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School Days: Every PTM Ever | The Timeliners

Dad, I want to tell you something before you meet the teacher. I broke the bulbs of the classroom. I also gave Kareeb Sir his nickname… Mr. Hyena. That’s actually a nice nickname. But…is there anything else? Actually…I wrote Jolly Ma’am’s number on the bathroom wall. I also set off the large firecracker in the corridor. And the CBSE paper this year? I’m the one who leaked it. Eyes front! So, are you guys done? Yeah, but why are you wearing low-waist jeans? It’s fashionable, guys. You’ll come to your sense when Nidhi Ma’am scolds you. You’ll get scolded! Can we go? Hello, Aunty!
Hello, Aunty! Hello, hello. What are you saying, Ma’am? My son is quite stylish. He’s quite like his father, you see, very smart. Mrs. Saxena, your son creates a lot of trouble. How does it matter as long as he passes? And if kids don’t stir up trouble, who will? Look, son, don’t get yourself into too much trouble. And if you do, just apologize to the teacher. What do you say? Mrs. Saxena, he doesn’t even show up at school. Ma’am… He’s the captain of the school volleyball team. He practices all day, and still my darling son manages to pass. Now it’s your turn to apologize. Sorry, Ma’am, our school doesn’t have a volleyball team. And even if we did, he wouldn’t be a part of it. But at least I pass, right? Again! Again you’ve driven up my blood pressure. There is a volleyball team. Ma’am’s lying.
Oh God. Mr. Sharma? Mrs. Khosla? Rajiv ranked third in class. Aditya’s percentage is not… satisfactory at all. If he just focuses a little more, he can be our topper as well. He barely made it to the first stage. What? What? You got only 89%? Not even 90? Oh my Googy, you managed to get in the first division. Who were in the top three? I don’t even care who are in the top three. This is your marksheet? My son has become very smart. Nobody in our family scored below 90. Nobody in our family ever got into the first division. Congratulations to us! Congratulations to you too! Googy has performed a miracle. Keep your kids away from this girl. She’s very cunning. She drinks alcohol. I’ve even heard that she has four boyfriends. What does she do in the washroom? My God, what kind of a mother must she have! Should we go, Mum? Is she your daughter? She’s a sweet kid. Such a sweet kid! What happened? Hello and welcome, Mrs. Khosla. How was the PTM, Ma’am? It was okay. I actually called you here because… your son is very… I knew it. He had to fail, didn’t he? How many times have I asked him to get up early and study! But he doesn’t want to! Ma’am, just let me speak. What will you say? I know everything. He doesn’t study at all. When I ask him what his future plans are, he goes out for a walk! Honestly, he aggravates my high blood pressure. Why don’t you have some water, Mrs. Khosla? Don’t be stressed. Tell me what the matter is. Sir, actually, I love traveling. But be… What? Traveling? My son’s going to be a hippie? Other kids will have jobs, and he’ll be a hippie. Mrs. Khosla, tourism is a very good career option for Aditya, and it offers good opportunities. In fact, Chandigarh University has a tourism and hospitality program. You can apply for it, Aditya. You don’t believe me, do you, Mrs. Khosla? Trust me, Mrs. Khosla, trust me. My son did the same course. And he’s standing outside with a bike. And we’re both going to Ladakh after this meeting. The only reason I called you for this meeting, was to tell you that. So, Aditya, my boy, God bless you. Farewell, Ma’am, Hope to see you in Ladakh very soon. Yes, sir. Thank you, Ma’am. Couldn’t you have told me earlier that Chandigarh University has such a nice program? Mum? This is Sameer, and this is his uncle. Shall we, Mum? Yeah. See you around, Mum. I mean, Aunty. Let’s go, Uncle. Who the hell did he bring? You’re going to get fucked, brother. Shut your mouth, moron. Why didn’t your father come, Raj? He’s tied up at the office. My Uncle came instead. Hello. Sir, Raj is a big nuisance in class. He’s such a restless boy! He scored 65%. That’s 20% less than last year. Sir, he’s just a little stupid. He made a mistake this time, but he won’t do it again. It won’t happen again, right? It won’t happen again.
Not next time. I’ll do it right the next time, Sir. We’re done here, Uncle. Let’s go. Okay, Sir. Here’s your damn watch, bro, you took away my daily wage. I could have done a whole round by now. Give me my 500 now. Talk properly. I’m talking properly, man.
I’m giving you money, after all. Metro? Bro, bro, wait up, please. Come on, guys, come on.

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100 thoughts on “School Days: Every PTM Ever | The Timeliners

  1. Hii timeliner….
    Me aapki har video dekhta hu
    Bahut achhi lagti h mujhe
    I realy like you..❤❤❤

  2. Hamare khandan me to first division aaye hi nhi ab tak🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  3. muje to ye lakdi ka name ni pata pr us ki smile muje bohat prsand us ke liye he me video dekhta hu ☺️☺️😊

  4. PTMs were incomplete without the principal's taunts.
    U got back memories..
    Love all the videos I have seen.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ U guys r amazing ❣️❤️ ❣️❣️

  5. Mere case m we were have a gang in our school or hum sare dost ek timing pe ate or bhnkr sunte the but atlast we were topper also and even we don't know how we were😂😂😂

  6. Mene pura school nikal diya PTA bina attend karke bahane mar marke😂decent larka tha phr b PTA miss karne ka alag hi maja hai kvian jo hai❤️

  7. Mera frnd PTM
    me apne #bhaiya ki girlfriend ko didi bana Ke laya tha…
    Tb didi bolti ha – e sb saka naak katwa deta ha😂😂🤣🤣 ab nahi jaungi kbhi😆

  8. Sala ptm to apni ek hi बार हुई उसमे मार बहुत पड़ी, masterbation in class, principal ne camera se dekha class bhar sirf me andar bhut maara sale ne fir dada ko bulaya fir dada ne maara

  9. I'm BBA Passout From CU in May 2019…The real opinion if you want that Yes CU Is Good University and in coming year it boom in the Every aspect…but One Thing I want to tell you CU is situated at outskirts of city not in Chandigarh and this year total 40k+ student got admission…so somehow it losing its quality…overall best for placement Ultimate environmen

  10. Please don't suggest students to spoil their life while taking admission in Chandigarh University, I know u have been also sponsor by chandigarh university because chandigarh university invest their money on those places where they can trap or make student fool by saying that they have the best placements, best courses, friendly campus and blabla… But I want to tell u all that it is the outer phase of university actually the internal things are completely different. So please don't makes mistakes like other does, kindly check everything about chandigarh university then go for it, u will get to know many things about chandigarh university. 🧐

  11. Ek ye log h jo ptm me papa ya mymmy ke sath jate h …or ek hamare dost the vo sb rikshe wale ko baap banakr le jate the😄😄😄😄

  12. I do not know why anybody has not commented about the boy in the background at 3:22 ?
    Or is it just me assuming that dirty shit!? 😂😅

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  14. Some PTM destroys a life of a Student like it did with mine. Some teachers are Asshole. I mean very Few. Thank for the video Guys. And for your kind info. We still have PTM in college. Seriously?? when it's goin to be over😭

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