School vs Homeschool: Which Student Does Better?
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School vs Homeschool: Which Student Does Better?

What to do? You don’t have the cash to send your child
to private school, where most kids seem to do very well in terms of academic performance,
and benefit from the sometimes-lucrative relationships made there. Then again, the local public school in your
neighborhood doesn’t feel up to snuff; the class sizes are too big, and it doesn’t
have a great reputation. So, who’s to say your child won’t benefit
from your own knowledge, that you secretly consider to be superior to the average teacher’s. But you worry: not giving your child the opportunity
to socialize with other kids might take away an important part of growing up? Is homeschool worth it? That’s what we’ll find out, in this episode
of the Infographics Show, Traditional School vs Homeschool. First of all, let’s take a look at some
statistics. According to the National Home Education Research
Institute, and indeed any source you look at on the subject, homeschooling – at least
in the USA – is becoming more and more popular. In the USA alone, there were 2.3 million home-educated
students in 2015, which was up from 2 million in 2010. NHERI tells us the increase over the last
several years has been anywhere from 2 to 8 percent per year. This increase isn’t just happening in the
U.S., but also in the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Russia,
and Kenya. Indeed, we checked out a Kenyan newspaper
article on the benefits of homeschooling. It was very positive about taking this educational
route. One professor in Kenya was quoted as saying,
“Home-schooling focuses on learning and mastering concepts, not scoring good grades.” One mother who was homeschooling her kid said
that the system, “limits ability and potential because it is geared towards passing exams.” Many homeschool advocates will insist that
traditional schooling doesn’t always roundly educate, but rather teaches
students only to do well on tests. Are we teaching kids to become cogs in machines? To be good workers, but lacking in curiosity
and critical acumen? This is a far cry from how famed American
philosopher John Dewey saw the best kind of education, which he believed was not just
remembering things, but reflecting on them. He once said, “Give the pupils something
to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking;
learning naturally results.” In the UK, it’s well-known that there is
a teacher hiring crisis. Teachers are leaving in droves, and according
to The Guardian in 2017, around half of teachers are thinking about leaving. This is mostly due to an intense workload
based on constant tracking of students, never-ending tests, and all the extra work that is not
really about what happens in the classroom, but centered around passing exams. Teachers themselves are said to be suffering
from fatigue and mental illness, while it was widely reported in 2018 that UK students
were suffering from anxiety and depression due to recent exams. So, with all that workload and anxiety, are
traditionally schooled students any more educated than homeschooled students? We looked at SAT results for kids in 2014. Take a look at the following numbers: Critical Reading Score Traditional School:
492 Homeschool: 535 Mathematics Score Traditional School: 501
Homeschool: 580 Writing Score Traditional School: 478 Homeschool:
542 Home schooled students scored better in all
3 categories. NHERI tells us, “The home-educated typically
score 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school students on standardized academic achievement
tests.” It added, “A 2015 study found Black homeschool
students to be scoring 23 to 42 percentile points above Black public-school students.” Often, homeschooled students are in the 80th
percentile, while public school kids are in the 50th percentile. Just about any resource you read will cite
statistics telling you homeschooled kids do very well. You’ll hear things like: “Stanford University
accepted 26% of the 35 homeschoolers who applied–nearly double its overall acceptance rate.” Such quotes of course aren’t representative;
with such a small testing group, there is a high standard deviation which means it isn’t
reliable, but it is, however, interesting. Why are they doing so well? The main reason is, all the attention is on
one child, or at most, a few children. But the parent can focus on that child’s
weaknesses. If the parent knows what he/she is doing,
the kid will more easily get through difficulties they face. Education becomes made to order. There are no class clowns and exterior attractions
getting in the way of study. The child can spend every day totally focused
on the subjects at hand. Parents can also inculcate, and ensure the
importance of self-study, reading books, and being curious. It’s not as if the child has many escape
routes or can proffer those ‘dog ate my homework’ excuses. Another thing other than creating your own
course based on your child’s needs is knowing how best your child learns. There are lots of pedagogical approaches and
we all respond differently to them. A teacher in high school has one approach
for the entire class, which of course is not his or her fault. But that approach might not work for your
kid. There are other benefits, too. Taxpayers in the U.S. pay around $12,000 per
year for every pupil that goes through public school (though the cost differs dramatically
per state). You save the people money by home-schooling. The average cost of homeschooling is said
to be somewhere between $500-$2000 for books and materials. And if you were thinking about private school
– the costs can be oppressive – think of all the money you could save! What else do the people say that promote homeschooling? They tell us the parent-child bond will grow
stronger. On top of that, some schools are not full
of little angels,as we know. At home, it’s unlikely your child will be
skipping classes to smoke weed behind the basketball courts. It’s unlikely they’ll face bullying or
get into fights, within the confines of their own home. They won’t experience racism or prejudice;
they won’t have to undergo the stresses of being popular, all those childish hierarchies
that can be a minefield for young folks. They likely won’t get a bullet in the back
delivered from a quiet kid whose hobby was cutting the wings off trapped birds. They won’t spend a year depressed because
they got dumped by a girl in chemistry class, and they certainly won’t be sneaking to
the bathroom to see if their pregnancy test is positive. Well, they could still get pregnant of course,
but perhaps it’s less likely if they are not surrounded by the opposite sex day after
day in school. The questions is: Is keeping your child away
from these apparent dangers in itself a possible danger to the development of said child? After all, the workplace, the rat race, the
dating game, they can all be minefields, too. Does a child need school in order to learn
how to navigate tricky social and workplace situations? It is the loss of social interaction where
most people say homeschool finds its negative. Not to mention, your child might resent the
hell out of you for taking him or her away from their friends, from pulling them from
the football team, the after school photography group, high school prom, and perhaps even
a first kiss? Will the parent-child bond grow and flourish,
or will being next to each other all day foment some feelings of animosity? Have you ever tried being with someone non-stop? Arguments often happen, only because of the
lack of space. We might also ask if the parent is cut out
to be a teacher. One not only requires knowledge, but also
patience. If there is a lack of patience, unlike at
school, where the teacher is gone when the bell rings, the child is stuck with the target
of their ire. Then again, if you’re a super cool parent
and you’re fit for the job, you might realize when things are getting tough and just say
‘school is over for the day; go out and enjoy yourself!’ Not something that happens in a traditional
school setting. Home schooling offers flexibility. There is of course the negative of homeschooling
costing money in other ways. You must have a fair bit of cash to do it,
as it means one parent can no longer work outside the home. You’ll need some relative comfort to take
this on. If you have that, then you also have to be
the kind of parent who fully understands subjects such as physics, chemistry, calculus, the
industrial revolution, and at the same time be able to decipher some great works of literature
or know how to write a compelling short story. Not all math gurus are creatives, and vice
versa. Can you even teach your kid to swing a baseball
bat? Do you even have time to visit a field and
help your child work out? Do you understand the rules of football and
tennis? can you teach chess strategies, or do you know how search engine optimization
works? Your kids might not study some of these things,
but during the socialization process in school, much can learned from other kids. Basically, you must be damn talented if you
want to homeschool kids, especially when they get older. But the statistics don’t lie, and homeschooled
kids do tend to do better than traditionally schooled kids. So, what do you think? Is homeschool a better way to educate children? Or are homeschooled kids destined to be socially
awkward freaks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called Private School vs Public School – which is better?! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

