School Dance  Prison Visit
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School Dance Prison Visit

Two grand now one mother to get that from about midnight Data you cool. Hell, nah these [assays] are threatening me [over] some shit. My wack-ass father did Uncle D Smoke yeah that lyin ass nigga Darrin see my mom thought to be a good idea for me to go visit him in prison Say hi, Daddy [say] hi, Daddy. Hi gang Whose Goddamn white baby Is that? this is your baby !Okay? He just light-skinned Mm-hmm That one might be mine that one right there. I’m not totally sure just because you named him Darren Don’t mean he belonged to Darren, but I don’t care what this baby’s name Is this baby is rice skin did but not light-skinned? That is a white child that is caucasian From the mountains of Caucasus that is a Slavic baby a viking from Iceland [that’s] a good that [baby] got seven thirty as a credit rating right now as an infant You’re the only one I been with Darren Bitch let me explain to you [the] math I’ve been in here 16 consecutive years You know how long consecutive is don’t you? okay So It means one right after the motherfucking other cuz I ain’t never missed a day so clearly you’ve been having some Conjugal visits with some other motherfuckers other than me That’s not my baby That’s almost a grown white man you brought in here His glasses are certainly grown. I’ve never seen a baby with [that] type of prescription And why does that baby look like officer, Joshua? Bitch you’ve been fucking the guard? Nah, hey [Jerry] that place my mom like that man be respectful [you’re] absolutely right. [I] apologize for that Just [ease] this bitch There you go your mother your mother was misbehaving sorry, I should have set a better example in front of the nice white gentleman and your mother All right, so could I please speak to my black son privately please if that be okay with you – mmMm? I mean meaning no disrespect sir. Hope to work for you one day when I get [out] come on, babe. Oh raggedy here, sit Yeah, excuse me, son. It’s my first white baby Sup, man I’m in [a] jam what uh? There was a gambling incident, and I need like 13,000 cigarettes preferably six thousand of those nine menthol, and then like five thousand pineapple fruit cups. That’s worth about $2,000 on opening [street] [market] if you can handle that for me, I appreciate Darren, what are you talking about? well see What had happened was? Wait, you [want] to do a flashback within a flashback? Okay, you know you can’t do that, nigga. I’m a criminal. That’s what I do what I’m not supposed to do so now what [had] happened was No Mexican has ever beat me in dominoes ever One day the cash was on the line. I been sipping that lean it caught me [sleeping] What’s got to do with me is Joe problem? Uh I didn’t have the money and in lieu of the money [I] Told Junior and his crew that I had a rich son, and a famous rap group, and I’m sure a little funky $2,000 don’t mean nothing when he clocking all the dollars out there, Mr.. Major buckety bucks what you ain’t signed yet? Ain’t got no money All right, willis. Let’s not be a gloomy gus okay. [yeah], didn’t learn nothing [from] your white brother. He’s learned Always look on the bright [side] of life But you still haven’t given him any money No, I get morons this morning. But you’re already trying to make me make small booty payments And I only got a small booty to work with Look here man um I only got one booty hole you understand. I’m saying They don’t take debit or credit or nothing in here. It’s [just] hold okay I’ve been holding on to it for 16 years I don’t see no reason let it go now over a few little pineapple fruit cups and some cigarettes Speaking of which I need you to do me a favor [listen] to these for me. That’s disgusting man. What would you put that out front oh from my Louis Vuitton prison bag, nigga? What do you think I pulled him on my ass. Yeah, got to smell it just listen to it I know I know it’s time look I only got a few seconds before they snatch me up out of here cuz I’m a gangster But look I need you to save my sister. [you] [danced] me in front of that white man’s child

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100 thoughts on “School Dance Prison Visit

  1. Even Murderers have a conscience. Katt Williams is a Cool Cat until he,s Provoked by little rotten white and couple of black F,n kids. You are There Bright Side of the light Mr. Katt Williams. XOXO

  2. Katt say "Thats almost a grown white man you brought in here. His glasses are certainly grown…" The first time I saw this I laughed so hard!! 😂

  3. I show this to everyone when they ask me how a Mexican can have a blonde haired blue eyes boy like like my youngest. Might as well call him Miklo

  4. it's so funny black ppl think white ppl credit starts different. 😂😂😂 white ppl got good credit cuz they white. 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

  5. This baby is rice skinneded but not light skinneded, that is a white child. That is caucasian from the mountain of Caucasus, that is a slavic baby… a viking from Iceland..
    That baby got a 730 as a credit rating right now as an infant

  6. "That baby got 730 as a credit rating, right now as an infant…" – I can't stop laughing. The whole rant is funny but that line just kills me. My sides hurt from laughing.

  7. That one might be mine, I'm not totally sure. Just because you name him Darren, don't mean he belongs to Darren.

  8. He said I pulled it out my Louis Vuitton prison nah, nigga what you think I pulled it out my ass 😂😂😂😂

  9. Omg how can ya not like cat Williams,even though he's following a script you know damn well he'd say this shit in real life!

  10. Them dude's thought You we're going to WIN that's why they smashed the table…. And that was The End of gambling in the YARD
    Remember?+((((that means the bet does Not count.).

  11. Every sense Friday After Next when Katt almost got his shit pushed in by Damian. I’ve been wanting to see his a$$ again.

  12. Omg!
    This was hilarious, 😂😁
    I've never heard or seen this movie. KW is crazy, that man is a mess.. I almost choked on my juice..

  13. THAT BABY GOT A 730 CREDIT “ rating! SO TRUE! And about respect don’t even get me started with that bullshit

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