Saving teachers time with Office 365
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Saving teachers time with Office 365

once there was a teacher who wanted her students to learn but the demands in her time kept growing and growing in the beginning she was overwhelmed by lesson plans grading schedules and textbooks with so many students and five classes a day the clock was always ticking away until one day she discovered office 365 education it was full of powerful tools built just for teachers and students and it was completely free these tools help to manage everything in one place they helped your organize and distribute lessons and even work with fellow teachers and administrators the best part was because everything worked with the documents and devices that her and her students already used they didn’t have to worry about setup they could get right to learning with office online students could work together even outside the classroom and the teacher could be there every step of the way to give feedback many of her students had different learning needs and she wanted to make sure she could reach them all her visual learners could write notes with digitally and auditory learners could use learning tools to have any text read back to them in fact every moment became an opportunity to learn because with sway content and experiences came to life as interactive reports and presentations that could be designed automatically and shared instantly with all of these tools the students were ready for the world because office 365 education meant that I’m no longer ruled the classroom so the teacher felt empowered to focus on her greatest passion teaching it office 365 for free at / teachers

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