Saudi student kills four in attack at Florida naval air station
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Saudi student kills four in attack at Florida naval air station

an aviation student from Saudi Arabia
opened fire in a Naval Base classroom in Florida on Friday local time killing
four people the shooting at a Naval Air Station in Pensacola Florida also
injured 10 others including two officers who were shot in the limbs the gunman
who was shot dead by police had been named as mohammed saeed al sham rani a
Saudi military pilot training at the site President Trump tweeted his
condolences for the victims and their families he said that the government is
monitoring the situation as the investigation is ongoing but declined to
say whether the shooting was terrorism related the latest attack marks the
second shooting at a US military base this week

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27 thoughts on “Saudi student kills four in attack at Florida naval air station

  1. Why the fuck was he here? We know who these people are so why the fuck do we keep letting them in to the United states… clearly someone need to loose the job…

  2. There were 4 more arrested….The military needs to do better intel before letting them into the program..It's been going on since the early 80's can't let anyone slip through!


  4. Please pray for the peace and security of Israel: If Israel receive peace from these same beasts so will the followers of Christ! Take heed: An action requires a reaction, if Gentiles continue to believe these attacks that create a diabolical domino affect on our nation can't touch them then the LORD once again will leave the world to them to endure worse consequences for their failure to recognize the one true God…just like they didn't recognize John the baptist coming in the spirit of Elijah so we were forced to continue in this world for such a time as this, here we are again…"history repeating itself", if you people fail to recognize what season we are in; you too will be left behind to endure worse from this world in double portion wrath so don't think that this evil won't affect you eventually! May the LORD comfort those in mourning for the people of NAS Pensacola, Florida, USA…I am confident that God loves you, take up the armor of God and quench the fiery spears that are being shot at you now; go ye into the word of God, pray w/petitions to the LORD, and hold your stance; also, be patient and wait on the LORD for your help!

  5. Saudi Arabia is to terror what Kentucky is to horse racing. The longer the world and America keep ignoring this fact, arming them and trying to be allies with them, the more this shit will happen. That’s TWO terror attacks Saudis have carried out on US soil against Americans now. Let’s give em more training and weapons tho 🤮

  6. Please don’t make it a big deal when a Muslim does something like this … not all Muslims are the same alright .. remember the shooting that happened in New Zealand Muslim mosque they never called it a terrorist attack or made it that big when it was a shame and it was a “trump supporter” on the other hand that didn’t stop me and made me think all white people the same .. keep it positive & spread love

  7. The jihadist wrote in a tweet that he hates America because America supports Israel.
    The Quran orders a faithful servant of Allah to kill anyone who will not submit. Look for the tweet on the internet that was since deleted by Twitter.
    Israel is the only democracy surrounded by Islam.
    Islam does not allow women to drive, vote, show their face, ankle, cannot get an education, must marry who the parents want, get genitals chopped off and can be killed in what's called an honor killing, if she ever says she is raped she is murdered by the community religious elders and Islam permits child bride marriages that and much more is Islam and yet that pilot hates Israel.

  8. Saudis carry out 911 attacks … no ban on Saudis … the Saudis carry out terrorist attack in Florida .. no ban on Saudis … 0 Libyans perform any terrorist attacks in USA .. BAN LIBYANS FROM TRAVEL TO US. Logic? no Logic.

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