! Bravo! [applause] And now comes the plot twist. Not another one, please. There’s still a class before graduation. But for some of you,
those extra points wouldn’t affect your final mark bcause they don’t make
a big enough difference. Without revealing if you have
a high or low mark, the four students who will pass on to the next class are Rita Lynn, [applause] Inmaculada, [applause] Estrella Xtravaganza [applause] and Arianne. Is this good or bad? Bigotex and Saphira, your mark,
good or bad, is already set for the graduation. Ta-ta-ta-tchan… – Holy Moly. A German naturalist. Excuse me? You put me at the level of Bigotex? Bigotex? Science Queers… Academy! [next time] They have put
a scientist in drag and are going to tell us about their job. I was studying a rare children’s disease. Two processes. On one hand there’s autophagy,
on the other, mitophagy. So you already mentioned it. How come Lana invited you? Eh… because we’ve known each other
for many years. It has nothing to do with science. Different studies have already described the implication of cholesterol in Alzheimer’s. I’m preparing the eyelashes. Uh, fake lashes? – Yes. What do you imagine you look like? Ah… I don’t know if I should.
– He doesn’t want to. I don’t know if I want to imagine it. [Subtitled by Lana Vuli]

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