Salah, Shaqiri and Robbo’s festive surprise for local school pupils | PRICELESS REACTIONS
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Salah, Shaqiri and Robbo’s festive surprise for local school pupils | PRICELESS REACTIONS

Me, Mo and Shaq are at a local school,
and we’re getting into the festive spirit. The kids think they are talking about
their favourite players. My name’s Leo,
I’m 10 and I love Liverpool. We’re actually going to
surprise them ourselves. Ohhh! Hello. I support Liverpool because all of
my parents and family support Liverpool. My favourite players are Salah and Shaqiri. ♫ Mo Salah, Mo Salah,
running down the wing ♫ Salah-la-la-la, la-laaa-ah,
the Egyptian King. ♫ Oh, my goodness. PLAYERS LAUGH SHAQ: Hello! Hi! – How are you?
– Good. Erm…surprised. We can see that! If I had to pick one… No pressure. No pressure. It’d probably be… I don’t know, I like them all! They’re just amazing football players. Hello, my name’s Dominic
and I’m a massive Liverpudlian. My name’s Joseph
and I’m a massive Evertonian, and my favourite player is Richarlison. He’s miles better than Salah. WHISPERING: (Who’s better than me?) ROBBO: (Richarlison – yes!) Tell me everything you know
about Andy Robertson. He left Celtic to go to Marks & Spencer’s. He’s fast, he’s agil… He’s got good agility
and he’s good at crossing the ball. The Merseyside derby was funny, because
I don’t know what Pickford was doing… I thought it was funny,
but I was annoyed a bit because… It… Oh! SHAQ: You excited? BOTH: Yeah!
MO: What did you say? I heard it, he said Richarlison was better. But he is! I don’t know what to say! He’s miles better. He is a good player. But can he score 30 goals in a season? Well, if Harry Kane can, he can. Robbo is the best left-back in the league. I’m kind of sick and tired of Robertson
just running up the field. Oh, I’m shocked! I’m lost for words. My favourite player is Shaqiri.
His nickname is The Powercube. Do his celebration. Yes, my friend. Hey! How are you? – Powercube.
– Powercube. (Who wants to know Robbo?
Who wants to play left-back?) (I’m the working-class hero.) (What kind of kid dreams
of being a left-back?) Probably my favourite player
is Andy Robertson. (She just said Robbo, get in.) (She did! What you laughing at?!) He’s really nice,
and I found out that he, erm… Keep talking, come on. Keep talking. Keep talking.
Are you surprised? Yes. BOTH: We’re called Oliver
and we love Liverpool. MO: Hello? All of them are good at passing the ball
and all of them… Hello! Oh, my God. What happened? Nice to meet you. How are yous so good at football,
how did yous learn? You are talking about me and Shaq, right? My favourite player is Shaqiri. My favourite player’s Shaqiri. More than Salah? – Yeah.
– Yeah. Why? Cos he’s an all-round player and he’s strong. He-llo. Oh, my God. I’ve got two friends with me. Oh, my God. How are you feeling? – Surprised.
– Yeah! Does anyone know the nickname of Shaq? Em, Shaq Attack. Shaq Attack! Big Shaq… Big Shaq in the house! The Powercube. I’m Connor and I support Everton. I’m Alfie and I support Liverpool. What score was the derby? 1-0! Who’s your favourite Liverpool player? Mohamed Salah. MO: Thank you. ♫ Mo Salah, Mo Salah ♫ Running down the wing ♫ Mo Salah, Mo Salah… ROBBO: ♫ Salah-la-la-la… ♫ What the…?! PLAYERS LAUGH SHAQ: How are you? Favourite player? From Liverpool? Shaqiri and Salah. Robbo not involved? And Robbo. Oh, and Robbo! I am a huge Liverpool fan. My favourite player is Shaqiri. My name’s Harry,
I’m a massive Everton fan and my favourite player is Sigurdsson. Harry! – Hiya.
– Hi. How are you? Surprised? BOTH: Yes! You’re just my favourite players in the world. Thank you. I wouldn’t trade anyone for yous,
for Liverpool. So you don’t like us winning, no? Yeah. So you can support us,
and you will be more happy. Easy. My name’s Leo,
I’m 10 and I love Liverpool. Mo Salah, anything you’d like to say
to him if you could send a message? Erm… Oh, my God! Oh, my God. What happened? I don’t know. We have a present for you, OK? Oh, it’s a ticket to the next Liverpool match. Who would you take? – My dad.
– Yeah? Yeah. My dad’s a huge Liverpool fan. What does he do when Liverpool score? Runs around the room… Show me how he runs around the room. Hello! As-salām ‘alaykum. How are you? – Good.
– Good? Helllllo. Hello, how are you? Good, how are you? Surprised? Very surprised. Do yous play any football? – She’s amazing.
– Yeah? My name is David and my
favourite player is Mo Salah. My favourite player is Salah as well. OK, well, what would you say
to him if you met him? Are you really the King of Egypt? Yeah. Are you sure? Ohhhh! Are you really the King of Egypt? Still don’t want to sing the Salah song? – No.
– Why? I don’t really sing the Salah song. Big Shaq song, no? Big Shaq! Big Shaq in the house. Man’s Not Hot? Yeah! Yeah, you know. My name’s Lilly and I’m a big Liverpool fan, because my dad supports Liverpool. What does your dad do
when Liverpool score a goal? My favourite players are Van Dijk,
Salah and Andy Robertson. OK, why do you like Mo Salah? Because he always scores goals. Do you like his song? Yeah. ♫ Mo Salah, Mo Salah,
running down the wing PLAYERS JOIN IN:
♫ Salah-la-la-la, la-ahh-ah ♫ The Egyptian King. ♫ How are you? Good? You look shy. Are you happy? SHAQ: We’ve got a present
for you today, look. You want to open it? Two tickets. Boom. Go with your dad? Happy? My name’s Dominic and I love Liverpool. I’m Lily and I love Everton. Everton are better than Liverpool
because they’re fast and they don’t give up. (Go on.) Which team you support? Everton. Oh, come on. You need to change, I think. Maybe. LIVERPOOL! Louder! LIVERPOOL! Can all the Everton fans put their hand up? Right, can you leave now?

