School of Rock – The Stage is the Ultimate Teacher
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School of Rock – The Stage is the Ultimate Teacher

people that School of Rock is what kids have always needed. ZEKE: We’re a performance-based
music education program, which means what the
kids are learning in their private lessons,
we’re immediately applying to a real world scenario. RICK: We give kids
the opportunity to take it on stage, to
play some of the best stages in the country–
not just any old stage, but to play at Lollapalooza or
play at B.B. King’s, or play at Red Rocks. JEN: It makes them
feel like rock stars, because they’re
playing in a band. Nobody else does that. TAYLOR: Being in
performance really helps to make you want
to work even harder and want to be even better,
because you feel like you need to perform for everybody, and
you have a deadline, rather than just doing it to do it. [MUSIC – JANIS JOPLIN, “TRY”] [APPLAUSE] PATRICK: You know, you don’t
want to let your buddy down. And if the person to your
right or to your left is moving a lot faster
than you, that really makes you want to dig in
certainly more than just your music teacher
saying, hey, work on this, and I’ll see you next week. ZEKE: You’re going to
encounter situations that you wouldn’t elsewhere. What happens when
your cable goes bad? What happens when the
battery in the pedal dies? What happens when the lights
go weird and nobody knows what to do? Learning how to deal with these
kinds of constantly changing immutable situations
allows kids to learn how to think on their feet. MOLLY: Being able to learn
how to perform with people and in a band, it’s really
a good learning experience. ELYSE: They’re not
only being equipped to play their instrument and
to play in a group setting, but they’re being equipped
to deal with life situations. [LAUGHTER] DANNY: My first year,
I was just terrified, going from just
playing talent shows to now playing at Lollapalooza. That was huge. And my confidence level as
a person and as a performer has skyrocketed. Everybody, give it up for
Mr. Kofi Baker over here. You can come take drums lessons
from Kofi at our school. [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] ZEKE: When you’re 10 years
old and your guitar teacher is explaining to you minor
pentatonic scales with AC/DC, that’s a completely
different thing. And it’s a lot more fun. And it’s a lot more engaging. DANNY: Being taught
at School of Rock is really fun because
it’s challenging, but, at the same time,
it’s really chill. JEN: It’s been amazing. My kids learned more
in the first six months at School of Rock
from their instructors than they had up
until that point. TAYLOR: At School of
Rock, my abilities have grown
exponentially compared to how I used to grow before. ZEKE: So around School
of Rock we like to say the stage is the
ultimate teacher. There is nothing that
can teach you a stronger lesson than the real world.

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