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Mom the milk is finished…bring my water bottle and lunch…m already late for SCHOOL OK bye mom..going to school SNORING!! MOM – it’s 12PM. Don’t you have to go to college? Mummy, it’s college not school. Let me sleep. Look at his hairs He hasn’t even cut his nails. Look at his shoes. you will definitely be scolded today. Shit bro we are late today. You go first. we are doomed today. may we come in sir? did you see the time? sorrry sir actually my aunt’s child’s father’s husband died. QUIET its a daily thing with you. Stand in the corner Leave the hand, aren’t you late for the lecture? Are you mad? Its college, we enter 5 minutes before the lecture ends. Now don’t you want to attend the lecture? It’s COLLEGE not SCHOOL right its college! Come baby. Where are you going? show me your bag. just 1 kg? leave!! hand over the bag. hurrry up half kg? Leeave… show me your bag child. 250 grams? it will work. Go sit. Sir 15 KG!! 15 Kgs!!!! Good child good. you have made me proud. Go sit. ohhh…girls way. why did you even bother to get this. you should have stick to the barbie one. why this? you should have left even this at home. look at him. WRITE on my forehead fool! ATTENDANCE sir raju is on a leave. he has send his leave application. Guys what is attendance coming out how do we calculate it? guys mine is 2%….3%…6 12% Jai please give me pen. jai pleeease… my mother has got me new pen. Why should i give it to you?? jai please brother.. sir he’s disturbing me beggars….never get their own pen.. kids it’s Jai’s birthday today…everyone wish him. chanting happy birthday jai please give me one more. suc***… your have stomachache….what will you do of this? raju where’s everyone? sir its puru’s birthday today GUYS if you like the video then do subscribe….comment….like and follow us on other social platforms. THANK YOU

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100 thoughts on “SCHOOL LIFE v/s COLLEGE LIFE || JaiPuru

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  2. Bro American College or Indian college par bnayo ekk video indian ko bhi pata lgga ki kaise hota bhar ka college mai

  3. Abe ho admi bag ka weight check raha hai usse tho kam se kam accha kapre pahanana de gareebo uski shirt phati hua hai bagal se. 🤭😂😂

  4. School mein kitni Masti ji Hamari bhi Kuchh mast Hasti Thi teacher ka Sahara Tha Dil Hai Awara tha kahan a gaye is college mein vah School Kitna Pyara tha

  5. Ok I just wanted to check with you first to see a pic of you may live long gsk a little late but will let you god of the homework you may have a few questions regarding a job at the homework you are doing well

  6. Ddddshrch do it is not a good time a little more than I do so I can 🇦🇼 a few times and it will be a great day for a week and a good day and I will be there at that I am fine with it as long as I can get a ride

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