School Bus Cameras Catch Violators
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School Bus Cameras Catch Violators

– Our school district has
over 400 routes across the city of Austin every day, with thousands of stops a day and this is what we don’t want to occur. This is a residential neighborhood, you can see that the stop sign is out. (Lisa gasps) – And that kid was not killed? It’s scary. It is scary.
– That is scary. – That student could have
suffered serious injuries or even death. – Is this a sort of
thing that you see a lot? – We don’t see this extreme a lot, but we do see close calls
and we do constantly see violations occurring across the city and that’s what we’re trying to avoid, is this incident from occurring. When you’re traveling down the roadway and these stop lights come on and these stop signs come out, these cameras are activated
on the side of the bus and they start to capture
images in both directions, there’s cameras on each side. There’s also a camera on
the back corner of the bus. These cameras are equipped
to capture the video and they’re also equipped
to take still shots to show the steps as the
violator passes the bus. – So can you show me a possible violation? – I can, so this is the
way it’s queued up for us. Stop sign out. – [Lisa] Right passed. – [Eric] Right passed. – [Lisa] Doesn’t even slow down. – [Eric] Doesn’t even slow down. – Tell me what’s happening here? – This is right after they unloaded, this child that you see
in the top corner here is in a crosswalk and has the right of way to cross the street. So as you see the video
captures this occurring. (Lisa gasps) – [Lisa] Oh my gosh and
what happened to the child? – The kid got bumps and
bruises, some scrapes. It doesn’t look like it but that driver did stop just off-screen. – [Lisa] What’s your message to drivers? – My message to drivers in
our district is every day watch for the big yellow buses or look for the red
lights when they’re on, watch for our students walking
to and from school every day, be attentive in your school zones, stay off your cellphones while
you’re in our school zones and watch for our bicyclists as well.

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14 thoughts on “School Bus Cameras Catch Violators

  1. Fucking idiot learn your 10iq kids to fucking look both ways if a fast car coming towards you dont fucking run into it your dumber than a fucking dog

  2. As cases of students getting hit by scofflaws who blow past a school bus stopped as its red lights are flashing along with the stop sign extended when some school districts raised funding to equip certain school buses in the fleet with cameras to catch the scofflaws as a first time offence would be at least $300 and two demerit points when a second offence could net a fine of at least $500 and at least five demerit points.

  3. I was taught to look both ways. Not saying the stop sign runners aren't at fault just saying the kid could have prevented it by looking first.

  4. One time when I was in 1st grade I rode a bus to my house , a car almost hit me but they were smart enough to slam the brakes hard and when the car stoped, only little bit of the front of the car touch me lightly. It was almost the end of my life

  5. I find it hilarious that these school buses even stop on such busy roads. Why not pull into that parking lot, or somewhere not as busy, literally feet away? Is there some kind of thinking that as soon as the bus drives away, the kids are now safe and no chance of being hit? Can the bus accidentally hit a kid? Does everyone even know the law around this?

    So many questions, yet here we are with government and advocates pushing for increasing the penalty and most importantly, for more money. Oh yeah that's right, that's the thing that matters, I remember now. Money.

  6. Ohhhh shit..Wtf is wrong with people? How would these stuck on stupid driver's who run the bus stop signs feel if it were there child who got hit? I heart flew up into my mouth when I saw that child hit & instantly wanted to grab that driver & make him/her pay for what just happened.."Watch out Kids about" should always be the thing in everybodies minds when driving😠

  7. Easy solution is to allow a school bus to stop diagonally across two lanes so it blocks all vehicles from passing it.

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