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100 thoughts on “School vs Homeschool: Which Student Does Better?

  1. I must educate the masses. So many misconceptions about homeschooling.

    “How do you make friends?”
    Same as you. See someone and talk to them.

    “Do you socialize?”
    I’m talking to you, aren’t I? Of course I socialize. I have friends my age that I know in real life that I’ve met through homeschooling. I have friends older than me that mentor me. It’s really beneficial to talk to other people other than children your own age. The blind can’t lead the blind.

    “You must be sheltered…”
    honey, have you seen the trash on the Internet? Do you know the things I’ve encountered in real life and online?

    “Do you have a prom?”
    Too many.

    “Your parents don’t know everything that you need to learn.”
    My parents aren’t the only ones teaching me. I have other teachers too. Some that were strangers before I was their student. Co-ops are wonderful things.

    “You can’t take advance courses.”
    Oh? My friends have graduated high school with an Associates degree.

    I’m getting tired of ignorance

  2. Lol where are the stats on the parents of homeschooled kids. Higher education and generally white middle class Christian families. Families who can afford to have 1 parent stay at home 😂 yea homeschool isn’t the answer for everyone. I love watching vids on mom homeschoolers though I learn a few new tips and tricks I can use in my own classroom. Can we just fix public school? And I am saying this as a special education teacher and adjunct professor

  3. As a homeschool mom, I am SO sick of hearing about how my kids won't be "properly socialized"! Really? Because in the real world we spend the entire day with people who are exactly the same age as we are, right?! Wait… What? We don't?

