SARDINE RUN – 1 – The Greatest Shoal on Earth with Peter Lamberti
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SARDINE RUN – 1 – The Greatest Shoal on Earth with Peter Lamberti

I grew up in Amanzimtoti and I
went to school there and often at the sardine run was happening and I bunked
school to go along and watch what was going on
we saw sardines washed up on the beach we saw the Seine netters it is pulling the
sardines in fishermen catching these awesome fish so when I got into
filmmaking around 1990 I decided I would like to document the sardine run and
show people what it’s all about I was never really successful at capturing
what goes on underwater so I was in a discussion with some scientists Dr Vic Peddemors and some good friends Mark Addison and we decided to go down into
the wild coast to find out what happens there because they’re the thin band of
water that the sardines migrate up in is very narrow so the
action is concentrated so we launched out of Mkambati
and we had an airplane in the air finding the action for us and we
realized what this was all about we found all kinds of predators making
bait balls birds diving in sharks dolphins game
fish everything preying on the Sardines we realized what needed to be done so
the next year we got a good friend of mine Rob Allen who had a microlight and
we put him in the air because he knew exactly what to look for we had
developed a whole lot of special cameras to capture the activity underwater and we really went about filming the
Sardine Run and we got amazing stuff we made a promo which we sent out to
different broadcasters which got the cat amongst the pigeons and the next thing
we knew the BBC were there everybody was there and trying to film the sardine run
but we put out our first film in the year 2000 it was called “The Greatest Shoal on Earth” since then we’ve made another three films we believe there’s
probably a lot more films that can be made on the subject we’ve always tried
to stay ahead of the curve as far as understanding what’s going on and how to
film it with the latest technology and I think we’ve probably put together the
greatest library on this event that exists in the world one two three … How was it? you won’t believe what we’ve got! like a 100 Dolphins just coming through frame at once

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5 thoughts on “SARDINE RUN – 1 – The Greatest Shoal on Earth with Peter Lamberti

  1. I remember those sardine runs well when I lived in Warners. Hordes of excited people wading in with large crates, to fill the home freezers. There was a time, before I finally left Natal, that the run seemed to dry up or at least the shoals moved out of the reach of beachgoers. Still, those were the 'good old days' indeed. Best regards, and thanks for the memory, Peter.

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