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one thing I would say to prospective
students is don’t be don’t be scared to come to SMC as opposed to a traditional
tech school we are teaching the same things here as a traditional tech school
does and I feel like we offer a bonus because we also get college math and
science and English where a traditional tech school doesn’t offer that we also
offer scholarships where a tech school does not offer that as well in our field
are in the advanced technologies department specifically in our
automotive technology we teach anything from basic fundamentals to advanced
engines advanced transmissions hybrids you name it we run the full gamut of the automobile welding certificate you start with basic welding and that gets you into MIG TIG
stick a little bit of oxy acetylene and a little bit of plasma cutting and then
you get a lot deeper we get you into MIG where you start getting into short
circuit spray transfer aluminum pulse you get into your stick class and you’re
running 60 tens and 78 teens in all positions and then you get into your TIG
class and that’s where you get into low carbon stainless steel and aluminum you
get into the science of metal why metal acts the way it does so if you want to
take hold of your destiny and you want to find a career that has endless
opportunities welding is that career it is a field that you can go anywhere and and
we are there to prepare you for that field the robotics program used to be
the mechatronics program and it still has the applications of mechatronics
which is simply automation like in the auto industry but now it is moved into
programming software programming hardware to have automated processes and
so we offer here is actually a training that will allow a student to be
competent to work at a company as an entry-level electrical technician even a
Patrol’s technician or patrol engineer and those who may want
to go to a four-year university for engineering program have the hands-on
experience to where they can make sense of us in the classroom in the
upper-level courses one of the things that I tell the students in the
classroom is that we all make mistakes I make them the important thing is I
learned from them because ninety percent of the time in the industry you’re gonna
have things go not according to schedule and if you get
familiar with that and comfortable with it you do well

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