School Lockdown – YouTuber ClearlyChloe’s Scary Story
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School Lockdown – YouTuber ClearlyChloe’s Scary Story

When I was in sixth grade I had the new teacher
at school and she was just fresh out of grad school she was literally 22 years old. She was really nice because she kind of just had no idea what she was doing in the classroom
and the whole year it was just kind of like a roller coaster of up-and-down emotions. Sometimes
she gets so stressed out and just her crying in the middle of class and would be like “oh my god I’m just like so stressed, you guys are just awful!” And of course everyone in my
class kind of picked up on the fact that she had like no idea what she was doing so they
all just made it worse for her by like thinking they could do whatever they wanted and that
just made her cry more and everything just got so stressful and there was just no structure in the class. So one day we were in the classroom and we were studying ancient Greece and suddenly
I just saw her face go completely white. And she was looking at the clock so me and all
the other kids in the class just looked up at the clock too but instead of it saying
the time it said “BELL” and I later found out that BELL was the code word for a real lockdown
but I didn’t know that yet. So my classmates and I just watched as she scrambled to the
lock the door closed the blinds and then she instructed us to hide in the corner of the
room. And then she just says. “stay quite where the lockdown.” And she was in tears at this
point she was shaking and she was curled up in the corner behind her desk. This was the moment when I realized this wasn’t a lockdown drill. This was an actual lockdown and I was freaked out I just straight-up asked her, “Are we gonna die?” And she looked at me and as gravely as possible she said, “I don’t know.” And that literally just sent the whole class added
tears. Some kids were teasing trying to jump out the window. My teacher was screaming at
them if there’s someone in this building there could be more people outside waiting to get you. I was just freaked out the whole time I was literally just thinking about dying
it’s so morbid when I was I was thinking about like what I hadn’t done in my life yet and
what more I had to do and I was basically the thinking of my last second and then all
of a sudden there’s a knock on the door. And we all just like shot up we thought this would
be intruder. First of all why would the intruder knock on the door. We all just stay there and
we don’t know what to do even my teacher and then there’s another knock on the door and
my teacher gets up and she goes to the door. And, it’s another teacher it’s the teacher
next door but teacher next door asks what we’re doing and then my teacher like, “What? Isn’t
there a lockdown?” The teacher next store goes “no they were just fixing the clock and that
message came on.” So then we all kind of got up from the corner we were like, “wait there
was no lockdown?” And I looked into the hallway and then everything was just normal. Kids were
in class they were laughing they were walking up and down the hall doing their homework
there was literally no lockdown. The only class in lockdown was our class. Since that day
I’ve experienced a lot more lock downs they’re really upsetting and scary and I just wish
it wasn’t a reality of the world we live in.

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  2. I here u I hate lockdowns to like this 1 time thare wus a lockdown and we had a substitute teacher she was not new and we herd a knock on the door and we thot it was the bad guy but OMG🤣 it wus ower principal and we omg we freaked out

  3. Are you serious? Before becoming a teacher. We are required to be evaluated by a psychiatrist. She needs a therapist.

  4. Other teachers be like "no honey we won't die stay calm we'll be just fine" while this teacher said straight up "I don't know" what kind of teacher are you? LMAO

  5. I had my first lockdown at school it was in the hallway next to my CLASSROOM!! A literal first grader threw a desk at the glass door like wtf then it SHATTERED wtf dis first grader strong as hecc!

  6. I had a lockdown AT P.E. and it was not a drill. I WAS SCREAMING INSIDE REEE

  7. What kind of school has a nice ass electric clock. Ours just has the old clocks that dont qork, and for the lockdown its a siren

  8. Ok. In Elementary school, you hide in the corner. Stay quiet as possible. In middle school , you get instructed to fight back an intruder

  9. Lmao there was one time our school was on lockdown all day and it was 3pm before we could get out of the classroom to get lunch ,we went on lockdown at 8:40am

  10. There had been so many lock down and school shootings that at my school we had to kept like 5 police officers in teh school at one time every day

  11. we have never had a lockdown or even a drill. i dont think it exists in my country. theres not even a word for it

  12. When my teacher tell me to. Go slow when a fire. Drill or something. I'll be like hell naw. And run all. The way home and my school when we practice they make us stand outside like a shooter or something can't come back there if I see. A shooter I will run to the next school beside. My school

  13. 3:05 I'm sorry. But it's the world Americans* live in

    … People be mad because I'm spitting straight facts

  14. One day we had a lockdown drill a hole bunch of kids where laughing and talking and I was like shhh be quiet and o got in trouble

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  16. The teacher was just making it worse when we have practice look downs and the principal wants to have us in the corner and then my teacher said no no we are going to the closet we had a real lockdown once and I'm in 6th now when my teacher said no no get in the closet sorry I'm years late

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