S. MICHAEL WILCOX: Having Gratitude for Things That Never Happened
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S. MICHAEL WILCOX: Having Gratitude for Things That Never Happened

I had to go to South East Asia in January,
where I had an interesting lesson on gratitude– I knew the lesson, but this was really when it…made it come home. They always give me, at the office, a list
of everywhere I’m going to go, get a taxi here, how many flights, because I have a real
difficult travel schedule. And I was supposed to fly out Thursday night
at 8:30-ish, 8:26. But I kept looking at the flight schedule
and seeing “Friday out of L.A., Friday, out of L.A. to Seoul, Korea, then Bangkok and into Burma. And it just got stuck in my mind, I was leaving
Friday, but my flight was Thursday. And I’ve arranged to be taken to the airport
on Friday, everything’s geared for Friday, I’ve started packing. It is Thursday afternoon at 1:30, and I just
thought, “I’ve checked this flight a million times, let me see, was it 8:26 or 8:46? When was I leaving?” Now, I picked up the flight schedule, and
for the first time in ten times looking at it, I saw, “Thursday.” You know that horrible, sinking feeling? Have you seen ‘Somewhere in Time,’ when he
sees the penny? Remember that? “What was that?” Oh! I’ve got to be at the airport in four hours! Now, I scrambled and I made it, and I got
the flight, and I made it. For two weeks, I was so grateful at what had
not happened. It would have been a disaster. It would have cost thousands of dollars. I would have missed the group in a strange
country. Sometimes, I’m grateful for the things that
never happened in my life.

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  1. I adore S. Michael Wilcox! His heart, His gratitude, His mind, His ability to appreciate and see rich symbolism in every day life! I have read all His books!! Just beautiful person ♥ Oops this is my daughters account haha , how gorgeous is she X

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