Round Rock ISD PIE Foundation announces grant winners this week!
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Round Rock ISD PIE Foundation announces grant winners this week!

(bright music) – It’s a new day and there are more PIE
Foundation grants to award. I’m Hollis Bone, and
today we’ll be announcing our winners in the Stony Point community. We are here at Herrington
Elementary School to visit Kendal Mowers
and Leigh Ann Burnell and share the good news
and hand over these checks that will go towards making a difference in their students’ lives. After our visit with Kendal and Leigh Ann, we’ll be announcing
the rest of the winners from the Stony Point Learning Community, so stay tuned. And tomorrow, we’ll be
wrapping up our Super Week of revealing winners when
we announce the winners and pay a special visit to a campus in the West Wood Vertical
Learning Community. (crowd cheering) Time to head on in and
surprise some winners. (crowd cheering) – I’m for Advanced Hands-On
Developmentally Appropriate Composition Books for all
of kindergarten to use for their kindergarten writing. (crowd cheering) – We have written this
grant for some book kits for each grade level for
culturally responsive literature. So the students can see
themselves in the characters and the authors and just everything. Oh, I love it! (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Andrea DeAngelis. STEM Enrichment for Eighth Grade Science, Coding, and Technology Classes. Hopewell Middle School. Kendal Mowers. The Write Start. Herrington Elementary. Staci Gammage. Princeton Review Kits-AVID Program. Stony Point High School. Tiffany Vogelman. Kinder Cool Down. Double File Trail Elementary. Christina Weshahi, Erin
Appl, Carly Ferrill. Growing Little Learners. Caldwell Heights Elementary. Kelly Perch. STEM Think Tank. Hernandez Middle School. Sandra Anguais. Outdoor Classroom. Union Hill Elementary. Claudia Faulkner. Leemos para Aprender. Hopewell Middle School. Pamala Bethke. STEM Time with the Ambassadors of STEM. Stony Point High School. Amanda Sickert. Mindfulness Grows Here. DAEP Elementary. Leigh Ann Burnell. Building Equity Through
Culturally Responsive Literature. Herrington Elementary. Stephanie Stoebe. Seeing Myself in the Literacy Library. Terravista Elementary. Melissa Toy. Light Up Our Life. Robertson Elementary. (inspirational upbeat music)
(crowd cheering)

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