    Kids don't need to be in a class of 20-30 kids who are all the same age, telling them what to think, who to like, what material thing they must have and how to behave.

    In the real world, we are with people of varying ages throughout the day and "socialize" with them.

  4. Pretty funny stuff. I'm a homeschooler and actually there are distance learning options where your child can go through a guided curriculum online. You don't have to know all those subjects. I don't use such programs but plenty of people love them. Also, there's homeschooling groups/co-ops for socialization. They are diverse and work extremely well.

  5. Homeschool my oldest son, he's doing great and we loved it. Note homeschooling second son and still loving it. Both have such varied interests, but never would have found these interests in public schools. Marine biology, piano, banjo, guitar, farming, rock climbing, writing, videography, travel geography, hiking, backpacking, knife/bow & arrow making…and I'm close friends with both of my sons and am absolutely thankful we homeschool. And what the heck, my boys have lots of friends – go to church, royal rangers, vacation Bible school, your neighborhood! What you don't know you can find on Kahn Academy, Superteacher, Hoffman Academy. Silly to say parent must know everything…

  6. You don't have to be smart or talented to homeschool your kids like this guy is saying. You just have to be able to provide ways for your kids to teach themselves. (Library, internet, thrift store text books, trips to locations they wish to learn more about, interactions with experts, or means to experiment with things they learn.) if you know how to teach yourself something. Then that is all you need to teach your kids.

  7. Socializing is different from social skills, you might socialize at school but all social skills whether homeschooled or public schooled are learned from parents. Example: that one super awkward kid that was awkward right up until graduation. You know the kid im talking about. He went to all 12 years of school and still came out socially backwords. Its because that is the way his parents are, not because he did or didn't attend school.

  8. School system a liberal left Indoctrination center .just watch liberal Hollywood also Push their propaganda in everything…

  9. Homeschooled kids do very well as long as the parents teach what is required, etc. All kids were home schooled in the old days. Do you really think the pioneers sent their kids to school when they lived 10-15 miles from town, where the one room schoolhouse resided? Homeschooled kids get one on one time, with extra learning time! Parents can choose the curriculum, or add on to the current. I would teach creationism, not evolution!

  10. We home schooled and the kids participated in sports with private school, or park teams. in high school gave them the choice, of home school, public school, private school or start Junior college. They each chose varied routes but all did well. They are very well socialized, and we'll rounded. It's not for everybody, and we have no issue with public ed. Just worked for us.

  11. The better performance of homeschoolers could be do to having more involved parents and not necessarily the style in which they are learning. If a parent is homeschooling their children then they obviously put a lot of care into their children's education are are likely more involved in other aspects of life.

  12. I don't believe that. That would completely depend on how educated and responsible the parents are. Also School professionals are trained to look for signs of abuse,if a child doesn't have to show up for school how do we know that the parents do not have their child chained in the basement? We don't.

  13. I'm homeschooled, and there seems to be alot of things people don't understand…. I go to co-op, and I meet people my age 2 or 3 times a week (Plus, it's not even small. There are 500 students there). I might not be getting pregnant, sneaking out, snorting drugs, etc, but does that mean i'm sheltered? No. Some people just don't. I don't even fit in the religious category of homeschoolers (Nothing is wrong with religion, don't get me wrong). It's just that, when people think of homeschoolers they think
    "No access to peers other than their siblings", "They learn only from their parents", "They are alone all day", "They don't know certain trends", "They are distant". And I don't think it's true… I'm gonna be honest, i'm not outgoing, or talkative, but that's just my personality.. and it's not because i'm homeschooled. I KNOW homeschoolers who are though, I know MANY. I know lots of people my age from going to co-op. And I only have stepped into a school like.. I don't know? Very few times. I even know people who are quiet and seem sheltered and they go to school. People often ask me, "Why are you homeschooled?", it's because I'm used to it by now. I've been in it since 1st grade. It's just annoying when people assume things about us, and I just wanted to make it clear. If anyone has any questions, feel free to reply to me <3 , Thank you for reading <3 <3 <3

  14. This is misleading. There are all forms of homeschooling. This makes it sound like there’s one way only.

  15. If you do Tech Trep you can get reimbursed for supplies, at the moment it's $1,700 per child. There's minimal testing, and online classes, if you'd rather do those. Far from being an expert, just a parent who loves their child, and wants them to do well is great. Beyond that, the second and third most important skills (to me) are organization, and discipline 😊 You can join homeschool groups, and co-ops, and online classes etc… it's fab 😊

  16. I spent kindergarten thru 8th grade at a normal school, and switched to homeschool in high school. I like it better but it really depends on the student and the circumstances

  17. I would say Home Schooling is best. It will prepare them better for highschool and even better for a college.

  18. I homeschool my kids and we are part of a homeschool group, we attend church , go on field trips, play sports and my kids have friends outside of homeschool.

