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100 thoughts on “Ryan, Sharpay – What I’ve Been Looking For (From “High School Musical”)

  1. Okay, Kelsi was bothered because Sharpay "ruined" the concept of the song that she composed, it's understandable. But why Troy and Gabriella was watching Ryan and Sharpay's performance as who says "eww, it's horrible"? They were perfect! Specially considering the people who performed before.

  2. Sharpay was definitely the entertainment in the show for me! She was the only thing that made this show interesting, besides her brother and the guy that plays troy's best friend.

  3. 뭐야뭐야..? 디즈니 왜 자꾸 오래 전 하이스쿨 뮤지컬 노래 올려주는거야???? 4제작해줘 제발 ㅠㅠ

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  5. Gosto bem mais dessa música com a Sharpay e o Ryan, do que com o Troy e a Gabriella.
    I like this version of the song !!!!!! Sharpay and Ryan are the best!!!!!! 😄❤

  6. Yo la amo a ella algunos dicen q es mala pero detrás de la peli es re buena y tierna no es mala puede ser q en la peli aya echo muchas cosas feas pero todos merecemos una segunda oportunidad 😄

  7. slay queens!!!

    troy and gabby in the back being salty cause they know that they could never be as good as THAT AMAZINGNESS

  8. i love high school musical , I would love to see the whole cast come together again for high school musical 4 and vanessa hudgengs with zac efron again it would be my dream, i love sharpay and ryan this is my favorite song

  9. Nobody:

    Not a single soul:

    Sharpay and Ryan: trying out for love interests just to be famous even though they are siblings

  10. If I am being honest why did Gabriella and Troy hate that so much if I am being honest songs with Sharpay and Ryan are awesome.

  11. No se porque dicen que ryan era gay cuando nunca lo fue yo lo veía suficiente varonil
    Pero lo que sí era, era un gran artista
    Ryan fue lo mejor de HSM 😉

  12. Honestly screw Kelsey in this video Sharpay and Ryan slayyyyed it. They care so much about preforming and Ryan’s moves are 🔥

  13. Ya know what always bothered me about these characters? They don't remind me of annoying theatre kids I've ever seen. Like, it just feels like a missed opportunity to instead show cartoonish people.

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