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SCALE-UP classroom

Early in the spring of 2018, our course schedulers
and coordinators realized that we were short of about 15 class sections with no instructors. And in order to meet that need, we started
looking around for space that we could utilize to put some innovative classrooms in. So I approached Phil Landreth, who is in charge
of space all across the university to see if we could acquire a large a large room in
the library to turn into an innovative classroom. April, Chris and I are standing in Cooper
Library in room 200-B, as in boy, and this is the new space where our scale-up classroom
will be located. The library is partnering with the College
of Science and the math department to provide this space. It will be enhanced with new furniture for
scale-up type active learning. And in the evenings, after classes are over,
and on weekends, this space will be turned back over to the library to use for additional
study spaces. So we’re actually increasing the capacity
of the amount of study spaces available. So it’s a win-win all the way around. When this space is completed, you’re going
to be looking at 16 tables that will be seating nine students each. They’re going to have three monitors that
they’ll be able to view and be able to work in groups of three to be able to do inactive
activities. On those monitors what they’ll be able to
see is what the teacher is actually presenting during class, so that they’re not straining
to have to look at boards and trying to figure out where their superscripts are or where
their subscripts are. So, that way it’s going to be very innovative
and interactive for the students. We’re now in August. Today is Aug. 7th and look at all the progress
that’s already been made. We’ve got the tables being installed, the
chairs being put together. The main thing that was going to be going
is the marker boards along with the monitor mounts. So, probably within a week’s time, we’re
going to have a completed classroom and look forward to seeing our students coming in. So, today’s Oct. 18th, 2018. I’m in Cooper Library 200-B, which we refer
to as our scale-up classroom. And this was a room that was first thought
of in September 2017 when I was talking to Dean Cynthia Young about our classroom needs. We wrote a proposal that was submitted in
March 2018 to Phil Landreth and the university and that wish was granted. And over the summer of 2018, this very large
room in the library was renovated into a 144-seat classroom with 16 tables of nine seats each. This is an innovative classroom we’re using
to teach in the scale-up format, a very popular way of what’s called active learning, meaning
that the faculty member lectures for 20-25 minutes followed by the last half of the class
consisting of the students working together in small groups mentored by the faculty member
and three or four teaching assistants. They get personalized attention and they get
a mini-lecture by one of our best faculty members. And what this does for us is provide a very
innovative, effective format of delivery along with saving space, and it is a savings in
money as well.

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