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4 thoughts on “School Bus Driver Pleads Guilty After Fatal Accident

  1. Did she say legal or illegal at fucking stupid bitch!!! She had to fuck up talking right when she was saying the most important word in the whole God dam report!!!! Fuck…that really fucking pisses me the fuck off for some reason!!! WTF!!!

  2. They are throwing the book at a maybe incompetant old man who made a mistake of a U-turn. Maybe take his driver's liscense and job, but to put him in prison, that seems cruel and inhumane to me. If you want to sue the bus company for hiring him, I can see that. Taking all the rage at the deaths out on this man seems very wrong and unfair. The courts in Morris County have no compassion for people who are wrongly accused. There is no way he made the concious decision that he didn't care if he killed people when he made the U-turn.

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