School Supplies for SIX KIDS
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School Supplies for SIX KIDS

– [Ruby] Shari, this is your
favorite day of the year. – I know, it’s better than Christmas. – [Ruby] We’re gonna go
back-to-school shopping. (upbeat music) We are only getting school supplies. I want to know where
I can learn that look. That’s not bad. Give it to me. (laughs) I think she gets it from Kevin! (tires screeching) Get in the van. Get goin’, get goin! In case you’re a little
confused by who that girl was, she looks a lot like Abby and Julie, but she is Olivia, their cousin, and she is spending some
time with us this week. And we’re gonna go
back-to-school shopping. Do you smell that? Do you guys smell that? Our van smells like there’s a yogurt cup that’s been sitting in here for days. Shari. (laughs) – I’m gonna go with you, because
dad’s taking a long time. – [Ruby] ‘Kay, get in. – Is there like, a poopy diaper in here? – [Ruby] That’s what I said!
– Mom, it stinks so bad! – [Ruby] It smells like
it’s been in here for days. – I know, what is it? – [Ruby] I don’t know, but it is rancid. Shari, this is your
favorite day of the year. – I know, it’s better
than Christmas, honestly. I was laying asleep last night, I had a hard time falling asleep. And then I woke up at like, 3:30, and was like, it’s almost time! (upbeat electronic music) – [Ruby] Does everyone wanna take this? That might be easier for
each kid to go through. Do you wanna do that? – Wait, do we all grab one? – Olivia and Cody, you can have one too. I’m gonna let you guys pick a
couple things that you want, but I’m not gonna get
all your school supplies, because I want your mom
and dad to have that. – Yeah. – ‘Cause I know they’re
excited to do that for you two. – Should I take a cart for the giveaway? – Yes, we are going to
get you guys a cart too. Do you guys wanna pick something fun? (upbeat electronic music) Oh, Russell! You’re in your pajama shorts. I don’t care. We’re falling behind on laundry. The kids definitely need
some back-to-school clothes. We will be doing a back-to-school
shopping video as well. It’s gonna be definitely something
you’ve never seen before. You’ve never seen back-to-school shopping the way we’re doin’ it this year. Can’t wait! We’re learning over the years things that make life a little easier with back-to-school shopping,
so here’s a tip for you, it will require you not to sleep in, we came as soon as the store opened, it’s like seven in the
morning, but nobody’s here. So I can take my time
with each of the kids. We’ve come in the afternoons before, and these aisles are chuck-full of people, and it gets super stressful. Shari’s so excited. (upbeat electronic music) They’re racing! So all of the kids have backpacks, they are the cutest backpacks
in the entire world. We’re going to be giving
you a backpack too, but we do need to get some lunchboxes. So let’s start with lunchboxes, shall we? Okay, I actually think this is darling. – I like this one. – [Ruby] You like that one? – Yeah. Do you? – [Ruby] It matches your shirt,
I wonder why you like it. – Oh, it does, I didn’t notice that. I like it though.
