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100 thoughts on “School Lunch TAKEOVER! 🎂 Jackson’s Birthday Lunch – Bunches of Lunches

  1. I know a perfect lunch so you can make fried rice cucumber slices watermelon and for snack would be cheddar goldfish and please give me a shout out 😍😋

  2. After seeing that you grabbed the block snack containers from DT, I found them and they’re great!
    What fun & super cute lunches!
    Happiest of Birthdays Jackson 🧱

  3. Those snack pack puddings look huge I don’t know if it just looks that way or if they are actually that big the ones I buy are not that big those are crazy lookin

  4. It’s the end of school for me and for out Christmas/class party there was fairy bread there and I’m in Australia so we have a lot in class parties and like any party basically

  5. I ate Mac and cheese and hot dogs yesterday and Mac and cheese and peas and tuna is good even though it doesn't sound like it

  6. Birthdays are a homeschool holiday here. We put the lessons aside and spend the day having lots of family fun. And I let the birthday boy choose dinner

  7. I love mixing taco meat or sausage to my Mac and cheese then adding a couple more slices of cheese to make it more cheesy

  8. You are such a good mom my mom yells at me to make my own lunch so I look at these videos to get ides! Thank you for giving me ideas.

  9. Happy birthday jackson. I like my Mac and cheese with a hotdog and you cut slits that are even so it looks like a octopus on top you and the kids cut the little legs off as they eat at the end of the legs you just eat it the hotdog is cooked

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