Running Into Your Teacher | Anwar Jibawi
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Running Into Your Teacher | Anwar Jibawi

I mean, I’m late so I don’t have that much to worry. That’s true Isn’t that your fifth-grade teacher? Oh shit, it is. Oh my god. He sa- I think he saw us. I think he saw us. Don’t look don’t look (ok) Yo, I think he’s headed this way. Yo? I swear to god I’ll turn in the homework tomorrow! No, no, man, it’s not like that anymore. C’mon, Get up! Mr. Patterson.. from Fifth grade? Yeah, I remember. I’m sorry, it’s just an old reflex. Yeah, what up dude? boom boom boom boom? How’s it going man? I’m good. I’m good. Good good. How are you? Oh, you know.. so good. Oh good. That’s good to know. Yeah, cool well Really good to see you, Anwar. good to see you, too. Yeah Really really good to see you. Yeah, well I guess I’ll let you go hehe Right catch you later. Oh Oh Hey, what are you doing tonight? Probably Just chill slap on a movie or something? Cool. Cool. Yeah. I don’t have any plans tonight That sucks That was weird as fuck. fucking asshole Hey kiddo. It’s the last day of Fifth grade And I just wanted you to know that even though I was hard on you you will always be my favorite student Hope to run into you someday… who knows maybe we can hang out as friends Call me, if you ever need anything Anwar! hey, how’s it going, Mr. Patterson? how are you, bud? What’s goin on man, I miss you! I was wondering if you’d– I’ll be there at 8 PM. Cool. See you at eight. It’s a date Hey, how’s it going Mr. Patterson? Brought you little somethin from my own private reserve. How did you know? Well, I know your mom used to drink ’til she blacked out. What do you mean? Never mind Movie? movie. Sounds good. What movie is this? Titanic. oh. Left foot green! Tush in your face, just kidding! Fuck you, principle John! Fuck you! Aaahhhhh Anwar Dinner and a movie? Let’s do it. five o’clock. don’t be late, okay? Five o’clock. okay pickle Mr. Patterson!k haha You’re late, Mr. Jibawi. What do you mean? It’s 5:04. Okay, the movie has another 20 minutes. We said five o’clock Okay, we’re I’m four minutes late. You know, where we’re going? Movies? No. detention let’s go. What do you mean, I’m a grown man. There’s no implemented- Attention all students please show up on time, especially when your best friend invites you to a movie Fuck you, Anwar

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100 thoughts on “Running Into Your Teacher | Anwar Jibawi

  1. انور كيفك فديوهاتك جميله كثير بتمنى اعمل مثلها ازا شفت تعليقي حطلي قلب احمر وكل شخص شاف تعليقي يساعدني لاصعد للاحسن شكرا الكم

  2. “Especially when your best friend invites you to a MOVIE.”
    ….. “Fuck you Anwar”
    That killed me 😂😂😂💀

  3. I mean who keep a box of memories of bad shit that happened to you lmao .. and the teacher for so long already have his numbers lmao

  4. At the time of mr Pattison writing the note to Anwar when he was going into 6th grade was basically him telling a 6th grader to call him and wanted to be friends yea defiantly not suspiciously illegal going on there

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  6. Lol i left seattle right when i graduated elementary and i came back 9 years ago which was yesterday and i met my 5th grade teacher at black angus….

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    You there

    In that wooden chair

    Never mind your doin your hair

    Wait no redo


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    NOOOOOO new one


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    Ugh frick never mind 😂

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