– [Ruby] That’s cute. Oh, my gosh, we have
the same taste Olivia. That’s the one I picked too. – It’s cute. – [Ruby] It is so cute. – It’s like tie-dye version. – [Ruby] ‘Kay, I’m gonna let you guys pick three things that you want. Julie, I love that one! Is that the one you want? It’s huge! – I know. – [Ruby] Are you even
gonna pack that much food? – I don’t know, probably not. – [Ruby] Oh, heck. Oh, my heck, that’s cute. – What about this one? – [Ruby] Here’s what I
don’t like about these, is you pack your sandwich, and your juice, your yogurt like this, and then you put it in your backpack like this, and
then when you go to open it, everything’s spilled everywhere. You’re old enough, you do what you want, but I think that she’d have a mess. Ooh. So smart. Last year, the lunch accessories, I don’t remember seeing
them by the lunchboxes. That’s a genius idea though. I love the idea of
everyone having a color, so whoever leaves their
stuff out on the counter, I can say, “hey, you’re orange, “you’re the one who didn’t
put your stuff away.” Oh, I love that idea. It’s such a good idea. – So the kids are getting
those little containers, and there’s only four colors, and so I found this that fits
perfectly in my lunchbox, it’s a little bento box,
so it’ll fit perfectly in my lunchbox, so
that’ll go in my bucket. Abby’s wondering the requirements
for the school supplies, and usually every year
they send out a list of what you need to get, but this year, they haven’t sent the list out, so… I would just be smart
and just get basic stuff, like red pens, pencils, maybe
like a couple notebooks? – I’m looking at the
locker stuff right now, and Shari already has
like, one of these thingies that is used to hold pencils. I was looking at what else I
might wanna get for my locker. (upbeat synth music) – [Ruby] Are you just
picking random stuff? – It’s an eraser and a snap bracelet. – [Ruby] It’s an eraser
and a snap bracelet? – Yeah. – [Ruby] And a ruler? My experience is that
these are a waste of money. They’re fun… And you play with them for a week, and then they add to the
clutter under your bed. – We had to look for
these all of last year, the erasable pens. – [Ruby] (gasps) I remember
looking all over for those. – Red and black and blue are
the colors I need for school. – [Ruby] That is awesome,
grab an extra one for Russell. – Okay. – [Ruby] And Julie, grab one of those too, put it in your box. So Russell, are these
right-hand or left-hand? – Right. – [Ruby] Right? You’re a lefty. – Oh, right. – But you can always switch
’em, you can always switch ’em. – [Ruby] Are they switchable? – Yes.
– Yes, look. So I’m a right-hand, and
then if I’m on this side, I’m a left hand, and it works. – [Ruby] Um… – All scissors in the world do that. (record scratching) – [Ruby] Kevin, is that true? – What? – [Ruby] C’mere. Cody’s saying that all
scissors in the world are right and left, that you
just switch it upside-down? Is that true? (quirky music) – I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it though because there’s always a
little hole for the thumb. – Yeah, that’s for the thumb. – [Ruby] I just don’t know. – We should try it. – [Ruby] Well try it with these. Try it. Here, does it work
right-hand or left-hand? Try it. Does it work right-hand or left-hand? – No, no, no. What he’s saying is if you want it to cut with the other hand, you
have to flip it upside-down, and then you can use the left-hand. – No, no, no. No, I’m not saying that. I’m saying you can always… See, look, I’m right-hand. – [Ruby] ‘Kay, that’s your left. Yeah but if you’re cutting… If you’re cutting with your left, then… – [Kevin] It just bends the paper. – [Ruby] I think it just bends the paper. – No. – [Ruby] ‘Cause the top one has to… – Yeah, it does, I’ve tried it. – My brain is starting to bend. Do you guys know the answer to this? It seems like that’s practical, but I swear it doesn’t work that way. How do you know those
are left-hand scissors? – This is my left hand. (laughing) – These are left-hand scissors, why? Because look, my left hand can fit in it. I just… I don’t know if I agree with
that logic, I don’t know. Cody, you are the cutest little boy, but I don’t think it works that way. (upbeat music) I don’t think it works that way, I think it has to say left on it. Olivia has a really good tip, this is where I always
go wrong every year. I was like, what is this for. – They have these pencils,
and they have to use lead to write with, so I got the lead, and so I can just keep
like, the little lead cases. – And see, this is where
I go wrong every year. I get extra lead, and then you know where these lead things end up? Somewhere between the
