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5 thoughts on “Schlage ND Classroom Security Lock | Mr. Locksmith Video

  1. I was brought up a couple questions to me is the key that used on the outside of the door the same key as the inside of the door. If this is the case then it's someone had got the janitor's keys for say they would still have access to that door. If the key is different then what happens when the door is put into lockdown. And the person forgets to unlock it from lockdown. And then walks outside how do you get back in

  2. My buddy, a locksmith in California, install quite a few of these in schools there. This is the first time I have seen how they operate. Very nice. As long as the teacher keeps the key handy.

  3. I have a school that currently uses many of these.but i cant seem to convince them to use it properly. They keep the schlage nd75 classroom intruder function locked all the time and put magnets (the kind for covering heat registers) over the ansi strikes! They claim it takes too long to use the key and they are not quite sure what way to turn it!!!

  4. Yeah the problem is there are videos on YouTube to show "how to breach a door" using a gun. So these POS crazy school shooters can study how to shoot the lock off very quickly thanks to YouTube. When is anyone on YouTube going to need to know how to breach a door with a gun? This shit is irritating.

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