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100 thoughts on “Salah, Shaqiri and Robbo’s festive surprise for local school pupils | PRICELESS REACTIONS

  1. 2:47
    What kind of kid dreams of being a left back😂😂
    Mo you were a left back in the Egyptian League 😂

  2. Alzo May Allah bless us all Egyptians worldwide and other nationalities across the oceans appreciating peace treaties at the middle East and every where. Again May The Lord of the whole entire world guide us to the straightforward path yea May The Almighty Allah confer some support some power as a mode to have some pleasure and happiness hopefully to protect our beloved kids adolescents and those weaponless peoples may Allah protect us and them against the that intolerable catastrophic morbid mortal homicidal COWARD sustained Israeli military ascent against those innocent weaponless CIVILIANS SHOT randomly thrown and scattered over the mosques and every where OML What shall we say with that confusion calamity of indewelling meddling at the internal affairs of some countries that morbid illegal USA eout any reason that meddling at the internal affairs of some countries such as Syria Pakistan Libya Yemen or other modest pious sincere peaceful philanthropist countries finally we all peoples appreciating pax process forum have to collectively play a prominent role as a means to find some release from that dark black dim tunnel hopefully to have some compromise perfect concerning the solving that tedious problem the Palestinians human beings rights Palestinians to restore their occupied territories west coast bank in addition to sole purposeful regain of Jerusalem Eastern as a capital of Palestine country

  3. الله على أخلاقك يا فخر العرب ههههههههههههههههههه

  4. Their reaction is very cold. If I meet Mohamed Salah, Louvreen, Bobby, Van Dyke or any Liverpool player, I will jump up and cry from the joy.

  5. 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻👎🏻👎🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻👎🏻salah

  6. What score was the derby?
    Who’s your favourite Liverpool player?
    “Mohamed Salah”
    “Thank you”

  7. the surprise these kids display very different to what their fellows display in developing countries, which is much more vibrant, emitonally charging, and meaningful.

  8. 6.37 “ Big Shaq in the house” 😂😂😂. Salah like a giggly kid off his head on sweets. Quality😂😂😂

  9. I swear I wanna be one of those kids and meet him bc Mohammed is honestly the best players and I can’t talk Arabic with him because I am arabic! If I was there and I meet Mohammed he’s the best he makes me wanna be Muslim even more! I am already

  10. Girl's Greeting: Al Salam Alaykom = Peace be upon you
    Salah's Reply: Wa Alaykom Al Salam Wa Rahamoto Allah Wa Barakato = And Peace, Mercy, and blessing of Allah be upon you too.

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