  19. We homeschooled for pre-K and kindergarten. My daughter went to public school for 1st and half of second grade. Her peers are not reading on grade level, don’t know how to read an analog clock, or even count money. Our daughter was used as a teacher’s assistant. She was teaching kids how to read or explaining the concept of nouns, adjectives, etc… As she was uplifting her classmates. The school wasn’t uplifting her in anyway. If you want your child to really learn Homeschooling is the way to go.

  20. I was homeschooled from the 5th grade to the 8th grade due to the terrible standards ofpublic schools in the area i lived in. I do remember at the time being annoyed and upset about just being taught by my mom and dad and felt like i wasnt normal.

    It wasnt until i got to high school where our english teacher asked us to write a five page paper and everyone was freaking out about it except for me and i had gotten it done and submitted in less then halfway before the deadline came up that i understood exactly why my parents choose that for me and i couldnt have been more thankful.

    I hada repeat of that situation when i started my freshman year of college. I remember my roomate at the time literally panicking over writing less then a three page double spaced paper and was astounded when i churned up a finished product just a few hours after the assignment was given to us.

    This was not the only benefit but rather one of many.

  21. Homeschooling parents don't have to know everything or be experts in all those areas. They do have to access the resources and others with expertise, be willing to guide their children's educational process and learn alongside their kids. Coops, online programs, community colleges and tutoring when needed are all options a homeschooling parent has in their toolbox when designing the educational experience for their kids. With regards to the whole socializing question, there are so many places apart from a school setting that kids can develop relationships; community clubs such as scouting, gaming or book clubs, sports, youth groups, and even (gasp!) having people over to your home regularly! The home used to be a friendly, hospitable place rather than a fortress to keep the world out. Our family has recaptured that giving our kids many opportunities to connect with others right in our home.

  22. I've been homeschooled my entire life, and I just wanted to say that there are many different homeschool groups that kids can be a part of. These groups can do things like go on field trips, have extra classes together, etc

    also online friends are a thing too

  23. I know you can be a successful/great person if u were homeschooled, but personally all the homeschoolers I’ve met are kind of socially awkward and don’t understand social values.

  24. I hate my school
    But its not for the boredom the reason I hate my school because its fun which sounds weird to most people but my class cant go far at all our grades would be all horrible people are supposed to learn Squared in grade 2-4 and Square Roots in 3-4 Im pretty sure but those are basics and they are very easy but we havent learned them in my class which is WAY older than that but yeah I have taught myself them it was actually just today but I learned the basics which is sad because I need harder math to do I also dont know how to do mathematical symbols ik the ones that are obvious -+=<> but idk how to do the Square Roots symbol I usually just do a slash sign anyways I have learned basics up to 81 and also dont know how to do the Square sign so yeah the most I know is 81 so sad
    812 (thats the squared thingy) =6561 im pretty sure but equal numbers are easier for me and 5 cause thats really easy

  25. You don't have to be a teacher to teach your child there are lots of resources online and if you find some other homschoolers yoy share things if you dont have a facebook get one there are lots of things to learn there

  26. Ok but your parents don’t have to teach you, maybe when you’re little, but as you get older you can teach yourself or do it online
    So really, a parent doesn’t have to be all-knowing in every subject in all of existence

  27. This video was interesting, and you mentioned a lot of benefits of homeschooling that I agree with 100%.But there is one thing you may have missed here. Being in public school is not the only way to make friends and just because you sit next to someone everyday does not mean that you are friends.
    Homeschooled kids are not socially awkward, this is a common misconception. Most homeschools have co-ops, these are meetups that give students a chance to get to know other kids their age. Online schools have clubs, I’m in an online school and was apart of the yearbook club this year. Online schools also have field trips, perfect opportunities to learn and meet other kids. Parents can also sign their kids up for team sports, another perfect opportunity to make friends. Also homeschooling is not expensive, if your in online school like me your school will send you a computer and textbooks, completely free.
    Parents do not need to be experts or awesome at algebra. This year I took algebra I and to be honest, my parents are not awesome at math, but I actually have teachers so i reached out to my algebra teacher for help. As a homeschooler there are so many other tools you can use to help you learn. I’m sure we all know about Khan Academy, it is a free website that has helpful math videos and includes practice. There are other websites I have used to help me with math that were actually cheap.
    In conclusion, you cannot put people in a box. Being homeschooled doesn’t make you socially awkward or shy.
    People ask me how I make friends, but really it’s simple… I make friends by going outside and talking to people like everyone else…
    By the end of the day though, we all learn differently. Homeschooling works for me but it may not work for you.

