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(energetic synthesized music) – Hey guys, so today we’re gonna show you what’s in our backpacks
for the new school year. – Whoo!
– But we’re gonna do it, switch-up style! So here are our backpacks
and we actually got them in a challenge and I really like mine, mine is pink
– And I got a kitty one. – And I got a normal one? I don’t know. It has a fox on it. A red fox. – Mango. – Mango’s on my backpack.
(both laugh) Well anyway, what are we–
(Evelyn drowned out by Emily) How are we’re gonna do
this is we will take turns, we will do rock, paper, scissors and whoever wins will first
peek into the backpack to see if there’s a
good item or a bad item, then the other person will
decide which one they want. So it’s gonna be very interesting. – Keep or Switch. The bad items aren’t necessarily bad, they’re just not as
fun as the other stuff. – Yeah, so that’s why we
wanna get the good items, also don’t forget to subscribe. – And hit that
ringa-dinga-dinga-dinga-doo-doo. – So you can be a part of the– – [both] E squad! – Now let’s start this
challenge but first… – Rock, paper, scissors. – Yeah rock, paper, scissors. Okay. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – Yes! – She is gonna be peeking first and I have to guess which
one is the good item. (exclaims) (whoosh) Round one, and Evelyn is gonna be peeking into her cat backpack but
since I can’t peek I have to go and stand over here, without looking. – Okay. I’m watching you. (bag unzips) (ding) (clanks)
(groans) (bag zips) Okay, you can look. (giggles) – Whoo, okay then. That was
a bit alarming, but okay. (Evelyn exclaims) So can you give me any hints? No? I’m gonna go for this one. – Are you sure? – Yeah. I’m gonna go for it
even more ’cause you… Can I have this? – No! It’s my backpack. (both laughing)
– No, I picked this one. Okay now I know what to– – Ha! – What? – You switched! Now you
just got the bad one! – Really, maybe this
was a trick all along. No it wasn’t! I got Pusheen! (dings)
(Evelyn wails) I got Pusheen! – Mango! – Maybe Mango likes Pusheen,
that’s why she barks, also Mango’s not the smartest. – Is it a car water bottle
like you got last time? It’s the boys car water bottle. – Oh yes. (laughs) So this is my water bottle. – It’s smart water,
that ones just Pusheen, but this is smart water for school. (laughs) – It doesn’t make you any smarter. – It does. – No it doesn’t. (Evelyn laughs) It’ll just make you hydrated, that’s all. – But mine has water inside. – But mine is cuter. (whoosh) Okay now it’s round 2
and I am winning so far and I’m also gonna peek
this round so Evelyn… You know where to go. – Foot. – Foot, that’s cool. Let’s see here.
(Evelyn singing gibberish) (unzips bag) You’ll see her looking. (buzzer) (Evelyn screams) (both laughs) Okay. – This one. – Okay. – Or… Do I? – You do, I don’t know. – I’m gonna keep. – Fine then. – Yay. – No. – Okay then. – Yes. (Emily screams) – Yay! (screams)
(dings) Wow! Whoa! – Wait I know what I can do with this. Backfires on you Emily! I can get paper and then put it over. – Yeah, then it will rip off. I have one that’s sparkly
and watery. Look how cool. – Well, I think I have
really strong paper. – Sure.
– Strong! – Okay and then…
– Okay and then… – What’s in my backpack. – Whoa, I got Prismacolor. Look at the colors inside. – Wait, what I wanna see. – You’re jealous. Jelly-belly! – I got these little ones. Well at least they’re
little. I got two of each. (pencils clank on table) – Well, I got cuter erasers then you. Look, I have a cupcake, and a burger, and a monkey, and a penguin. The penguin is my
favorite. I have a koala– – * open it. – What are you doing with my backpack. (Evelyn exclaims) – I just got normal erasers. Well at least they won’t fall apart. – What? – Yeah, they can fall apart
like you can take them apart. – Well I can put them back together. – Well you can lose a piece. – I don’t know.
(Evelyn exclaims) – Well these are cuter then yours! – At least mines are up and up so they keep on going
up and up and up and up. – No they won’t. Two points for me I’m doing real good. (whoosh) Round three, and it’s my turn to look away and also if hear some eating
going on that’s her dog. – That’s mango. – Mango. – He acts like a cat. – Yeah.
(giggles) – Whee.
(bag unzips) (dings) (groans) (exclaims) – What? – Ew. Oh, it’s so cool. – You were just saying ew and
now you’re saying it’s cool? – No. – What? – Well it actually is cool. – Will you just call me? Can I look? – Yeah. Okay I already know I’m
picking my backpack. She basically just gave it away. – Oh, just do your worse. – Okay, I will. (bag unzips)
– Yes! – Oh. – Look at what I got! The kitty! And we just said
that Mango acts like a cat! – Let’s see what I got then. Probably gonna be a paper bag. Oh. (buzzer) Kind of was but…
– Kitty, kitty, kitty. Well let’s see what these are
and how I’m gonna open this. (pouch unzips)
– Open it with a zipper. Well this is a nice pencil
pouch, don’t ‘cha think? – Well mine has… – A key. – A key! I’ve got one point. Yay kitty. – Okay missy, look away.
