School Lunches | American Kids Try Food From Around the World – Ep 2 | Kids Try | Cut
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School Lunches | American Kids Try Food From Around the World – Ep 2 | Kids Try | Cut

I apologize in advance; it looks like a big
piece of poo surrounded by corn. Wow. Now take a sip. Five, four, three- It’s not milk; I know it’s not milk.
You’ve had milk. Blah.
I don’t like it. Nope. What did that taste like?
I don’t know, but it tastes gross. That is not on my list today. Bye-bye, walk
out of my list. Is that mash potatoes? Sweet mash potatoes?
It’s called sweet kesari. It’s disgusting. Why would kids eat that? That’s just mean. I feel sorry for the Indians. No, are you looking? No.
No. Wow. Eat it with the other thing that’s next to it. Do I have to? Yeah. I have to, great.
It’s the worst day of my life. Ew, gross. What did you think it-
I thought it was dessert. It looked like cake. Is this from France?
I love France. Everywhere in France, it’s really fancy.
What do French people do? What do they drink all the time?
Tea. Not wine?
I don’t think they drink wine. We’re going to bring out some wine
for you guys. Okay.
Wait. What? Yes.
What? Yes, bring out the wine. Nope. I knew it.
No, the end of humanity’s come. Dude, you’re super over dramatic. I would rather have this food than what I have at school. Careful, watch your hands. Whoa. That stuff smells disgusting. Hmm, it actually doesn’t taste that bad. Man, this is delicious. Ah, banana! It’s a plantain. Isn’t plantain like something that you rub against? What if I told you that’s a root? Wait a minute, is this cheese? Please, no. I really do not like cheese. I hate this day. Ow! Nope, I hate it.
What the heck is this? Can I have some?
I- Grapefruit?
Lingon-berry? A bunch of carrots filled with raisins?
No thank you. I don’t think the other kids won’t like doing
this. Ooh. La. La. Whoa. Mmm. That smells good. Chili. Oh, it’s hot. This is so hot. I could eat all of this. It’s hot, that’s what it tastes like. I tend to stay away from beans because they
make you fart. Is there a song about that?
Yup. Beans, beans, the magic fruit the more you
fart and the more you toot, the more you toot the better you feel and that’s why beans for
every meal. Oh. Wow. I’m not going to eat one thing on this plate, come on. It’s terrible; I would never eat something like this. Wow. No. No. I don’t know how to use chopsticks. This is how you use chopsticks, I think. Ah, slippery. How do Chinese people eat this? My nose says it wouldn’t be so good. You hate soup? Yeah.
Do you like noodles? Nope.
Come on. It tastes like pho.
I like pizza way better. Oh, I know how, use the chopsticks. Almost
got it. Yeah. Yeah. This is Chinese? No, but this is Japanese. Japanese? I get it. Who is Japanese? Tom Cruise. Ooh, what are these? Sponge cakes.
Old bread. Cheese. It’s really hard though. What’s that look like? I don’t know, but it looks delicious. Kids eat this for lunch in Afghanistan.
Just this? Afghanistan.
Afghan-what? Do you feel bad for the kids who have to eat
that every day? No, I feel actually pretty good because this
is really sweet and it tastes really good. It surprises me because it’s a big block of
this whatever? This tiny little block has nine hundred freaking calories? Oh wow. I would eat this for lunch most of the time. Yes, I’d eat it every day. I am definitely not eating this every day. Oh man, this is gross. I am out of here.
Straight to the toilet. I would go to Afghanistan to get that really,
really good cube cookie thingamajig. Okay, and maybe I’ll be a little bit more open minded. But mom, not for your food. I will not be open minded for your food. Was that the point? Was that
the point of me doing this, to be open minded?

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100 thoughts on “School Lunches | American Kids Try Food From Around the World – Ep 2 | Kids Try | Cut

  1. That is not indian school lunche…more like prison food😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 very weird representation of indian food ..

  2. I'm so glad with the new set of kids that are there now. The kid in the blue button down shirt is just, in Clara's language, 👎.

  3. My favorite will always be Vannessa and Talbott. I'm not hating on the other kids, I'm just saying that Vanessa and Talbott are more what I prefer. They always are open to trying new things and are entertaining to me… that's my opinion,

  4. Why does the kid with the blue shirt with blonde hair who is picky sound like 2 year old but looks 40 no offense just saying

  5. No one.. I repeat no one takes rice to school.. We are more of poori paratha roti kindda ppl when it comes to tiffins in school 😅😅

  6. I live in pakistan they talk in another language but I speak English cuz I went to Germany but I think I'm German but my mom and dad said that I'm a Pakistani but I think that is cuz they r Pakistanis

  7. White people can actually never get tired of showing unrealistic things about Indians…. Like we eat much better food and that too different for different regions because India is so diverse and most of the times students carry dabbas, they don't really eat rice at school as their staple food. You should research before putting something on a video. It's not a hate comment but as I usually watch most of your videos most of your videos consists wrong information about Indian food. If you don't have sufficient knowledge stop saying “Indian food ".