  28. My right wing view is that the homeschool community is corrupt and lucrative and bias. CNN endorses homeschool

  29. You don’t have to know as much as a teacher to homeschool your children. Almost all homeschool parents follow a bought curriculum, so knowing everything about every school subject is not a problem at all.

  30. I am just watching this video because i need to do an essay about homeschooling 😂

  31. I love homeschool cause I can choose courses so I have more freedom and can get a sense of what I want and I can have no bullying and have my parents there a d you can have much more flexabilliy and I can even study at the library or in the car and even if you are sick! They have much more flexabilliy so ya you can't meet friends in school, but I get tons of friends THRUE scouts and my phisical sport is swimming and you can eat stuff like soup and stuff at home and there is much more fun and I still love school.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁☺ Take that public schoolers

  32. There is only one thing I hate about homeschool that is say I was done school at one (whitch happens) I go outside and boom! I get looks. It is odd but I don't care.

  33. For parents considering homeschooling, emphasize mathematics and reading comprehension above all else. Your kids will thank you for it later.

  34. There's these things called the internet and the library. Parents don't need to know everything!

  35. this is why i want to be homeschooled. When i went to a public school in 3rd grade i was the only kid without any friends both in my class and my afterschool class. I was alone and just wanted to have fun. Guess what,i cant because nobody wanted me to join in. So parents,stop relying on school to teach ur kid and teach them urself.

  36. He's wrong saying that you have to be a parent scholar – there are so many online taught and teacher-parent collaborations through various school boards.

  37. "You must have a fair bit of cash to [homeschool] as it means one parent can no longer work outside the home."
    Check the regulations in your State. Nothing in Hawaii Revised Statutes requires that homeschooling parents provide instruction between 0800 and 1430; you can legally extend daycare to age 18 and provide instruction in the evening. If you and five other families hire a 24 year-old Physiology grad to take six kids into her home, who will complain if she helps her clients with their studies?

  38. I don’t think you spoke to any actual home schoolers before making this video. Home schooled children have much better opportunities for socialisation. This is such a common misconception!
    You also don’t have to know all of those subjects to be able to teach your kids. You can outsource teaching and hire tutors or take online school if there is some subject you struggle with, but mostly you can learn alongside your child. The most important thing is teaching your child the skills to find and instant information for themselves, so they can become self motivated learners, rather than being spoonfed.

  39. I'm getting homeschooled you might say you want to get homeschooled but when you find out your about to get homeschooled you dread it I think I'll get bored and I will go crazy with all my 7 siblings I'm scared but I have no choice the rest of my childhood education we be spent on a desk and laptop surrounded by annoying brats all day 😩 not to mention all the friends I'm forced to leave behind my family has almost no time to meet with other friends in real life just thinking of this future kinda scares me☹

  40. Ugh. I'm homeschooled. I never get to leave the house or socialize, other than the internet. I really want to go to public school and make friends, but if I do I might regret it and want to go back to homeschooling because I'm shy. What should I do?

  41. I’m being social bullied in my high school and I can’t deal with it anymore, I’m desperate to homeschool but my parents don’t approve of it. I’m not getting enough sleep and I’m not concentrated on my school work, what should I do?

  42. i am about to be home schooled for high school but it's only because of how kids are now a days with the drama and social media

  43. Am I The Only 1 to Notice?
    I'm reading through the comments to find if I'm the only 1 to notice from 1:44–2:00
    a line was repeated twice only to change the difference between "Test" and "Exams"

    1:44 – Many home school advocates will insist tat traditional schooling doesn't always roundly educate, but rather teaches students only to pass exams.
    1:51 – Many home school advocates will insist tat traditional schooling doesn't always roundly educate, but rather teaches students only to do well on tests.

  44. Trick is to Homeschool but find a hobby that involves you meeting people. Take me for example, I Homeschool as well as taking MMA classes. You'll get sufficient social skills trust me.