It’s my turn to peek. Okay. I don’t see her peeking. (Evelyn exclaims) (laughs) (bag unzips) (dings)
(mumbles) Like or not? No I said… (groans) Okay, anyway. Pick which one you want, it’s probably gonna be this one. – Everybody knows that
I’m switching. Wait. – Why would you do that? – No. – Okay then. (laughs) (bags unzip) (buzzer)
(Evelyn screams) (laughs) Yay! – Wait, does she have three points? – Look! (laughs) I won! And look, find zen zebra! – These aren’t even for paper! – You fell for the trick again. Well anyway I got MildLiner,
blush, pen, and marker in one. Well it says it on the back here, along with the find zen in your pen. Okay. – And I got dry erase markers. Guess my teachers gonna have to give me those dry erase boards, like those little ones instead of paper. (Emily laughs) – Okay the, well I’m happy
because I got good colors. Look how pretty they are.
– Pretty. (whoosh) – Next round and I’m going to get a point. – No I am. – Well I’m gonna get the cooler item. – Look away! – Eyes… – Oh. – Next prize with Emily. (Evelyn laughs) (buzzer) (groans) (bag zips) – Look. Looksies! – You didn’t give me any hint so… – This doesn’t have something good. – What? – This doesn’t have something good inside. – Liar, pants on fire. Her pants are on– – Yes! – I think I got the good one. Bananya Cat! I have the
good one. Bananya Cat! (dings) Nany Cay. I got Banany Cat. – Wow, whoa, I got Smartly 50 bags, large. Lunch bags, central solution *. Well just saying I think I got a better one ’cause I got 50 large bags and you got one medium lunchbox. Well this can hold… Well that only 50 days, this one can be a whole
year, a whole school year. (Emily groans) And plus it’s so cute! – Sure. I’m just trying
to make myself feel better about these large brown bags. – You can draw, you could put a sticker. (whoosh) – So now it’s my turn to peek and hopefully I actually get
something good this round, now you know the drill. – The drill. (imitates drill whirring) – No! The actually like… Okay now look, turn around. Now stay there and don’t do your dancing with Evelyn classes. (Evelyn sings gibberish) Okay whatever. Well let’s see what we have
inside this backpack of mine. (bag unzips) (dings) (groans) (giggles) I’m gonna close this backpack before Evelyn sees what’s inside. Hope see picks this one. Oh, now she’s singing some tap song. Okay, Evelyn. (both laughs) Okay now pick! What’s up with you? – Well what up with you? – What? – What? – Okay pick. You can pick mine. (laughs) What? (coughs) Yay! This one? – No wait. – Yay! Can you pick? Okay then! Okay this is the final choice. (bag unzips) Oh. – Oh, Post-Its! (buzzer) – There’s a reason I thought. – Instead of four it’s five. – For some reason I thought
that mine had the bad one but really I have the good one. – Well this one’s better because… – ‘Cause it’s yellow? – Mine is better because instead of four pads, it’s five pads. – Okay well, mine has six pads. One, two, three, four, five, six. (whoosh) – Okay, now it’s the next round and it’s my turn to look away. – Okay eyes. Do this. – I’m doing it. – Do this! – Okay. – Now I will open it. (Emily giggles) (buzzer)
(laughs) (bag zips) No peeky-peek. No
peeky-peeky, no! No peeky. (Emily giggles) (bag unzips) (dings) – No! (Emily giggles) (bag zips)
(phone chimes) Okay you can do it now. – Hmm. Do you want that one? (dings) – Yes! – You’re tricking me. – I got KitKat, ow. (laughs)
(dings) I got KitKat! Can we… I’m eating these right now. (buzzer) I really like KitKats. – I got Slim Jim 100 gram
protein, original smoke, (mumbles)
– Can we have these now? This was supposed to be the snack for the first day of school I think but… I’m sorry you’re not gonna make it, I’m gonna eat all of you, I love KitKats. – Quite disappointed. – So good. (chimes) – Moving on. (whoosh)
– Okay it’s my turn to peek. (Evelyn giggles) Okay then. Let’s see here. (bag unzips) (buzzer) Okay Evelyn, come make your choice. (Evelyn sings gibberish) – Wait, yeah. I’m just gonna keep this one. – Fine then. (Evelyn exclaims) (dings) PaperMate Ink Joy, I
got like a whole rainbow of colors like… And I got mechanical pencils
so maybe you should– – Whoa. (giggles) Look, whoa, I got pencils
and I got a used pen! Cool – These are so cool, I got
like, two rainbows of them. And also I got mechanical
pencils. Mechanical pencils! – And I got orange pencils. – Look at what I got! I got a point! (whoosh) – Next round. Evelyn’s peeking. – So go away. Hands on your eyes. No, do this. No, she’s cheating. – No I’m not. I have to guess the game. – Well guess what I’m doing. – You’re opening the backpack. (bag unzips) (buzzer) No, no! – I didn’t see anything. – You’re scaring me. (bag zips) No! I’m not done this