  8. People need to get a hold of themselves they don't really expect them to get it 100% correct all the time? so like shuush I said shuush on purpose deal with it.

  9. Desmond is picky but atleast he taste it first. The other boy is soooooo picky… Its hard for the parents

  10. blonde girl is fancy and everything is wow.
    parents watch out, this is the kind of women we all had. less wow, more education.

  11. Everytime I see a video with that little Chinese kid in blue, I can't help but smile. What a character! He's making seriously renege on not wanting kids… 🤔

    Lol, that girl said Tom Cruise is Japanese….

  12. As a Indian I like kesri bath its a sweet dish made of rava, its government school south indian food, in private schools they have good menu

  13. This indian dish not indian we provide to child one bolied egg and banana not chaas and they also provides the dal khichdi not this type of food we eaten to please getting proper dishes to eat

  14. Americans representing Indian food…pffft joke of the century 🙌😂 like srsly how much more could they make it faaaar from the truth….I guess as long as it makes them feel better lol

  15. Guy: Who's Japanese?
    Girl with braids: TOM CRUISE


  16. Do you know what Filipino kids eat every lunch break? You'll never know cause you never featured it on the show.

  17. Some lids across the globe would be grateful for all that food no matter WHAT it is. Shows how spoiled kids can get when they dont like anything and they have choices. Very priveleged indeed.

  18. "I like pizza better" ..dude you surely are an American kid. Rejecting healthier, cleaner and way better cooked food from around the world and prefer quick food. Just get away..

  19. As a Indian … I don't even know what are they eating 👾…………. My school lunch was different curry everyday with brown/white rice (it was tasty but I brought food from home because I'm clean freak. I know because my friends are all use to love school curry). No dessert or juice from school cafeteria👾. Also on school festivals we get to eat pulao rice/fried rice and potato curry/chicken curry. Depends on the festival. If it is a God festival then vegetarian dish. If not then non veg.

    Well every city have different dish but I'm pretty sure the dish in this video isn't any Indian city's school lunch. Also there's fast food shop and pickle, fruits shop, panipuri shop in highschool👾.

  20. I'm sorry that one white boy with the blonde hair didn't eat anything… Like you don't even try it… Lol why are you even on here….

  21. The different types of kids:
    1. "I hate all food and eat only vitamins injected right into my bloodstream"

    2."all foreign foods look like shit"

    3."pickymaster72 is my username on everything"

    4."why the fuck am I here and what is food?"

    5. "Hell yeah free food!"

  22. We Indians rock it doesn't matter if you don't like it we love our food. These children are spoilt. Ughhhh.. It looks disgusting🙄😡

  23. I don’t get it. I am from Afghanistan but i have never seen anything like that biscuit in my country 🙄🤔. It’s the first time I m seeing it here. Does it really exist here???

  24. Well, I'm seeing this in 2019, and proud to be Kenyan… But it depends on what school you go to. But true, most schools eat githeri during lunch..

  25. In Belgium we have like a Lil cafetaria in high school only to get some sandwiches also in the Netherlands we bring our own food to school

  26. What if there is a video where they show romanian lunches?

    Bwahahahahahahahahahim fuckindiyinhahahah
    (Post Scriptum:ive been to school for 7 years and we had our parents make us sandwitches or we would buy chips from the corner store)

  27. Overall
    I know the kids saw this stuff for the first time, but there is a rule, very important

    -rule of life fam respectit shrigga

  28. Not exactly French food we don't have cheese for desert that's just a French stereotype.. we have apple pies and cupcakes etc.. ;-;

  29. I feel sad when kids don't even recognize cheese (real cheese from France). That is litteraly the best food in France

  30. I’m from Afghanistan and I was really glad they liked that but I honestly don’t know what it is. 🙄 It’s an odd choice to make considering all the other food there

  31. Please serve these poor kids some french fries, chicken nuggets and cheese burgers for lunch LOL… RIP healthy school lunch

  32. I love and do NOT love this vid at the very same time here…Love this vid because, the vids producers are giving kids various foods from around the world…And…I do NOT like this vid, only because, when they put the food on the table, there is absolutely NO clue as to what each food item is!!…For those of us who are NOT even familiar with foods from foreign countries and would like to know which foods are being served…Please label the foods after they are put in front of the kids, thanks and apprec this and so do the other people who watch these vids also here!!…UNITL this is rectified…This vid is getting a THUMBS DOWN from little ole me!!

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