stove and the fridge, where dust bunnies like
to live, and lead boxes. But if you put ’em in a cute backpack, they might avoid the doom
of the dark fridge hole. It’s a good idea. ‘Kay, Shari’s gone to nuts-o town. – So far we’ve got
highlighters, post-it notes, binders, notebooks, pencils, pouches. We’re doin’ good. Explain to me how an “LOL Surprise” is a back-to-school supply. – I don’t know. – [Ruby] We are only
getting school supplies. I want to know where
I can learn that look. (upbeat music) That’s not bad. Give it to me. Well that looks like, mad. (laughs) I think she gets it from Kevin! ‘Kay, give it to me. Oh, that’s pretty good. Oh, Olivia, I think if you lived with me you’d get just about anything you wanted. How can you say no to that face? – Okay, let’s do all
the various Eve looks. Okay, first of all, there’s the… – [Ruby] No, but this has
to be a little more open, like open and wide on that side. (laughs) Yes! – Sad face. – Yes. There’s the aghast face. – Do angry face. – I kinda think Eve should be an actress, because she has all the faces. Do you know what you’re
doing when you’re doing it? Do you know you’re being manipulative when you’re doing that? You do? (gasps) Okay, that’s super cute. – You said we could
get four things, right? – Three, but if you wanna
push it to four, I’ll say yes. Give me the I-didn’t-get-what-I-want, please-give-it-to-me, okay, Olivia, you can have four items. – No, you need to do puppy dog eyes. – [Ruby] Puppy dog, the puppy dog eyes. Oh, well you keep doin’
that, I might say five. (laughing) – I know where the cutest thing is. – [Ruby] Where? I think you’re the cutest thing. We’re not in the school supplies anymore. (quirky music) A baby horsey, aw. Back to the school supplies, missy. Eve, wrong way, it’s the
other way, turn around. (laughing) The answer’s no. The answer is a big fat no, now go back over to the school supplies. No. (quirky music) Why are you making my life harder? You guys are making this
so much more difficult. – [Olivia] I’m sorry! (quirky music) – [Ruby] You like this? – Yeah. – [Ruby] It helps you with
your feelings and emotions? Do you think that would be helpful to you? Can I look through it? (peaceful guitar music) Maybe this is a good book. Would you like to get it? – Yep. – “Some of the best things in life “are the little everyday
things we take for granted. “What do you want more of in your life?” And that’s like a journal
entry, and you would write… If I get this for you, you
have to actually use it. – I will. – Okay, here’s another one. “Freaking out about something
that hasn’t happened yet.” (laughs) Do you ever do that? You can get it. Who picked up this book? – [Daughter] Olivia, she
traded that for something. – [Ruby] Olivia? – [Daughter] So she’s decided– – [Ruby] So how many
pieces has she gotten now? Oh, six? – Well she was gonna keep this so that she could get
rid of the pencil box. – Wait, why does she get a textbook? – Do we have seven items now? Olivia, when you watch this video, you know that your Aunt Ruby loves you and you can come live with
me anytime you want, okay? Anytime. (laughs) And I will buy you as many school supplies as your heart desires. Kevin, you survivin’ over there? – My favorite day of the year. – [Ruby] You love it, don’t ya? Kevin loves it, yes you do. – I have to admit that that
little dinosaur is cute. – [Ruby] So I’m saying no… – [Kevin] I’m saying yes. – And Kevin wants to say yes. Does that make us terrible, awful parents, ’cause we don’t agree on a dinosaur? – This is one day out of the year, and if it makes her excited
to come, then I’m okay. (sighs) – Everyone grab your basket,
and follow Uncle Kevin, and we’re going to go check out. It means you’re buying. – Oh, I knew I’m useful for something. – No, we love you, but
you’re still buying. – Okay. (upbeat music) – We did it, give me five. You guys, we made it. Thanks for your help, Katie. – [Both] Cake pops, Starbucks,
cake pops, Starbucks! (upbeat music) – Thanks mom. – [Ruby] You’re welcome. – Thank you, thank you mommy! – [Ruby] You’re welcome! – Okay, mystery solved, guys, remember that smell that was really bad? Olivia found what it was. We brought the animals home from their little stay-cation yesterday, and they gave us this spare rat that they hadn’t fed the snake, and they put it in a bag. Dad left it in the car,
didn’t bring it in. So we think that’s what it is. We couldn’t see it because it’s
all wrapped in its plastic, but you could smell it, so I
think we found the culprit. ♪ It’s a new day ♪ (tires screeching) ♪ Can you hear the music ♪

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