Ronaldo in the Classroom
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Ronaldo in the Classroom

What makes Ronaldo so special first have
all is his football skills and football powers he has received his third Ballon d’Or earlier this year so is on top of the
world in football terms but also makes them
special is that he had visibility beyond the football world so
he has cultural appeal he has sex appeal he
has influencing cultural looks and he takes very good care of himself in order to portray a certain look that goes beyond the footballing fan so that
also makes them very interesting and very attracted for
a course on Ronaldo the idea of course on Ronaldo
goes back to Portugal Sweden soccer game to qualify
for the Brazilian World Cup and I listened to the game in Portuguese
broadcast and I was really intrigued by the way that the commentator describe Ronaldo
and what Ronaldo meant for Portugal in taking Portugal to the
World Cup “Portuguese Broadcaster getting very excited…….. So it was that sort of discourse that narration by the commentators that then intrigued
me to try to mount a course on Ronaldo.
(new voice) The course description initially said more than global citizenship and then
only got to class Louis informed us it’s more about focus on
Ronaldo. I’m not 100 percent familiar with him but learned that he’s a pretty big
cultural phenomenon so I’m interested in the crossover and how
someone becomes this like superstar or how it can be
used in other disciplines in other areas of interest. (New voice) Sports is a huge part of our
culture more specifically hockey however to still learn about one of the
world’s most famous athletes and how we can analyze and de-construct
what it means to be a global citizen around that topic I thought would be
pretty interesting Ronaldo is sort of at the centre in every discussion class meeting revolves
around Ronaldo initially and then we explore, we broaden up to
larger themes so it starts with Ronaldo but Ronaldo is almost like a springboard to talk about larger issues that are
much more sociological significant then just the biography of Ronaldo.
there’s a number of newspapers in Portugal some of them
quite prominent that run the story about the course also
in Spanish I’ve had contact for a number of people
who are either writing a book or doing a documentary on Ronaldo who
heard about the course through these newspaper
stories and have contacted me to talk about the course and talk about
my research on Ronaldo. I don’t know if Ronaldo has heard about
the course I mean I can’t imagine that he hasn’t. I haven’t heard from Ronaldo. I
haven’t heard from his entourage. I would love to hear from either one and I would love to have Ronaldo maybe Skype into the comments mean I think that would be awesome if he could Skype into the class 10-15
minutes you know talk to the students and have the students asking questions .

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