thing isn’t zipping up. Okay, there. Go looksies. – Okay, any hintsy-hints? – You sure? – Are you sure? – Mm-Hmm. Wait. – Yes! – No! – No! No, No. (bag unzips) I got… (exclaims) (dings) – At least mine’s nice and sturdy! It can last me a year or two. Binder. – There’s a roller skating… I don’t know what’s that’s called, there’s this Chihuahua thing. – Boxer. – Boxer, Boxer. (knocks on binder) – At least mines a very trendy color. It’s gray, it says sturdy D-ring
binder with a view pocket. – I’m winning, yay! Everybody… I’m sure everybody likes dogs, right? (whoosh) – So now it’s my turn to peek and hopefully I win this time. Now look away. – I hope I win. (sings gibberish) – She’ll be… (imitates Evelyn) Close your eyes, Close your eyes. (dings) (bag zips) (sighs) – Okay Evelyn. – Evelyn time! – I’m gonna get the bad
one again, I know that. Fine, Just take the good one. (giggles) Mommy’s not gonna give you any hints. So make your choice. – You’re smiling. – Yeah, because it’s… Just pick! – No, so hard. I think I’m gonna keep. (unzips bag) – Sure, take the good one. Haha, no. It’s not good! (unzips bag) – Well I got… What is this? (buzzer) – I got a fox pouch and inside
a hand sanitizer, lip balm. – Coco butter healing jelly? – Cool and then I got fragrance. – Foot spray? Wait, what
is actually foot spray? – Oh, Shea butter hand cream. We’ll see about this. Won’t come open. – I got Essential Healing Body Lotion. This is meant for baths, and
showers, it’s body lotion. I don’t have dry skin!
And then hand sanitizer. Well at least I have more. – Yeah but I have it cuter. Look at mine, it’s in a squirrel. So this is what I got, it came
in this fox, little pouch, so it’s nice and organized in my backpack. I got a squirrel and
this hand sanitizer is, pumpkin latte marshmallow. – What? – Ah, that smells good,
and it came with a squirrel and then I got some
hand cream, Shea butter. – Shea butter. – And I got some, fragrance mist a rose. And EOS, lip balm. So I think I did pretty good, now let’s put it all into
my cute, little fox pouch. (chuckles) – Let’s look at all this stuff I got… A Ziploc bag, is what it
all came in, hand sanitizer, foot spray which I think was a joke but… (high-pitched laughing) Body lotion, and Vasoline
Coco Butter Healing Jelly. (whoosh) – Now it’s my turn to
look away once again. – I’m winning so far. – No. (bag unzips) (dings) (bag zips) – Okay. – So what’d you think about that one? – [both] Good. – Okay. – Good. It was good. Yes! I got colored Sharpies! (sings) – Highlighter – Highlighter. – Wow! (buzzer) I got four really big Sharpie,
highlighters, one bonus! (whoosh) Okay so this is the last round and it determines if it’s
a tie or if Evelyn wins because Evelyn right now has six points and I have 5 points so
if it’s a tie, then… I mean if I get, If I win this round, it’ll be a tie, so look away. (bag unzips) (Evelyn sings) (buzzer) – Okay. – What’d you think of it? (laughs) What’s you think of it? – Let me pick that one? So I can finally tie with you? Please? ‘kay, yes! – I don’t know. – Yay! It’s gonna be a tie now. Haha, I won! I won! – No! (dings) – My acting skills are so
good! Just kidding they’re not. – Can we have a bonus
round? I wanna see who wins. – No, we’ll both win the prize of… I don’t know, what’s the prize, Mommy? – [Mommy] Awesome school supplies. – Oh, well at least I have
better folders than her. – I got a fancy gray folder
and mine’s shiny so… Yeah. – Well I got two folders, this one… Very pretty, this is my favorite one, and this one has some gold
sparkly accents, cool right? (whoosh) So we got supplies for next year and actually most of them are good, my favorite is probably the water bottle and I also really like the fox. – My favorite is… I think you all know
this but if you don’t… (grunts) Bananya Cat! It’s now my favorite. One, two, three faces. – Okay cool, well– – It’s my favorite. – So this challenge was very fun and also the snacks, I mean mine, there was two of them in here. One’s gone. – Mine… I ate it all so I don’t have a snack for the first day of school. – Oh well anyway, give
this video a thumbs up if you like the school supplies we brought and also don’t forget to watch
more of our videos down here and thanks for watching!
See you next time! – [both] Please subscribe and bye!

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