SCHOOL JANA BAND – A Short Movie | #Funny #Bloopers | Types of Students in School Aayu and Pihu Show
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SCHOOL JANA BAND – A Short Movie | #Funny #Bloopers | Types of Students in School Aayu and Pihu Show

Do you know Pihu is not going to school? Hi Friends !!! I am Aayu & pihu’s Mother We make Moral Stories & Funny Videos for you. Let us watch, Pihu goes to school or not. Please hit like if you like the video. Aayu Pihu wake up. School time. Good morning kid. It is time for school, please wake up. I don’t want to go to school. She does not want to go to school Now she wants to study. I am fed up. What will she do ? I think let her do what she wants. She will understand later. It is very cold, let me sleep. I go to school daily. Let me allow 1 day leave. Why don’t you take a longer leave? No tension of school. Mumma, is it possible? Ok Mumma if you are serious? Then how many days? 1 2 3 4 ? How many days mumma? Till you don’t want. True? Yes true OK, then I am sleeping. Good Night. But You want to take leave, take. But don’t tell Aayu anything. OK I am sleeping, good night. I will sleep a lot. Watch movies. Play a lot of games. Aayu Kid wake up, it is school time. Pihu? You can sleep I can’t sleep, because I am very happy. Good morning Come Sister isn’t going to school today? Sister will go late today. OK, you get ready. Are you ready kid? Yes mumma. Sister tiffin and bottle. Sister will go late today. OK, you go to school. School Van Horn Your school van came. Let us go. Mumma Bye – Bye my child. What is your today’s plan? I am watching video. Then I will watch TV. Then I will sleep in afternoon. Then playing afterwards. Means you are busy for full day. Very good. Pihu atleast take bath. OK Mumma Aayu is about to come. Wow I am enjoying my life. No studies no homework This is wrong !!! Who are you? I am that Pihu who wants ot study. You don’t speak much about studies Now who are you ? I am that Pihu who wants to enjoy. Why did you took leave from school today? Because I got bored from studies, so I enjoyed today. Yes Pihu you said rightly. No Studying and going to school is very important. Do you know why a new born baby cries? Why? Because he knows that he has to go to school after 2 yr Then he has to study for next 25 years. Yes you are right. What do you mean? One should not study? Then what will we become in future? What does that mean? A small kid will become an Adult. Like A Puppy will become a dog as he will grow old. A Calf will become a cow, as he grows old. This is common sense. Which you are missing. Wow Pihu You will become a Cow as you grow old. You will eat fodder in the farms Make sounds like Cow – Moo Moo Moo But Don’t give Cow dung in front of my house. What? Are you my friends ??? But Listen… With whom are you talking Pihu ? No one mumma. Mummy I am back. Ok son. Come in I got so tired at school today. I have got so much homework. That it will not finish by evening. Ok, now we will finish homework. I am saved now. Aayu Can you play Monopoly game with me for some time? No Sister, teacher gave so much homework. Ok, then I will watch TV Aayu Lunch is ready, come if you have changed dress. Sister are you not going for tution today? It is her wish Dhanush Mumma can I go for playing? Aayu is studying Hindi Language. Mumma can I also go for playing? Your homework is still pending. You can go afterwards. Mummy what is written? Have you finished your maths homework? Mine is finished and yours? Only 2 questions are pending I got confused so I will ask the maths teacher. Hi Hello Pihu You didn’t you came to school. I am bored with studies First go to school. Then do homework Then go to to Tution. Then learn Your mumma allowed? Mummy gave me permission. Your mother is awesome. My mother doesn’t even allow to take tution leave. I am thinking not to study Wow you must be happy Yes I enjoyed a lot today. Watched TV & Movie I played in Park Wow Pihu you are very lucky. Yes you are correct Pari. Which game are we playing today? No, I have to prepare for Maths test. OK, Pihu I am going home. Wait Pari, I am also coming. OK, Oh please wait. Please play with me for sometime. I am back mumma. Mumma please give something to eat. (Aayu studying) Please wait for sometime. Aayu learning a Kids Poem Mumma is only worried about Aayu. Next Day Good Morning Kid, wake up. Aayu Kid wake up. We have to go to School. Come Mumma, why didn’t you wake me till now? Kid, you didn’t wanted to go to school. My school bus is about come. Yes your bus will come in next 5 mins. Come kid, get ready. Mumma, give me breakfast. Aayu is getting late for school, please wait for sometime Like this Pihu wasted whole day on… Tab, TV & Mobile. Mummy look, what have I got? Oh wow. What is this? You stood 1st in Maths competition. Wow Aayu… Very Good Aayu. I am proud of my brother. Yes My son. Mumma look, I also won in this game. Ok, what should I cook for Aayu? Mumma look here Idli Sambhar (South Indian Dish) OK, I will cook Idli Sambhar for my son. Ok tell me, what will you become in future? Pilot. I will fly planes. Flying planes. Sister, what will you become in future? I will become…….. Tell me sister. Ok son. You change dress, I will bring food. Aayu you finished lunch? Let us complete homework. Ok Mumma Mumma can I go to garden for playing? As you wish. How was your maths test? It was good, but last question was difficult. Then I skipped it. Yours? Mine was very good. See, Pihu is standing there. Hi Pihu. Hi I was waiting for you since long. It is 5’O clock. Maths test was there. Dance practice was there. I was waiting for you here. HAHAHAHA Do you remember? We were together in dance group. We enjoyed a lot. and yes…. We got 1st Prize. Don’t forget, when we were going to get prize. You fell from the stage. Hahaha We might not enjoy this year, because you are not there. Yes Pihu Leave that !!! We will play. No, Craft teacher gave homework to make 5 flowers. It will take so much time. Can you help us, you are very good in craft ? Yes Pihu, please help us. No, I have some work at home. I am leaving. Wait Pihu !!! What happened to Pihu? I don’t know. (Aayu learning Mathematics Tables) Your revision is over? Mumma, can I go for playing? Garden? Yes go. Mumma, I am back from garden. Aayu atleast you play with me. No Sister. I will play with my friends. What is happening with me? No one is talking to me. No one is playing with me. I don’t have any common topic to talk with my friends. Why are you worried now? Youc ame back? You didn’t wanted to go to school. You didn’t wanted to study. I know you teach me good lessons. But don’t give me lessons now, please !!! I am not is a good mood. Look You are also back. Since 2 days you didn’t study at all. You watched movies, played video games. Played in garden You enjoyed a lot. You don’t listen to her. Yes I enjoyed. But how long, will I enjoy alone? I am missing My friends, school, tuition teacher . Study and exams, are there every year. Till when are we going to do that. School has so many activities, other than studying. and what will I become in future? Going to school is a Good Habit. Enjoying is also a good habit. It is very important to study. It is also important to play. We will make our career with studies. If we will not study then…… We might become something at the end. Pihu will become a good girl. Pihu will become a good girl, by listening to me. Listen to me. To Me… Mine Mine Mine Mine Quiet…. I will decide, what I will do? Go from here Aayu wake up. School time. Where is Pihu ? What ??? Sorry Mumma !!! I will go to school daily and will not take any leaves. You din’t wanted to go to school. Now I understood. Studying is equally important…. Like playing and eating are important. See mumma, my sister is very intelligent. She is my sister. Whose sister ? Mine Your sister, I didn’t knew that !!! OK, get ready properly. School bus is about to come. You also get ready. Mumma, can I take today’s leave? But why? Because, my stomach is aching in my feet. OK, you are playing a prank. Hahahaha Go to school. This is common sense, which you don’t have. Very good.

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