School Supplies Haul 2014-2015 (8th grade)
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School Supplies Haul 2014-2015 (8th grade)

Hey YouTube! Katelyn here, and today I’m going to show you guys my school supplies for eighth grade Now I know I said I wasn’t gonna post any videos until August, but I just got my school supplies and I just wanted this video to be up already,
so I’m doing it now. and it’s kinda hard to believe there’s
been an entire year since last year’s video and that I’m a eight grader now. That’s just a weird feeling but
I’m gonna go ahead and stop rambling and just get straight to the
haul and start with the like binders and folders and stuff. The
binder that I’m going to be using this year’s the five-sttar hybrid note binder or the Flex binder and um it’s cool because it has like the ringss on the
outside so it’s really flat and that means that you can flip it
completely over so it will lay flat on your desk and take up like half of your desk, so thats really cool and I heard that its super durable like it
lasts the whole school year so i think its definitely worth
like what, nine dollars I paid for it. next I got some
folders there the five-star stay put prong folders which just means that they
have the triangles in the corner and I got one in
blue one in green one in purple and one in white i got seven packs of college ruled paper, four packs of the
Avery brand like write-on tabs for a binder that I’m keeping at home and 100 sheet protectors so that was
all it like the papers stuff so now is just like the random things and this is like a kid is the first year I am
using the scientific calculator and this is the Texas Instruments TI
30 X I S and hopefully they’ll explain in
detail to use this or ill be really confused For pencils i got the PaperMate clear
point ones that everybody says is amazing on YoutTube um I’m not
really sure to me a pencil is a pencil um but some people
are really specific an if these are really great I’ll continue to buy them. I got them in
.5 millimeter lead ’cause that’s what I use and in case I like
loose those or they break or something I got these Bic extra precision ones and they’re really weird I do’t know if you guys can see them but they have green erasers I don’t know if this a good
thing or a bad thing and to go into those I have um backup lead and this is the Pentel kind and if you guys know what the red is for like is it for grading or something? comment down below if you know what it’s for because I don’t like using the erasers a
mechanical pencils that much I got some high polymer erasers by Pentel and these are also talked about on YouTube hopefully they are worth the money because these are kind of expensive for erasers they like really do eraser your paper so I don’t know. I take
their word for it I prefer to take my notes and write essays and stuff in pen and because i have really like fast handwriting I mess up a lot and I just got these um Papermate erasable pens from
Walmart I got the black ones and from target I got the blue ones but i really don’t care what color another pen that I got was this pic four-color pen and it has the purple and blue a pink
and a green and I don’t really even know why I got this because usually just right in black or blue ink and highlight but maybe I’ll right in color or something
I don’t even do it for my agenda so that’s kinda weird so the last two things are just really boring they are these hole reinforcements and these rectangular
labels and the hole reinforcements are really the ones that i was supposed to get because the hole on my paper rips all the time so yeah you just stick the sicker on there and it works so yeah that concludes my back to school supply hauI
hope you guys enjoy comment down below when you start school
and what grade you are going into I’m always curious ’cause we always go back to school on different days and if you guys enjoy then go-ahead
subscribe because I will be posting more back to school related videos for
an entire month August and please give it a thumbs up and those are
really appreciated and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye

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100 thoughts on “School Supplies Haul 2014-2015 (8th grade)

  1. Hi I just stumbled on your video and subscribe I just started with my youtube channel and I was wondering you could check it out and give me a shout out and you subscribe to me please Im begging you I want to get more subs I only have 7 subs hope you look at it xoxo bye

  2. I'm going to the 8th grade on the 18th of August and can't wait to turn up.. it's gonna be my last year you only get to be in the 8th grade once unless you turn up too much .😒😒but like your video btw

  3. I'm going to the 8th grade on the 18th of August and can't wait to turn up.. it's gonna be my last year you only get to be in the 8th grade once unless you turn up too much .😒😒but like your video btw

  4. I going to be a junior in high school (11th grade for those who live in different countries) and I go back August 13 🙂

  5. I'm going back to school in September 2nd and I'm going to be in 8th grade. Kinda nervous because people say 8th grade is really hard.

  6. I got 2 one binder for 2 subjects each and the 2nd semester I get two more and plus don't use the paper kind of folders use plastic lasts longer and I'm going to the 8th grade

  7. I'm going into 8th grade too. I go back on Aug 28th which is weird because I usually start in early September. I barley got any summer Va-K I got out of school on June 24th.

  8. I'm going to 8th grade too. I love your channel. How much was everything and where did you get it? I'm going on August 18.

  9. August 25th, going into sophomore year lolz I literally would rather shoot myself in the neck than return but w/e

  10. I'm going to 8th grade and I switch classes with 4 teachers. We have a certain group of classes called "the junior high". And it's grades 6-8 I usually have 3 teachers but this year I'm going to have 4 teachers due to a big 7th grade class upcoming this year so there's gonna be 2 7th grades. We switch classes as a class so it's hard not to get stared at in my school when your on the line XD. I also start school Thursday September 4. It's coming so quickly ;-;

  11. There is a $10 pencil out there. My mom bought it for me for my birthday and apparently the led never breaks.

  12. i am getting in two 8th grade so i am really cruise to know that those folders are heavy duty or not. thanks

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