Salary, Health and Happiness: The Benefits of a College Degree
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Salary, Health and Happiness: The Benefits of a College Degree

These days many occupations require
higher education, and while there are endless benefits to consider when it
comes to earning your degree, here are our top 10 reasons why college is
important Number one college grads earn more on average Workers with a
bachelor’s degree earned an average of four hundred and sixty one dollars more
per week than those with only a high school diploma according to the US
Bureau of Labor Statistics. One 2016 report by the US Department of Education
estimated workers with a bachelor’s degree would make approximately 1
million dollars more over the course of their lives than someone without a
degree. Number 2 college grads are less likely to be unemployed if you’re currently unemployed obtaining a degree might be the right move for you
according to BLS data in March of 2018 only 2.5 percent of workers with a
bachelor’s degree were facing unemployment compared to 4.6 of workers
with a high school diploma number 3 college grads are more likely
to enjoy their jobs. Want to have a career that makes you happy? Pew research found in a 2016 survey that 77% of workers with a post-grad degree and 60
percent of workers with a bachelor’s felt that having a degree helped their
sense of identity. Number four college graduates are financially savvy. Working adults with a bachelor’s degree are nearly 10 times more likely to have a bank account than high school graduates according to a 2016 Lumina Foundation
report college graduates were also less likely to use expensive payday and tax
refund loans according to the report. Number five college graduates are more
likely to own their own homes if buying a home is a long-term goal of yours
earning your degree can help you achieve that goal.
Zilla found in a 2016 report that 75% of homebuyers were college educated
compared to the 14 percent of new home buyers who had some college experience
but no degree and 11 percent who had only their high school diploma. Number 6
college graduates marry more and stay that way longer. Did you know a college
degree can even help you with your marriage in 2015 Pew Research Center
reported that nearly two-thirds of adults over 25 with a bachelor’s degree
were married in 2014 compared to 53% of those with less education. Number 7
college graduates tend to live longer according to a Brookings Institute
report an additional year of college can decrease your mortality rate by 15 to 19
percent which means people with only their high school diplomas have a
mortality rate nearly double that of those with a college degree. Number 8
college graduates have better overall health a college degree can help your
overall well-being the Lumina Foundation found that college degree earners have
healthier habits than non degree holders Number 9 college grads get a boost in
happiness a whopping 94 percent of adults with a bachelor’s degree report
being happy or very happy with life compared to 89 percent of those without
a college degree according to the Lumina Foundation. Number 10 college grads give
back a Lumina Foundation found that 40 percent of people with their bachelor’s
degree volunteered in their community donated more to charity
were 1.5 times as likely to vote and were twice as likely to participate in
extracurricular organizations, so whether you’re looking to find more personal
fulfilment improve your overall health and wellness or plan for your future a
college degree will help you get the most out of your life you

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  1. Great video highlighting the importance of a college degree. The narrator spoke so eloquently, wish to be at SNHU someday! 💯

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