  45. i was bullied all throughout public school and i begged to be homeschooled. my mom said no because “i need socialization”

    if i ever have kids, they’re going to public school because i had to as well

  46. I'm homeschooled and people always ask me at the grocery store if school is off today. 😹🙌 Then my Dad says that I'm homeschooled, because he doesn't want anyone thinking I'm playing hooky 😹🤣

  47. If you read this please help by commenting your views on homeschooling I'm going into high school and my father dosent want me to be homeschool and dosent state any reasons why please help

  48. If you are a parent who strives for your child to have "perfect attendance" then homeschool is the best choice!

  49. I do online highschool and do real college classes and lectures which isn't possible in a public highschool where I live. I also am able to complete change my highschool courses to fit my occupation and it has really taught me how to teach myself and learn self control. Homeschooling is definitely not for everyone but I absolutely love it and it helps me so much.

  50. In Homeschool you are able to do lots of different things.

    (1) Learn at your own pace and aren't taught to a test.
    (2) Mix and match many learning materials and learn about things that interest you.
    (3) Sleep in and eat proper meals.
    (4) Love to learn and are able to take breaks.
    (5) For the friends end, you can join sports or homeschool groups. You also get to hang out with adults and that inrichens your social skills.
    (6) HAVE FUN!

  51. In a homeschooling program some friends of mine are in, they are provided with formal dances similar to homecoming and prom throughout high school and they have frequent field trips with other homeschoolers! Aside from that, the parents teach their kids in younger grades and help out the older children if they need any extra understanding while online classes and textbooks help out with the rest. I truly believe that homeschooling is the better alternative to public schools.

  52. I'm homeschooled cause I have bad credit scores and bad grades I'm a senior in high school and junior year I was mainly focused in drawing and not doing school work and I regret everything now and idk if I going to graduate this year.

  53. I want my kid to be homeschooled. I think the socializing thing is bs since in public school if you are the least favorite, people will not be friendly towards you or simply avoid you as much as possible.

  54. Litterally they say we dont socialize in homeschool my school has meet ups and field trips we went to universal
    Its really fun

  55. I’ve been public school all my life, and I actually kind of don’t like it. At the new public school I’m at, I get bullied. I would love to do acting but, my parents are concerned about me missing school. My dad has considered but worries I won’t have a social life. How do I convince him?

  56. My life is giving to my children the best quality of education in a loving environment. There are sources and the support is amazing. I feel division only divides families in the long run. My children deserves care and a mother who is there always. Homeschool to me is the best for any loving family who wants the best for their children.

  57. The main struggle of learning in a public school is the disruptive kids who act like clowns. The kids who eat Cheetos for breakfast. The kids who fight for a pencil or for talking about their mom. 😂😂 you get the point. School would be a place where kids love to go if it didn't have any of the above.

  58. Homeschool is normal school and is traditional school. Until recently, most people were homeschooled or attended a one room school.

  59. When they said if you get homeschooled they can’t really have their first kiss. I’m in school and I haven’t had my first kiss or first boyfriend/crush 😭

  60. Obviously only teaches to pass examines. Also yes, we are taught to be robots because of how much information we are given to take note of and remember.

  61. I'm homeschooling my kid just for 7th&8th grade , because they're just not challenged enough. My kid is pre AP in every class and gifted & talented and it's just to easy for her. So we're going to homeschool so I can keep challenging them and re enroll for public high school . Plus it's just not a safe time to be in school or public right now .


  63. Both parents can still work, even outside of the home. It takes a bit if creativity tti schedule, but it's very doable. And you don't need to be a genius or extremely knowledgeable in every subject. It just takes willingness to learn along side of your child or having then attend co op/classes to learn what you cannot teach. As far as socializing, I know traditional school students that are so socially awkward it's hilarious!

  64. you do know that there is such a thing as online courses, right? Parents can still go to work, you can hire a babysitter to supervise and there is google when you need to ask questions. We are not living in the dark ages! 🙂

  65. I started homeschool last year because I moved from the US to the Philippines. There are private schools and public schools here, but to go to public school, you must be a Filipino citizen because their facilities don’t even come close to the standards of other countries. Also all my friends live in the US. So I’ve been homeschooled for 2 years and have made 0 friends.

  66. As a 13 year old homeschooled child who is doing a GCSE in psychology, geography and classical history this year as well as being part of a youth circus troupe, I personally think homeschooled is better for me.

    There are two extremes in the community, being obsessed with academic work and doing no academic work. Its quite interesting watching the two types clash and watching them in study meets ect…

    Really it depends on the adults, their mindset and how well they organise the week, yes you need structure. Personally I feel like I can think more freely, understand people better as well as speak my own mind, which I'm often told to shut up for anyway.

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