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School of AI Introduction

hello world it’s Siraj and school of AI
is a nonprofit organization I’ve created for our community I am now looking for
wizards to help host regular in person learning meetups across the world a link
to sign up is going to be in the video description we have a very simple
mission and that’s to offer a world class AI education to anyone on earth
for free our doors are open to all those who wish to learn we are a learning
community that spans almost every country dedicated to teaching our
students how to make a positive impact in the world using AI technology whether
that’s through employment or entrepreneurship there are seven values
that we share in common first we embrace the weird
whether it’s experiencing a new learning style concept or idea that’s completely
different than what we’re used to we embrace it because we believe that
radically new approaches often result in radical improvement second we inspire
and educate whatever content we make be it a blog post video live talk or tweet
we aim for it to both inspire and educate developers third we have
data-driven optimism so much of modern day journalism focuses on all the things
wrong with the world but if we look at the data the quality of human life
across a wide range of metrics has radically improved over the past 100
years fourth we perform rapid experimentation an idea alone is worth
nothing it’s the execution of it that matters and the best way to do that is
to build assess and reiterate until we have a valid solution to a problem fifth
we practice the art of frugality we know that a determined mind with scarce
resources can achieve seemingly impossible thing
it’s not necessary to make lavish expensive purchases to live a life of
meaning and happiness sixth we choose love not fear so much negativity in our
lives is caused by our own fear dishonesty with ourselves and with
others an inability to learn missing out on great opportunities when making
decisions we make them out of love for ourselves and for other humans and
lastly I’m inheriting this one from my last workplace Twilio we draw the owl
there’s this meme that drawing an owl takes a lot of instructions but we don’t
always have those instructions available to us so we have to make them ourselves
from step one draw a circle to the last step draw the owl we figure the steps
out as we need to I have a lot planned for us in the coming months but a good
first step to get the community connected is to start school of AI
meetups across the globe I’m looking for Dean’s
to help me with this traditionally a Dean is the head of a department at a
university our Dean’s will be the heads of their cities school of AI chapter
from Austin to Erlin to Bombay they’re responsible for hosting school of AI
meetups in their respective city that means finding a suitable venue helping
me promote the event locally and helping other students in their learning journey
these meetups will also be an opportunity for students to teach and
share what they’ve learned I will have a personal line of communication with all
Dean’s for support and updates each Meetup will consist of either an
educational lecture a hands-on coding workshop or an AI research paper study
session it’s up to the Dean to decide what type of meetup it will be if you’re
selected to be a Dean I’ll provide you with a meet-up page to use and some
resources to help you get started hosting your first school of
I meet up get hype please subscribe for more programming videos and for now I’ve
got a school to build so thanks for watching

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100 thoughts on “School of AI Introduction


  2. Siraj I got so much interest about DAPP but I see that signups closed.
    It's too sad that I see I just missed the chance which is precious to me.
    It's been just 10 days after classes begun.
    Is there any chance that anyone who desire much can get another opportunity to learn?
    10 days late start is not that long to follow

  3. Hey siraj, I am from Ahmedabad. I am currently a student and understanding machine learning right now. Am I eligible for being a Dean? Because I don't have any AI knowledge as of now but I can learn on the go! Btw will Ahmedabad have a School of AI community?

  4. Thanks for everything Siraj! Love most of your videos, Your P vs NP video taught me what my CS professors couldn't in an entire semester.

  5. I am not sure about becoming a dean(time constraints) but you have my full support. I thoroughly admire your passion and weirdness that you bring in your videos. You might have checked out my youtube channel :p . I believe that education needs to be lived, laughed and enjoyed. That's why channel name is crazy(chaos)+muse(in rhythm). I am committed to my channel lifelong along with researchwork, and also wish you the best 🙂 I also hold weekly meetups on, where I can spread a word about your school. All the best homie . ps – Crazy researcher from IISc Bangalore.

  6. Happy to confirm I can be Dean for London. I can co-ordinate a team to ensure regular,wide-ranging, engaging and educational seminars, videos and study groups from beginner through to high level. I can make this a sustainable, profitable and an excellent platform across the UK and Europe in line with your own ideas and vision. We can also differentiate it from the University and training company offerings and create an unstoppable movement towards AI globally. Let's get on with it.

