Sand Management Project at Shoal Bay
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Sand Management Project at Shoal Bay

My name’s Murray Smith. I’m the Community and Recreation projects’ Team Leader in the capital works section. My name’s Kerry Shepherd. I’m the Capital Works Project Officer. For several years now, Council’s
been dealing with a sand inundation problem around the Little Beach boat
ramp area. The root cause of that problem has been established as sand migrating around from Shoal Bay. So we need to move an amount of sand from the west end of Shoal Bay back to the east end of Shoal Bay. We’ve worked out that if we use
drones survey in Shoal Bay, we can accurately quantify how much sand we
need to move and from what area… and also use the imagery to ensure that we don’t inundate the seagrass beds in Shoal Bay. it’s working quite well. This is the first time that Council has engaged a contractor to do some aerial survey work.
ith the results looking really promising, we’ve decided to engage the same contractor to do some survey at
Conroy Park for us to try and help with the erosion problems there and for us to
get a more accurate gauge on what’s needed. What will happen next is that we plan to actually
do the work in mid to late October Sections of the beach will
be inaccessible for a period of around a week or so while the works are undertaken. We could probably use this in quite a lot of areas to help us get more accurate
surveys and save money in the long run for the ratepayers.

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