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25 thoughts on “Schizophrenia | Behavior | MCAT | Khan Academy

  1. Bullshit!

    Want to see a real schizophrenic episode from the eyes of a schizophrenic then ill direct you to the few ending scenes from the movie the craft. Hallucinations are portrayed quite nicely, the paranoia for seemingly no reason, dream "disturbances" are in there some where, the delusions are in there.

    Yeah, you can learn more about this problem by watching some stupid movie than going to school. You can also learn more about it by reading on magic and the spirits and what types of things can happen.

  2. I've been doing my research for a bit and this is the first I've heard about the prodrome. Glad I watched this

  3. well im scizo and if its true that i can be unaware of my behavior i must black out because i seem pretty normal to me

  4. bullshit people who hear really hear voices it isn't a chemical imbalance they are talking to spirits evil ones and good ones

  5. There is definitely a genetic component. I have gone through so much stress and Hell in my life and yet I still have my marbles. I am so grateful!

  6. You may not have considered what God says about invisible fallen angels, who are here on Earth. They can speak into our ears all manner of thoughts, depression, anxiety, fears, hallucinations, dreams; and mot importantly they want to keep us from y relationship with our God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!! The Lord helped me in this battle and can help anyone who will believe God. Please listen to my story on YouTube at: Hearing Voices: real help and understanding. Praying for you, Carol

  7. Stalkers who are insane also speak or imitating animal noise from the dark as they creep around sane people/targets houses to make them look as looney as they are and hide if fairly well for a time.Truth is always revealed."PROJECTION" happens more often than you think.Becareful who you let in your life.!

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