    Peter Johnston at Infinite Monkies

  7. Thanks for this great creativity again , and it wouldn't be easy for me to bring people from Ivory Coast but I'll try , why not !!!

  8. I am from South Korea. If South and North reunified, I will be the Dean of Korea and the meetup will take place in Pyong-yang which is now the capital of North Korea!! Then Siraj will be invited for the meetup!!

  9. Hey Siraj, your work is great. please make a video, which explains study plan, to study computer vision from scratch. I don't have any prior knowledge about it.

  10. Please open the registration again I was busy in project so I have not seen this video and I am interested to join

  11. Hi Siraj, Looks like the form is no longer active. Is there another way to join this initiative or it’s already maximum capacity?

  12. When will the forms will available again. I missed it due to my exam. Can you please open it. I am so much interested in it thanks.

  13. बहुत सुन्दर और सराहनीय 🌹
    आपको और आपके मित्र परिवार को
    शुभकामनाएं और धन्यवाद.

    Very nice and impressive too..
    With useful information.. 🌹

  14. Love it, i think you would like my music for your videos as well, perhaps you would be intersted to use my music for your next video? Cant wait to see more!

  15. hello Siraj , i translated this video to Arabic so the middle east world be notified about this revolution , i hope it would be helpful for your aiming goal as well i can translate more , i'll be happy if i see it Published

  16. How do i sign up to the school of ai .. the form is closed !

    And how do i became "Dean AI" where in my country (jprdan) there's no one and i'm willing to and full pf passion.

  17. Hi siraj,
    I got motivated from your etherium block chain videos and learned etherium block chain. Now I want to learn python and start learning AI. Can you help me out in this?
    And I'm a Google development Group in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.
    If you wish wish, we can keep a session on this in Gandhinagar?

  18. I linked to this video, Hoping that is alright ^_^ if not let me know and I will promptly remove it!
    Made a presentation about Consciousness with Systems Diagrams if curious to take a peek x3
    Wayy hyped for the school of AI btw w00t!!

  19. Having a Meetup Tuesday of the month at 7pm at U. Memphis FIT bldg.

  20. Why is the form not taking any more responses? I would like to setup a school of AI session in my locality ( Assam, India). Please help.

  21. Greetings Siraj. I am highly interested in becoming a dean here in Spring Hope, North Carolina USA zip code 27882 (30 minutes from Tarboro and Raleigh North Carolina. The months of December 2018, January 2019 and February 2019 would be ideal. I am not an AI expert but I endeavor to become one by the 2nd quarter of 2019 as well as a bonafide Blockchain Engineer. Please reach out to me and let me know where I should begin. Thank you in advance.

  22. Hello, as of today there are problems to get to the courses of the school of ai. In Chrome there is a 'Your connection is not private' message, I hope this could be fixed in the next hours.

  23. Hey Siraj,
    Really love your content and what you're trying to do ! And would love to be a part of the journey as well.
    I started and ran a couple of developer user groups in Malaysia and I'm wondering how we can get a School of AI running in here soon. I tried the Google form but it's not accepting requests anymore. Any way we can discuss this ?
    Keep up the amazing work !

  24. I'm getting '503 Service Unavailable error' while signing up! Why is it na ? And we are so much excited about the new course – 'Data Lit' I want this to be resolved soon. 🙁 Love from Tamil Nadu! <3

  25. Just joined your school and started data lit!!! have loved your youtube channel forever. And am looking forward to checking out your course

  26. Hello it's reshikesh ,I wanted to sign-up for the community but the form no longer exist is their any other way to be a part of the community?

  27. I believe if you wanna design a bad man AI, you get instill it with values derived via darwinian evolution..if you never had a hungry belly how can you understand what it feels like to have one, if you've never been snubbed and dumped and thrown in the trash, how can you improve?.

  28. I would give my AI 6 hours to prepare a meal and eat some before I slowly start draining its power, I made even give it 2 big ball sacks that it needs to empty at least once every six months.. 🙂

    Let's see how they like it!.

  29. Hey Siraj,
    The form is no longer available. how can I join the community and organize a meetup in my country as a bridge for school of ai ? @babacarcissedia is my twitter handle

  30. What happend to your videos in school of ai. I started decentralized applications course you removed in 1 week after i've started. what should i do now………?????

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