Running Start at Lower Columbia College
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Running Start at Lower Columbia College

LCC logo [intro music] Hey LCC, is it possible to earn up to two years of college credit, tuition-free? [intro music] Yes! [intro music] Lower Columbia College The Smart Choice [intro music] Running Start is a statewide program that
allows eligible 11th and 12th graders to earn both high school and college credits while
taking classes at Lower Columbia College. Dual enrollment programs like this one allow students to work toward a college degree while completing their high school diploma. [music] Average cost for two years tuition at other Washington universities is about $16,000. The cost to attend LCC for the same period, without dual enrollment, is roughly $8,000. With Running Start, the state covers the cost of college tuition for up to 15 credits per quarter at LCC. Which means dual enrollment students can save between $8,000-$16,000 over a two year period. Plus, students who are eligible for free and or reduced lunch may also qualify to receive help paying for additional fees and books. Running Start saves time as well as money. Many students who attend full-time for two years earn an associate degree and qualify for junior status at their transfer college
or university. In fact, the number of students in the program earning both their high school diploma and associate degree at the same time has doubled over the last five years. Students can take some or all of their classes at LCC, and still participate in sports and other activities at their high school. They can also participate in clubs and student activities at LCC. Running Start students come from public and private high schools in the area, as well as home schools. The number of participants continue to increase over time as more and more families hear about the program. Most students in the program do well academically at LCC, typically outperforming their non-Running Start peers. The majority of program participants enroll in general transfer degree programs at LCC, but students can also participate in career-related programs like welding, engineering, and business. In follow-up studies, many former students report that they appreciated the opportunity to experience a college environment while still in high school. Parents of former Running Start students report that the program helped their families save significant amounts of money on tuition at transfer colleges and universities. Particularly for those who went out of state. Many students in the program are able to take classes at LCC that aren’t available at their high school. In addition, LCC offers classes during the
day, in the evening, and online to provide maximum flexibility for busy high school students. [music] Students do not need permission from their high school to enroll in Running Start. It’s a choice made by students and their families, one that is authorized by Washington state law. Students do need to meet minimum eligibility requirements before entering the program. They must be a Washington State resident with 11th or 12th grade status, have a cumulative overall GPA of 2.5 and a cumulative English GPA of 3.0 or a score of 3 or 4 on the English portion of the Smarter Balanced Assessment. Once in the program, students work with their high school guidance counselors to select the LCC courses that work best to fulfill
high school graduation requirements. Visit today to learn more about Running Start and how it can save you and your family both time and money! [music]

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